Do you yell at the tv?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by newnotions31, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. newnotions31

    newnotions31 New Member

    Who yells at the tv and tries to tell the actors what to do? Horror movies are the worst for me. I'm yelling "NO! Don't go that way! RUN!" lol Am I the only crazy one?
  2. memalist01

    memalist01 New Member

    Sometimes, just make sure your mom isn't around. She'll probably yell at you, harder than you were yelling at the TV. I remember one time I was watching a horror movie with my cousins. We kept yelling, asking questions like, "Why would you do that?". My mom got pissed, turned off the TV, looked at us and yelled "If you shout one more time, then I'm going to kill you." . Never watched a horror movie again.
  3. mirin9

    mirin9 New Member

    I never yell at the TV, especially at the one I paid for with my own money. I value my possessions and would never blast at them with my emotions (I consciously control my reactions just to make sure I don't end up destroying my stuff and wasting my hard-earned money). I do sometimes mutter things under my breath like, Why is he doing that? That's a dumb thing to do! I would do it differently if it were me.
  4. Gabyinho

    Gabyinho New Member

    No, you're not the only one who yells at the TV! I do that sometimes, I said sometimes because I usually do not watch horror movies!
    I watch romantic and drama movies like "The book of life"... At the scene when Manolo was bitten by the two-headed snake, I was crying in front of the TV!

    So, I don't usually yell at the TV, I cry in front of the TV! :)
  5. amaeganda

    amaeganda New Member

    I yell at the TV when I'm watching a horror movie telling the actor not to go out. But they never listen. Hahaha. I yell also when I'm cheering my favorite volleyball team when I watch them play. Sometimes watching dramas makes me yell too, because the villain makes me angry.
  6. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    I am the worst when it comes to yelling at my t.v. If I am watching a show with a lot of suspense, I catch myself yelling at the characters telling them what to do or where to hide. Anyone who has been around me knows if I am watching t.v. stay away unless you want to hear me yell.
  7. singmimi2

    singmimi2 New Member

    Oh my gosh. Hasn't anyone done this? Unfortunately for me, I am one of those people falling victim
    to such acts.:eek::laugh:
    Every so often, If I'm fully engaged in a show or movie on television, I swear I'd talk to the
    actors as if they can somehow hear me and do what I say! It is quite hilarious! I actually burst out laughing
    after realizing what I have done! Because at that very moment is when I realize what in the world.... Really?:laugh:
    In retrospect, it is nice to sit down and enjoy what you are watching but to also remember
    that you're not physically there with the actors.:)
  8. uyanna9

    uyanna9 New Member

    This is a nice question. I can just answer this so easily. I also yell at the TV. I love watching basketball on television. I cheer for my favorite team.

    Whenever my favorite team could shoot, I clap my hand or yell on them. I feel very happy when they could shoot or block the shots of their opponents. I feel sad when they are defeated.

    If you are really going to think of it, my shouting is of no use to the players. They are somewhere else playing the basketball. They can't hear my yelling and shouting. I think yelling at the television is just the venting out of our emotions only.
  9. jemah1217

    jemah1217 New Member

    I half-yelled at the TV as I throw the B button, as though it was the TV’s fault that something had gone wrong.
  10. gailceleryo

    gailceleryo New Member

    Who doesn’t yell at the tv? I am certainly one of the most gulity person who yells at the tv especially when I am getting carried away. I even shout at the characters on which direction they should go. Or when the villain is already escaping. I shout at the lead character when they make a wrong decision. It’s as if I am a director of the movie.
  11. Toyabank404

    Toyabank404 Member

    Yes! Yes! I yell at the tv all the time especially when I'm watching a horror or suspense movie. Kidnapped with Halle Berry had me almost ready to bust a blood vessel! She was driving way too slow for me! But it was a good movie none the less!
  12. freddie42

    freddie42 New Member

    I yell at the character decision if I think it's not wise and I do it without even realising that I'm doing it.I can't stand the character decision and that triggered my aggression to yelled at the character for being so silly at making decision but that does get me thinking that the director purposely making the character the way their are meant to be so that our eyes are glue to the movie.

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