Do you watch with subtitles on?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by fatlanza, May 2, 2012.

  1. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    There are times that I can’t understand what the characters are saying, especially when pronouncing a word which is fast and slang, that’s why I prefer watching it with subtitle.
  2. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    Yes I watch with subtitles especially if its Korean, Chinese and Japanese Movies.
  3. lynsana

    lynsana New Member

    i watch subtitles when its not an English movie but sometimes it disturbing because your not watching the movie but your focus on reading the subtitle.
  4. Yes, I watch a movie with subtitle for me to be able to better understand what is the story about.
  5. vms1370

    vms1370 New Member

    It all depends on the accent and complicity of the conversation. For sitcoms i always hide the subtitle, but when i watch a more serious series like Game of Thrones or Band of Brothers, i usually turn it on.
  6. Saifsword

    Saifsword New Member

    Talking fast with a slang is quite an issue for non native speakers such as myself. Turning on subtitle is of course for me important if i were to enjoy the story.
  7. mayprincessmanalo

    mayprincessmanalo New Member

    Yes I watch with subtitles especially with the movies from different country. Since I am a fan of K-drama series I enjoyed watching with subtitles for me to understand what er they talking about.
  8. ronlex

    ronlex New Member

    No, subtitles are a distraction to the movie ,they also reduce the picture visibility by the glare of the color from it. i only use it when the movie is of a foreign language that i do not understand
  9. vgeomeljohn

    vgeomeljohn New Member

    I always watch movies with subtitles on. I just don't want to miss any dialogue from the characters. I always wanted to see the movie as a whole.
  10. Ndeeri

    Ndeeri New Member

    For me it depends with the type of movie I am watching. For example I turn on subtitles in an epic or a comedy movie. This helps in catching and keenly following on a story and getting the joke right. In an action packed movie I tend not to use subtitles because most of the times I am following the action and thinking of what is going to happen next/
    Personally I would not watch a horror movie with subtitles.:cool:
  11. janeluuuh

    janeluuuh New Member

    I do watch movies with subtitles on. It is easier to understand what they are saying especially when they talk fast or slang, that even if you’re an average english speaker you still can’t understand what they are saying. Another is, you don’t want to miss anything while watching, for example you’re with your friends watching a movie, and when the main character said a dialogue they laughed, but you didn’t because it was maybe too fast that you didn’t understand or get what they are lauging at. So yes, subtitles are so important to me.
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  12. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    I watch movies with the subtitles on because sometimes I don't hear what the movie is saying.
  13. Kalantiaw

    Kalantiaw New Member

    Yes. Sometimes, even though the volume is up, some characters speak too fast or too low to understand. Example is the Frenchie character in The Boys. I have to watch season one again with subtitles so I can understand him clearer, hehe.
  14. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Movies with subtitles excites me. For someone who is a non native English speaker sometimes I found difficult to understand what the actors/actress says at certain conversation. Hollywood movies are not the only movies that can be seen in the cinemas, sometimes Korean, Chinese, or Japanese movies are also available. Subtitles on those film help us understand the whole conversation and feel satisfied after the show. Many says it looks annoying on the screen but it gives me a lot of comfort.
  15. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    Yes. I watch with subtitles on because of three things. I would usually watch a movie on a phone during a commute while waiting on the terminal, riding and walking home. At those times, I had to read on the subtitles to understand the whole movie. And because of the outside environment, merely listening on earphones won't do.

    Foreign movies needed to be watched with subtitles. Watching movies from other countries with their local language being used would be a necessary. Although, movies nowadays have a dual language, emotions are best when said in what language they are comfortable with. And that's the time subtitles had to be there.

    Another point for watching movies with subtitles is the dialogues of certain scenes. Some movie watchers tend to memorize lines and re-enact it in real life. Especially when there are relative situations from the movie, they dramatically role plays it. And through subtitle they review those quotable quotes.
  16. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    English is not my first anguage so I always wanted to watch movies with subs before. But now, I can understand it better even wothout subs
  17. Olita

    Olita New Member

    English is my native language, So I find the subtitles a bit irritating. Especially when they are written by someone who obviously doesn't speak English as a first language. I find myself distracted from the actual movie and watching for the next error in the subtitles. That having been said, the subtitles are a godsend when you are watching foreign films. As one of my friends used to say, that he enjoyed reading the movie!!:rolling::rolling::rolling:
  18. annatagas

    annatagas New Member

    I watch movies with subtitle on if the audio is not English or if not in my native language. I also watch with subtitle if the conversations are not very much clear even if it is in English. It's easier to watch with subtitles so that you won't miss out some words or phrases. You just have to develop your technique on how to watch with subtitles,reading the words but not missing out on the scenes.
  19. glenda18

    glenda18 New Member

    Lately I've been watching more movies and TV shows with subtitles on. And I'm really into it.

    It started out of necessity. Too often I'd find myself missing what somebody was saying on the screen, especially during those quiet-but-crucial moments in movies and shows. Adding subtitles negated the need for rewinding over and over again.

    But when I kept the subtitles on, even when I didn't need to rewind for that moment I missed, I found myself catching more details than ever before.
  20. Savalas

    Savalas New Member

    Subtitles are addictive.

    Initially, you swear that you'll never need them. But then you turn them on just once, to understand that thick accent. And then, especially if you process the written word as fast as you process the spoken word, you will start following the subtitles before you look at the rest of the screen.

    If you're a visual person, that can be very annoying.
  21. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Yes, I do watch movies/variety shows/drama with subtitles if I don't understand the language. For example, Show Champion, a Korean entertainment show, where artists present their new song to the audience. Subtitles is a must so that you can understand and not just relay on the actions that is perceived.
  22. cjmanuel22

    cjmanuel22 New Member

    If you're watching movies, TV shows, or any other material in your target foreign language, it's generally better to watch it with subtitles than without them. Foreign-language subtitles are generally a slightly more effective study aid than native-language subtitles.
    So, I watch a movie or two pretty much every night of the week as I’m sure a lot of you do too. ;) As many of you, I’m sure you struggle to pick what’s next to watch.

    So, a while ago I started this thing where after I finish a movie, the next movie I pick has to have one of the actors/actresses from the movie I just watched. To clarify, not like watching a bunch of Tom Cruise movies. What I mean is I’ll watch a movie like Mission Impossible that also has Simon Pegg, then my next movie will feature Simon Pegg like Paul, then I’ll watch a movie like Bridesmaids because of Kristen Wiig, and so on and so on.
  23. YEGUNA

    YEGUNA New Member

    Subtitles are good, especially if you are an anime fan and dubbed content just doesn't work for you. Subbed anime content is really good if you want to learn basic Japanese or Chinese since there is a correlation between what the anime character is saying and what is in the subtitle.
  24. jsales

    jsales New Member

    I do. I have been loving K-Dramas lately and since I do not speak Korean, I need the subtitles :)
  25. christinehany

    christinehany New Member

    subtitles are great for shows with heavy accents or lots of jargon—but ... Part of it is relative: When you watch more TV, you miss more TV
  26. ninotermulo

    ninotermulo New Member

    Absolutely. Mostly, I watch foreign movies. So technically I really need subtitles to be able to understand what the characters are saying in the movie. And also english is not my native language, so when watching american movies, i prefer to watch it with subtitles because there are times where I can not really understand what the characters are saying because they speak fast which make it harder for me to understand
  27. Yes i do because its hard to understand the story behind of the movie if theres no subtitle. But Sometimes its good to watch without that if you truly Understand the words comes out to the characters, because for me sometimes its hard because of the pronounciations of the characters.
  28. darbazsalay

    darbazsalay New Member

    A question that I was looking for before 2 months ago, Iam using subtitles for watching movies that are in chines or korean languages but for films that are using english language ,I will turn the subtitle off because my english is excelent.
  29. iulishka

    iulishka New Member

    I love watching with subtitles in order to improve my English as well as my French
  30. mithul

    mithul Member

    Watching with subtitiles can almost improve your vocabulary,also to understand the pronounciation (for other foriegn people).

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