Do you watch Reality Shows?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Harry, May 9, 2011.

  1. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    I love watching reality shows because I can relate on the stories and personality they have. I love seeing their true personality and come up with struggles. It is more exciting to watch reality shows than drama or love scenes for they are scripted. Sometimes, TV shows or story of movies are the same, they just replace or think about on other title. But in the end, same story, same beginning, and ending.
  2. cristy21

    cristy21 New Member

    I like reality shows , We have a lot of things to learn from it, like how to deal with other people, being optimistic and how to survive. and there's a lot of reality shows that entertains you. I enjoyed watching survivor and master chef it is fun and entertaining to watch.
  3. Nicky71

    Nicky71 New Member

    Guilty!! I admit I do watch reality shows, despite feeling somewhat guilty; guilty because they are time-wasters, and also because they exploit people somewhat. I know people go on these shows voluntarily to enjoy their '15 minutes of fame' or just for the experience, but I have heard that many of them regret it. They claim that producers edit and manipulate heavily, and that they receive a lot of hate-mail on social media for a multitude of reasons; their appearance , their behaviour, something they said. Having said all that, I love reality shows. I find them a fascinating study of human behaviour, as well as pretty good escapism!
  4. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Yes, I do watch reality shows because from the term itself it is realistic. Sometimes, I have doubts if some of them are really reality shows due to some issues they face. Let us be honest, we observe that there are some reality shows that do not seem to be real, because they are just playing erratically to gain more views and to have high ratings. Well, it is part of media strategies or part of their job.
  5. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    yes i watch reality shows. it is interesting too seeing their real emotions,real actions. Reality show is showing the real you how you handle yourself in any situation and seeing that is more interesting because it is real.
  6. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Not anymore. I am no longer a fan of these kinds of shows. It only focuses on people at their worse. There are times when I think it is now scripted. It is just an attempt to get 15 minutes of fame.
  7. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    Yes but these past years I had lost interest. Maybe because I find it very time consuming and my time is very important to me. And some people watch this kind of stuff just to feel good about themselves because they think that their life is much better than those who are in the reality series, it just my opinion. It is not a proper way for me to earn money. I feel a bit sad for those participants because they are being used just to earn money.
  8. MyOCDisWorkable

    MyOCDisWorkable New Member

    I think reality TV is one of my more guilty pleasures. And not your average, every day reality TV...but the ones that have characters you can imagine flicking stale jelly beans at, like the Real Housewives and Love and Hip Hop. However I don't JUST like the ones with barely redeemable characters... I like a few reality cooking competitions like the great bake offs....cause...cupcakes and whatnot...amiright? I used to watch Top Shot and now I watch Forged in Steel, which is pretty amazing if you've never seen it, by the way. The men and currently one lady I've seen featured on the show thus far have a crazy talent. They use old blacksmith techniques to create all kinds of weapons, or realistically, I suppose anything made of steel, such as daggers and swords and once arrow tips.

    I have a houseful of girls, the youngest being 4, so my days are filled with 'Baby Shark' and 'Johnnny Johnny' in addition to Spongebob and Henry Danger and frequent K-Pop updates, particularly BTS whenever my 14 yr old pries herself away from the computer. I help with Girls Who Code honework and "new math", cook and clean and other mommt duties so I enjoy being able to shut my brain off for an hour or two and giggle at some mindless TV.
  9. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    Yes, I love watching reality shows. It's a unique way of entertainment. It's just sometimes because the actions and scripts are all genuine, many hidden features are exposed, unlike shows that are scripted. A very good example of that is the attitude, you can hide your attitude in scripted shows because you have all the scripts to read and act, but in a reality shows, sometimes actors and actresses surpass their boundaries as the characters due to some happenings in the show itself. That was the negative part of it.
  10. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Not anymore. Reality shows are only real because they show people as they are. The problem is that it only captures people at their worse. It manipulates reality to show only a certain side of people. When that happens, it is just another version of making a script.
  11. Aviecells

    Aviecells Member

    Yes, reality shows are appealing for me because the cast can express their true self than those shows that are scripted.
  12. pcanlas20

    pcanlas20 New Member

    Binge watching reality tv shows for several months now, so it's a YES. It makes me feel like I've been given perks to know how these celebrities or ordinary people live their life, even if it's just a glimpse of it. This is despite the thought that sometimes I know and it's obvious too that some parts of the show are scripted. And sometimes I can't help but think how hard it is for the participants of the show to have their life being filmed since some situations ending up to exposing them to embarrassment.
  13. lakhdare

    lakhdare New Member

    perhaps the current most authentic reality television I've ever seen is Big Brother. we love them because whether they are celebrities or regular people, we see them in the most normal and natural way we could. We get an insight into their lives, and often we learn from what they learn inside the house. It's like psychology: we learn something from people we observe, and when we meet someone who shares the same traits like them, we know whether to get along, or stay away
  14. Yes. it gives entertainment and happiness for me. it lessen my stress. it is kind of our bonding with my family and friends. sometimes I relate to the show. it gives lesson and story for me.
  15. apolinske28

    apolinske28 New Member

    Jersey Shore. I love that show! I don't know why, but it distracts me from my own life to the point where nothing bothers me. Shark Tank is good too.
  16. leony13

    leony13 Member

    I watch Reality Shows. I love to reality show I enjoyed watching.
  17. roserosee

    roserosee New Member

    For the fun of it, yes, but I always make sure that I don't over-invest on them given that not all reality shows nowadays have stayed true and authentic to their roots. "Big Brother" is a popular reality show in my country and I must admit that though the writers do their best to keep the show interesting, there are times where it comes off planned and scripted. This in a way, beats the whole essence of the show and often just leads to generic tv dramas.
  18. mimie125

    mimie125 Member

    Yes I do, America's Next Top Model. Tyra Banks is so damn sexy, like me. LOL
  19. missmelon17

    missmelon17 Member

    Yes! Pinoy Big Brother Philippines because I just want to and i'm bored. And We got married Korea that is full of romance and life lessons. It made me feel in love even if i'm actually not! Nyahahhahaa! this is so for a hopeless romantic human like me right?
  20. Zero10809

    Zero10809 New Member

    Reality shows are hardly realistic, but I think that’s the appeal! It’s scandalous, it’s surprising, it’s intriguing that someone’s life is somehow so interesting. It really is a bummer when you remember that the majority is factional. It doesn’t change how fun they are to watch!
  21. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    Viewers like watching "real" people do things, as opposed to the fictional representations of real people you get in comedic or dramatic scripted shows. I think most viewers are savvy enough to realize that reality TV isn't truly real...
  22. Hosseinyhas

    Hosseinyhas Member

    As with anything there are both good and bad aspects of reality TV. The worst aspect is that it makes a lot of stupid stupid people very rich. Who really cares what Kim Kardashian tweets? No talent no real ability I just don't understand it.

    Now on the favorable side it has given many talented people the chance to pursue their dreams. I love to see talented designers as shown in Project Runway have an opportunity to break out in the business. That would not have happened otherwise.

    As with everything in life choose wisely. No need to support an idiot like Logan Paul when true talented individuals show up on reality TV as well
  23. LFuentes

    LFuentes New Member

    No. In my personal opinion, reality shows (showing the daily activities and interactions of an individual or a group of individuals) are somewhat sketched and do not portray the real aspects of the lives of the participants of the show. Also, reality shows catapult to fame people with little or no talent at all.

    I rather watch shows like The Voice or America's Got Talent, which, although also considered reality shows, they allow contestants to pursue their dreams and provide the viewer with good entertainment.

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