Do you watch with subtitles on?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by fatlanza, May 2, 2012.

  1. I always watch with subtitles its because its help me more understand to the movie. Also, i can catch up what the actors saying and also its good practicing in the language. Now im learning dutch, substitles really help me to meet new words. Its a good practice to me in reading and listening and later on you understand more better,
  2. dokmc

    dokmc New Member

    Well, each of us have different preference. For me, I used to watch movies with substitles to further understand the conversation since there are times that characters are either talking fast or inaudibly. As I have mentioned, we have different preference. I think it's a bit weird to watch movies with subtitles but that's just me. :)
  3. Hannah Mae Estrella

    Hannah Mae Estrella New Member

    Yes definitely to make me understand the movie. sometimes, I can't understand what they are saying, because of their pronunciation and diction. I also have an experience that I re winded scenes that I can't hear clearly. sometimes I re winded 3 to 4 times before I can understand them. :) Subtitles is a big help for many movie lovers.:thumbsup:
  4. StarvingBeing

    StarvingBeing New Member

    If it is in a language that I understand, I'd rather not have subtitles. Subtitles are most of the time distracting for me especially if I can understand the movie by itself because it requires me to focus more on the words rather than the characters.
  5. Lexs

    Lexs New Member

    Hi! As I am living with my 3 housemates from different countries , we always put the subtitles on for few reasons . I am used to see them on the Tv and don't mind them at all .
  6. rmed

    rmed New Member

    I'm having a hard time watching movies without subtitles, mostly i cant understand what they are saying specially that I'm still learning English. It is really annoying watching movies without subtitles because the way the talk is too fast. thus end up missing those valuable part of the story.
    Watching cartoons having no subtitles is just okay, because the way they spoke every line is very clear and you catch up easily unlike watching movies w/o subtitle.
  7. musculardanger

    musculardanger New Member

    Yes I do. I want to understand the story completely . Their are characters who have terrible accent , and their are some that somewhat they're eating their words . Mumbling like they're eating while talking . Thus , subtitles assures me a complete understanding of the wholes story. Though many people find it irritating , but I find It helpful .
  8. jayjaydimson

    jayjaydimson New Member

    Yes, of course, I really do. Because sometimes the speaker in the movie that I am watching, Their voices are not clear enough especially when you are watching it on your smartphones or TV. Their voices are sometimes slang or gibberish. But having a subtitle on has a negative side, Yes we are on the point that having a subtitle allows you to understand the movie you are watching clearer, But having subtitle on can make you unfocus on the movies that you are watching because your eyes are focusing on the subtitle instead of focusing it 100% on the movie itself. That's base on my own experienced. But then I will still be using subtitle's on my movies if I am not watching my mother tongue language.
  9. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim Member

    There are some of Famous movie like Train to Busan where film in Korea and that means they will use their own language so that when they released it to some paid movie site they make a subtitle and that makes that movie more familiar because we can easily understand what is going on in the movie and how it flows even if though it released in its original language.
  10. chillbreak

    chillbreak New Member

    I am Romanian and I generally prefer watching movies without subtitles, well, at least movies that are in English. I just feel a lot more what that characters are saying, as you don't have intonation in subtitles, so the tone really gives me a good idea about what emotions the character tries to evoke and makes the lines easier to memorize. Although, there are times when I watch movies with subtitles as the sound during dialogue is really low and if I turn the volume all the way up so I hear every little voice inflection, then almost certainly comes a part where the sound effects are really really loud, and I get startled along with my neighbors by a loud explosion or the sound of metal crashing on metal or anything along those lines. So I sometimes have to watch movies with subtitles although as I mentioned I prefer the whole acting experience.
  11. canyouhearmenow13

    canyouhearmenow13 New Member

    I love to watch movies with subtitles on but my husband finds the writing to be a distraction. I usually only watch movies with subtitles on when he is away at work. We have a nine month old baby who I'm constantly worried about waking up, so subtitles put my mind at ease. I can still watch the movie and understand what is happening without waking my little girl up from her nap.
  12. jean020113

    jean020113 New Member

    In my opinion, I like watching with the subtitle even I understand the movie because its more like you watched the movie with feelings when it has a subtitle especially when the scene is really noisy and you weren't able to hear what they are saying
  13. jean020113

    jean020113 New Member

    I watched movies with subtitles on especially when i don't understand the language that I'm watching, Korean drama are the trend in this society and we cannot understand it without subtitles
  14. Razorfist246

    Razorfist246 New Member

    I usually watch movies with subtitles. It helps me understand more what the actors or characters in the movie were saying. Subtitles really help when the movie I'm watching has a lot of background noise. It also helps when the characters are saying some vague or unfamiliar words.
  15. vheeno

    vheeno New Member

    If it is a foreign movie, except English, I definitely prefer that the movie must have subtitles on so that I can understand the whole story.

    Sometimes, I like to turn the subtitles on when I watch English movies for me to fully understand the story, but most of the time I would like to enjoy watching the full scene without any distractions.
  16. JCT_2543

    JCT_2543 New Member

    I always use subtitle. I always download at any site preferably "subscence" to understand more of the story and about the accent moreover on english slang words and you can used to it, the next time you will watch you will always looking for a subtitle. :)
  17. alexis.ternate

    alexis.ternate New Member

    I only watch movies with subtitles when the language is foreign or not English, sometimes I also use subtitles with movies with poor quality of audio or the actors are just whispering.
  18. jack18

    jack18 Member

    For a while now i have been accustomed to watch movies with subtitles when at home, because I'm the kinda guy who doesn't like to miss a word or sometimes some actors mumble a lot and you can't make out what they're saying, and other times it's the thick accents or there is just too much background noise ( like explosions and what have you), to actually make out what they say. So i get irritated when i watch any movie without subtitles, do you also share the same thing,My native language is English, and I'm not deaf nor do i have any hearing problems. Also the subtitles i use are the non-hearing impaired ones. Basically just normal subtitles...
  19. Personally, subtitles can be very helpful but can also be bothersome at times. Subtitles can really be helpful if you are watching movies with a language that you cannot speak and understand. Also, subtitles can be of help when you are having a hard time comprehending the english accent of the movie. On the other hand, subtitles can be bothersome if you are a native speaker of that language. The tendency is for you to read the subtitle even though you can comprehend it while listening.
  20. JHablado

    JHablado New Member

    I watch with subtitles on when it is foreign movies so that i could merely relate and understand the movie. Having subtitles makes the movie more interesting especially to foreign viewers. It also help the viewers to know the theme and essence of the movie.
  21. jerahmeeltayag

    jerahmeeltayag New Member

    I do not use subtitles when I watch a movie, unless the movie has a different language from mine of course , because it makes my eyes distracted. I tend to look more at the subtitles than the motion picture itself. I also want myself to improve in comprehending and understanding words or thoughts. So I think watching without subtitles helps with that.
  22. Aspiring_Fella

    Aspiring_Fella New Member

    Most of the time I do. I simply got used to them even though I can hear the audio perfectly. Just makes it more satisfying for me. I also deem it a useful mental exercise so you don't forget phrases and idioms or, on the other hand, you pick up new stuff.
  23. mystique07

    mystique07 New Member

    Most of the time I watch movies without subtitles. If i am accompanied with someone who like to have the subtitles ON then i watch those movies with subtitles. If the subtitles are ON then i tend to concentrate more on reading those instead of watching the movie which i feel like a distraction from enjoying the movie
  24. Art Bryan

    Art Bryan New Member

    I do watch with subtitle most particularly when I'm watching movies which contains languages that I haven't learn in school and for me it's a great help for me even though I can't understand the words they are saying but there are subtitles which I can read and finally understand those foreign words to me.
  25. Alwayssh02

    Alwayssh02 New Member

    The only English movie that I ever needed subtitles was 'Sherlock Holmes'. It was really hard trying to understand what they were saying with the heavy British accent.

    Other than that, I find subtitles annoying because I always tend to read the texts instead of focusing on the movie itself.

    When I'm watching foreign movies, it's a different story. I like to watch Korean dramas, and I absolutely cannot understand it without subtitles, for obvious reasons.
  26. RmR

    RmR New Member

    I don't know mind watching foreign films with subtitles... I remember when I first saw a Korean movie called OldBoy. I used to recommend people to watch it in Korean and just read the subtitles, even tho it has an Eng track. I don't know, for some reason, it just fits better hearing them speak in their foreign tongue.
  27. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    Yes, I watch movies with the subtitles on in case there is a need for me to try to understand what was said especially when a speaker on a particular scene or segment has a thick accent that I'm not quite used to hearing or I am unfamiliar with. Moreover, there are a few movies that are dear to my heart that are in a foreign language that I would not enjoy otherwise without the subtitles.

    Apart from these reasons, I don't normally pay attention to subtitles, or at least I try not to, because some subtitles are poorly transcribed or translated that it causes confusion or worse, a major distraction.
  28. Youloveoel

    Youloveoel New Member

    Do you like receiving gifts on the holidays lol, most of us enjoy receiving gifts just as much as I love watching movies with the Subs on. It's extremely useful to exercise the use of Subs when watching foreign movies or movies in completely differently languages. There's a large percentage of people who have developed impressive understandings of foreign languages with the use of Subs. Bring me a movie in my own language and I'll put the Subs just because, there's no use in not getting the most out of a good movie.

    -- @Youloveoel
  29. madpotz23

    madpotz23 New Member

    Yes, I watch movies with subtitles especially if it is in another language. It helps me understand the plot of the story and some terms which are new to me. I prefer to use English subtitles because it is hard to understand different accents like British accent. And sometimes, the audio is not in good quality that's why it is better to turn on the subtitle to catch up on the movie.
  30. Flamelily

    Flamelily New Member

    I don't normally watch movies with subtitles on, as thankfully, my hearing is fine. I do have subtitles on if I am unfamiliar with the accent or the sound quality is very poor. I like it when movies have the option to have subtitles or not.

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