Do you watch with subtitles on?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by fatlanza, May 2, 2012.

  1. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    I used to watch with subtitles because I fully understand what are the character saying specially when they are using an slang language..

    By the way I learned English in just watching movies and playing computer games.

    Thank you
  2. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    I usually go into a movie without subtitles. However, if the characters in a film have a weird dialect, like 3 or 4 main characters, then I'll put on subtitles.
  3. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    I need to watch movie with subtitle the movie is not from my native language, Hollywood or Bollywood. Long time back I use to have problems in understanding Hollywood movies and their ways to pronouncing words but now i can cope with it pretty well.
  4. Castro

    Castro New Member

    Well for me it depends on what am I watching, I only understand my native language and English so if I am watching a movie in another language I would turn on the subtitle but if it's English or my native language I'd rather turn off the subtitle so I can focus much better on what the scene and the characters doing.
  5. ripplegrin

    ripplegrin New Member

    Even though I am a native English speaker, I always have subtitles on no matter the film or show I have on. My family is much the opposite but its quite an easy fix to be honest. The reason I always have them on it because I find it easier to pick up on things when I can both read and hear whatever the actors are saying. It also simplifies what a person should and should not pick up during a show. A person could mumble something important to another but if the subtitles just say something like incoherent mumbling, I don't need to worry about it.
  6. mak2x123

    mak2x123 New Member

    Yes, specially I watch manga or anime, but in english it don't really matter a lot. Since I work as customer representative I usually used to speak with american people.
  7. kynnlyster

    kynnlyster New Member

    YES. I always download the subtitle file and chose the best file that sync the audio no mater how long it takes searching for that file. Well, once you find the b est subtitle file, the satisfaction of how you understand the movie clearly is great.
  8. mratertajr122

    mratertajr122 New Member

    It depends on the movie that I'm watching. If it is not an english movie/anime, I usually turn on the subtitle for me to understand what the characters are saying.
  9. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    I always try to watch movies and television with the subtitles on. If the audio isn't clear for any reason or I need to play the video with the sound off or at a low volume, it is nice to have the option to use subtitles. I have been using them consistently for many years now and I always become annoyed when the captions or subtitles are not available for use.
  10. stevlano

    stevlano New Member

    I always watch with subtitles on, unless someone in the room isn't okay with it. I hate missing an important section of dialogue during the movie. That's the main reason that I keep subtitles on always.
  11. Klint

    Klint New Member

    To be perfectly honest, I watch movies with subtitles on. English is really not my first language so I have a hard time understanding whatever it is that is being said in the movie. Subtitles help me to understand its plot. There are English words that are not in my vocabulary so subtitles are a great help for me in knowing the words which are not familiar to me. I actually believe that Subtitles are a great feature since it helps those who are not native English speakers and those who have difficulty in hearing the audio.
  12. dullian

    dullian New Member

    I'm not much into movies, but whenever I watch one I usually use subtitles. It's not really a matter of not understanding, rather I think it helps me immerse better into the content. I also do it with Youtube videos, and I've been pleasantly surprised to discover very accurate subtitles, although these seem to be made by actual people.
  13. AMOH

    AMOH New Member

    I like it. I just like being able to read the words because it makes me feel more immersed in the story. I know some people say that you cant fully get the visual experience if you have to read, but it may be different for everyone. However, if i do watch something that really blows me away i will sometimes wanna go back and watch it without subtitles so i can try to see visual cues or elements i may have missed.
  14. Ryuzaki2134

    Ryuzaki2134 New Member

    Sometimes. Most TV shows I watch them without subtitles, but I do have trouble understanding some british accents. Most movies I have to watch them with subtitles, since I live in Mexico.
  15. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    it depends upon the language that the movie is using. when it is in a foreign language that is not familiar to me then of course i watch with subtitles. other scenario is when the audio is bad or i have to watch with the speaker's off then i prefer with subtitles then.
  16. antonette29

    antonette29 New Member

    I admit I always watch with subtitles on when watching movies, simply because of the reason that I cannot seem to hear what the film actors or actresses were saying when I am eating chips or popcorns. Also, there are some parts of the movie where the audio is inaudible and that is inevitable for some parts. So, watching movies with subtitles is a yes for me.
  17. NikSuks

    NikSuks New Member

    Sometimes I watch movies with subtitles, other times I do not. When I watch a movie with subtitles on, I do it because sometimes I can not understand what some character speaks. Also, I use subtitles when I am not allowed to turn the volume up, and sometimes, that is the case because I live in an apartment so my neighbors are often complaining when I even slightly turn my volume up, and you know, the sound in some movies is not good as it is in some others, so it can not be clearly heard what is the thing characters are talking about.
  18. blindwitness90

    blindwitness90 New Member

    I am bilingual in Serbian and English, and I always watch with subtitles on! It's not a language thing, but I found that it helps when some words are not easily understandable... A few years ago I went to a US movie theater and was a bit weirder out that there were no subs...
  19. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    I've watched a few movies as well as some shows on Netflix and Hulu filmed in France
    and without the subtitles I would be lost since I don't understand the French language.
    I think many of these movies and shows are pretty entertaining once you know what's
    going on but the one thing I hate is when the subtitles jump to the top of the screen
    and you only have milliseconds to find them and read them and also when the subtitles
    are thrown onto a white background where they disappear completely. There should be
    a way they convert to black type when needed.
  20. veggie201

    veggie201 New Member

    There seems to be 2 types of people in this world, one who appreciates the use of the subtitles and the other who likes to experience an unimpeded view. Subtitles have never bothered me when being on the screen and neither has watching a french movie without subtitles on, sometimes its frustrating to follow along with botched subtitle jobs but that has only happened in my life a few times, I see it drive people up the wall sometimes so I have some understanding of where some of you are coming from. There are actually 3 types of people, the third is the person just appreciates they have something to watch.
  21. PurpleTaco

    PurpleTaco New Member

    Definite yes for subtitles. In fact, I got so used to them, I find it hard to follow a movie when the subtitles suddenly aren't there.
  22. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    I prefer to watch movies with subtitles to be able to understand the movie more. Also there are certain name of the character that I can easily recall if subtitle is on in the movie.
  23. Ismtow

    Ismtow New Member

    Yes, sometimes the English is too fast. I am the type that doesn't like to miss a thing in a movie, I can rewind a scene as many times as possible till I get what's going on. So the subtitle is always on "can't afford to miss a thing"
  24. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Of course i watch with the subtitles on as it helps me understand the movie in a better way.
  25. CeeJeey

    CeeJeey New Member

    Yes. Especially when watching movies/shows that have their own terms or language like Harry Potter, The Hobit and Game of Thrones. Even when I can understand the language used in the movie/show I still find it very helpful especially in my vocabulary. It helps when you encounter a word that you've just read for example and then you hear it in the movie that you're watching and so when you see it there and hear how it's pronounced at least you can now compare or learn from it.
  26. kg0903

    kg0903 New Member

    I watch with subtitle on because some actors are slang that I don't understand what they are talking about. English, which is what most of the movies I watch, is not my native language so I have a hard time understanding them especially if they talk so fast. But some people prefer not to watch with subtitles on even if they don't understand what the characters are saying and I think it's okay but what's the point of watching the movies in the first place if you're not willing to understand it better.

    So yes, I watch with subtitles on in order to understand the movie better.
  27. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    Watching movies gives you 10% improvement over a few years spent on English learning. And it's only improvement on your listening. ... Of course, it is better to watch movies in English with English subtitles. It will improve not just writing and reading skills, but also your listening skills.
  28. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    There are some foreign films that is very interesting to watch. This is where subtitles comes in which play a very big part for us to understand and appreciate the movie. There are so many foreign movies today that are taking the world by storm and as a movie lover it would be a great honor to watch it.
  29. yungjanmark

    yungjanmark New Member

    I used to have subtitles on all the time just because I have a pretty low attention span and can be easily distracted, whether it be the pop corn or the slurping of the drinks during Movie nights. Nowadays I only turn them on when I watch movies in other languages.
  30. Olmaki

    Olmaki Member

    I usually don't, its too much distraction from the simple gestures, emotions and facial expressions which the actors portray. Those are the essence of an awesome movie.I am yet to meet someone who can read and watch at the same time.

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