Do you watch with subtitles on?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by fatlanza, May 2, 2012.

  1. fatlanza

    fatlanza New Member

    I have a hard time understanding what the characters are saying in movies that are based in Southern states like Alabama and Kentucky. That's why I have to pass if there are no subtitles in the DVD. Otherwise, I think they are pretty annoying as I find myself looking at them more than the action thats taking place.
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  2. fsltx1002

    fsltx1002 New Member

    I have a 4-year-old and a 20-month-old, so yes, we do watch with subtitles. We usually try to watch movies after they have gone to bed, but sometimes we don't feel like waiting. The boys are full of energy and demand attention, so if we don't use the subtitles then we have no idea what is going on in the movie! It has gotten to where I feel weird if I am watching TV or a movie without subtitles.
  3. David B

    David B New Member

    I can't stand watching movies on my computer without subtitles. Sometimes the audio quality gets a it iffy and being able to follow every line is important to me.
  4. Juhrina Sabpa

    Juhrina Sabpa New Member

    I do turn on subtitles when watching a movie because it's hard to understand some conversation especially for those slang people. And of course, it is advisable to turn on subtitles if you watch movies with different languages spoken in it for you to understand what you you are watching for. But you know, what annoys me if i do it is that I sometimes focus myself in reading the subtitles and forgot to take a glimpse on the scene taking place.
  5. besweet

    besweet New Member

    Hello :)
    I am not a native English speaker so sometimes it is hard to unrestand the different accents or local slangs in the movies. When this happens though, I prefer to use English subtitles because it helps me understand better and also practice my listening skills. I also like international film, like European cinema, where I need to have the subtitles on. Having lived in England for a year, I was amazed by the variations of local British accent and the expressions that they use at different parts of England, and I love watching new British films whenever I have the chance!
  6. laydee

    laydee New Member

    I only watch with subtitles on if the movie was in a language that I am not familiar of, or when the accent is too deep to understand. I'd rather get the thought and enjoy the movie than to spend time deciphering what the actors and actresses are saying.

    Have a great PostLoop experience ahead!
  7. AnnieTopaz

    AnnieTopaz New Member

    I try to use subtitles whenever possible and keep the volume down so I do less damage to my ears. Also subtitles are helpful in case there are some bits that are hard to understand or some bits that are too quiet to hear.
  8. summerstone

    summerstone New Member

    If the movie is in English I do not like subtitles, but of course foreign movies are better with subtitles. English is not my husbands first language so he always watches movies with subtitles on. If I watch the movie with him I find myself reading instead of watching the action. Subtitles are great only when they are absolutely necessary, otherwise they're distracting.
  9. nzsammo

    nzsammo New Member

    Only if it's in a foreign language :D

    I quiet enjoy watching some movies with the subtitles on which are in foreign languages. Although as stated earlier, it does feel like you spend more time reading than watching what is happening!
  10. blommas

    blommas New Member

    Yea, subtitles here. I dont always hear what they say, so subtitles are good, and they almost never fail.
    Subtitles will do so you better understand what they say, if there was a loud sound maybe.
  11. EthanWang

    EthanWang New Member

    Currently I can't watch foreign films without subtitles..especially the one from Southest Asian countries such as China and Korea.. but i intend to learn Chinese so hopefully i will not need to enjoy their films with subtitles on anymore ^^
  12. Heather Trompke

    Heather Trompke New Member

    We do watch movies with the subtitles on for a few different reasons. First, we have 5 kids at home...need I say more? Seriously, there is a good bit of noise going on around our house. Also, I have noticed over the past few years that the sound quality-the clarity has diminished.
  13. GracieLou

    GracieLou New Member

    A subtitle embedded on our marathon movies is a must, especially to British movies because I’m having a hard time catching up with their British accent. Lucky for me, my husband can embed subtitles in any types of movie file extensions.
  14. tritina

    tritina New Member

    No I don't, I guess it ruin the quality of the movie :D But that's just me.
  15. Animachine

    Animachine New Member

    Obviously for movies like Pan's Labyrinth I kept the subtitles on for the Espanol. When I watch other movies, I will sometimes turn on subtitles for anything that involves heavy accents or strange languages.
  16. Superkevster

    Superkevster New Member

    The only time I will watch a movie with subtitles on is when the movie I am watching is not my mother tongue. In order to understand and better appreciate the movie I turn on the subtitles. Other than that I do not.
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  17. megapix

    megapix New Member

    I too largely only watch sub-title films if they are not in English, in which case these are generally European "Art Movies". Occasionally, I find certain American accents incomprehensible, in which case I'll check the sub-title to catch a phrase if I feel it's a significant line or integral part of the plot.
  18. brothasoul

    brothasoul New Member

    It really depends. If I'm watching a movie with breathtaking cinematography (let's say Alien) I don't want anything cluttering up the screen, dialogue be damned. If I'm watching a show like Community or something, though, I want to make sure I don't miss any punchlines and subtitles are always on.
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  19. paperbiz89

    paperbiz89 New Member

    If the movie is in English, I absolutely dread subtitles. Inexplicably, I find myself looking at them even though I can clearly understand what is being said. I thus end up missing a part of the plot as I'm engrossed in reading the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

    But in the case of foreign language movies, I believe we are all in agreement that subtitles are a Godsend:)
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  20. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith New Member

    If the subtitles are in the same language as the dialog I typically find them distracting. Some DVDs I've seen have defaulted to subtitles which is particularly annoying. Having said that, I would much prefer to watch a foreign film in it's original language with English subtitles - somehow that seems to be the more authentic experience.
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  21. eminy32

    eminy32 New Member

    I really don't use subtitles a whole lot because it gets annoying at times. I find it hard to focus on the movie when I try to read the subtitles even though the volume is up. It's just a distraction. :D
  22. jsdamon

    jsdamon New Member

    A friend of mine always watches everything with the subtitles on and it's the most annoying thing in the world! They have their purpose but everyday is ridiculous. I think he might have a hearing problem and he doesn't want to tell anyone. But, regardless, I think subtitles are overkill if you can hear just fine.
  23. Kilocron

    Kilocron New Member

    I watch a lot of anime, so yes. I watch my anime with subtitles all the time. I much prefer watching media in the way it was intended to be watched. This goes for my anime, or a french movie. It doesn't matter either way.
  24. teo hao

    teo hao New Member

    For me, i am used to watching movies or any TV programs with subtitles on despite the fact that i can easily understand both English and Chinese language. I am not sure why, but i am used to pinning my eyes on the bottom of the screen where the subtitles is and if there is no subtitles, i feel bored and uncomfortable to continue watching it.
  25. Wadan Khan

    Wadan Khan New Member

    I some time watch the movie with subtitle but I dont know the reason why i think it depend on the movie type like horror,action etc or on in which state the person is like he is sleepy tired.
  26. ramzter12

    ramzter12 New Member

    not at all time, because some of the subtitles are not actually the exact translation of the words spoken by the actors/actresses in the movie.
  27. s_sayan1

    s_sayan1 New Member

    Sometimes I have to watch movies with subtitles on, mostly british movies because of their accent. It's really hard to understand those movies. But if I am watching an american film, most of the times I watch it without subtitles, since subtitles can really be annoying in some cases.
  28. supermarry

    supermarry New Member

    i tend to watch subtitles, this is because when i was South Africa a lot of TV stations used to broadcast channels in Afrikaans and will have subtitles in English, i guess this caused me to always watch subtitles.
  29. mantequilla

    mantequilla New Member

    My wife is Mexican, so we used to watch movies with Spanish subtitles. Now that her English is pretty good, we use English subtitles, to help her understand different accents. When we download movies, I download subtitles for them at
  30. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne New Member

    I only watch with subtitles if I am watching a movie in another language. I don't use subtitles any other time as I find them annoying most of the time.
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