Do you want a long life for your pet?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Garost303, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Garost303

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    Pets are part of our family and we really wouldn't like to lose them at least not through death. Most people literally mourn the loss of a pet. Thankfully, there are a number of practices that can add more years to your pets life:

    Regular medical check up. Do not wait until your pet is in it's death bed for you to take it to the veterinary. This will help to detect anything that is off in your pet's health early enough for treatment. Again make sure your pet gets all the required vaccines, deworming and external control of parasites.

    Proper diet. Most pets are fed with left over. This is totally wrong and could risk your pet's healthor at least give it stomach up sets . Your pet is your responsible, make sure it eats a well balanced diet with the needed amount of calories to avoid overweight problems.

    Dental care. A mere tooth decay can take away your beloved pet's life. This is simply because tooth decay can cause infections in major organs like the kidney and heart. Check your pet's oral hygiene regularly to avoid these complications.
  2. emma25

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    Yes I want a long life for my dog. She is part of the family and I have grown from my late teens into young adulthood with her by my side it would be devastating if her life was to be cut short.
  3. LinJane

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    I can't imagine anyone saying anything other than "yes, of course, ...without a doubt" to that question, but the message behind the question is a good one. If, we do sincerely want a long life for our pet, giving them a healthy life is the best way to ensure the former. Thank you ,Garost 303, for reminding myself and others that regular health care check ups, proper nutrition and the all too often neglected, dental hygiene, for our pets is their ticket to long happy lives. And this can't start young enough. Good work to all the pet owner's out there who have their new puppies and kittens given an early start check up and first immunizations. My newly adopted female cat, Miss Meww just had kittens ten days ago and before they go to new homes they will have all received their first shots and a deworming to ensure that they are off to a good start.
  4. PLScloni

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    I want a healthy long life for my cat. Usually my cats just live up to 5 years, then they die without no reason. Sending off my dead pet was the hardest for me . I noticed that another countries had there cat living for too long , and grow old with them. I want to experience such feeling , like having a long time best friend beside me. But i know eventually everyone are supposed to take a break and everyone has there own limits, of course i won't want my cat to live for too long. Because i know by the time I'm old, she will older than me and i don't want her to suffer.

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