Does anyone else find it hard to write non-fiction?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by wizerlygee, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. wizerlygee

    wizerlygee New Member

    I love to write, and I really prefer writing creative stuff, however it's harder to find a creative writing gig. I find it so hard to write articles. I'll try to begin something, but it doesn't flow well, and I get exasperated. When it comes to writing a short story-now you're talking. Any suggestions on how to improve?
  2. Obanro

    Obanro New Member

    I get your point; as a freelance writer, i was once like you but things changed over time. First, you need to start by trying to give your views on other peoples post, criticize and review articles written by other, when doing this, you will start to see where things went wrong in the write up and how they could be corrected, then start writing your base on your sites using these tips;

    1. Research on a topic.
    2. Take a note while researching.
    3. Form/come up with a title and create sub-tiles too.
    4. Start with an introduction of 2-3 paragraphs and write the body in a friendly tone.
    5 Conlude your article and you are done.
  3. Steve Owen

    Steve Owen New Member

    @Obanro: I beg to disagree with your points. Fiction writing is very different from non-fiction writing. The points you listed above could do for fiction writing but it won't work for non-fiction.

    If you want to write non-fiction, you should only write on what you have personal experience in because when you're done and you publish the work, people are going to ask you questions or try to relate with what you have written and if it seems you made up what you wrote, you'll a lot of Goodwill and trust. If you're in America and an Indian in Mumbai wrote something about New York when he has never left his country, would his write-up sound convincing to you?

    @wizerlygee : Non-fictional works are usually written when one has strong desire to share one's unique experience about something with other people. No one compels you to write non-fiction, you write it on your own accord.

    Since you have first hand experience on what you're writing about, once you start writing the first few paragraphs, every other word you need will flow to you by intuition... something like a new mother writing about her pregnancy experience. A woman who hasn't given birth before wouldn't write so we'll on such a topic.
  4. dankol12345

    dankol12345 New Member

    Non-fiction writing is actually not easy to pen down except one has a very high level of imagination- a very deep one at that. For me, I tried doing some non-fictional writing some years back, the idea I was working with was flowing very well at the beginning, at a point, I lost it because I could not sustain it to meet the quality I want. So I gave up. I don't think it's easy except maybe working as a group or better still, one has to intertwine with fiction because, truth be told, it's easier penning down our experiences.
  5. meinzerthurman

    meinzerthurman New Member

    I am the opposite: I love writing non-fiction and struggle when I'm challenged with a creative task. My background is in technical and academic writing, so I feel like I excel in those fields. I have written occasionally for more creative outlets, and I have never felt as successful when doing so. However, the best advice I can give to any struggling writer (whether you struggle with one mode or the other) is to dedicate at least one hour each day to perfecting your craft. Make it your routine, and you will see improvements!
  6. sirenwithsoul

    sirenwithsoul New Member

    Like meinzerthurman above, I prefer non-fiction writing, at least professionally. I love my creative writing jaunts, but it often seems so personal that I have reservations about sharing my most personal thoughts, dreams, and feelings with friends and strangers. The "true or false" aspect of non-fiction writing can be a strange sort of comfort when you are stuck for ideas in creative pursuits as well, because ANY writing starts a flow and builds a momentum. I do think you can write nonfiction about topics you are not particularly expert in, IF you are willing to learn alongside your readers. Let them see your process and your progress. Sometimes actually watching someone else have their mind expanded can help the reader be willing to see things from a new perspective.
  7. hamavet

    hamavet New Member

    I absolutely find writing non-fiction a challenge and not much fun, but that seems to be where all the money is in freelance work. It's even more of a grind because most people hiring writers are looking to use the writing they produce for marketing purposes, so what you churn out has to have suitably unoffensive corporate appeal.

    In other words, articles are pretty much the polar opposite of what I like writing, but I get through them by approaching them like a student writing an essay. I research my topic, add personal experience if appropriate and necessary, and write the pieces. Then, since most employers want a lighter, conversational tone, I read what I wrote out loud to see if it sounds friendly and falls where it should on the casual to professional spectrum.

    If you want to get in some practice, pick something you actually DO want to write about, such as a factual angle on things you enjoy writing fiction on. Then write your article and put it on a content mill site like Constant Content. It may never sell, but you'll have some article-writing experience and something for your portfolio.
  8. kwinny

    kwinny New Member

    To me writing non-fiction is the easiest form of writing for me. This is because i love expressing myself and putting down what i feel, what i've experienced and also what i know many others are facing, than writing just from my imaginations.
    Well, generally, writing is a skill, some are gifted with it, while others may have to grow and nature it for this skill to become valuable. So whether a fictional or non-fictional write-up, writing an article can be challenging.
  9. Jhoanna_dc

    Jhoanna_dc New Member

    Writing non-fiction is an easy one. Because non-fiction demands you to be more expressive and creative in your flow of stories and ideas. Generally, if you find it hard to write one, think about your life and experiences over the years, you can generate and create a story with your own life, just add some twists and plots to make it more interesting.
  10. Blaire

    Blaire New Member

    I'm actually just the opposite. I would love to write a creative work one day that I can feel proud of, but every attempt that I've made at that has been shameful. Whenever I review my work weeks later, I notice far too many cliches and one-dimensional characters. I truly envy you for having a natural knack for that.

    On the other hand, non-fiction is easy for me, and I believe it can be for you, too. Do you remember having to write essays in school? Well, writing articles is a lot like that except shorter and you can get away with using a more casual tone in your writing. First, think about what you want to write. Perhaps your employer will give you a topic. If not, think about something that you find interesting, or are curious about. Then you do research on that topic and gather reputable sources. Once you're well informed on your topic of choice (or assigned topic), write about what you just learned using your own words. Put a lot of focus on things that you found interesting in your research, because your readers are likely to find those interesting, too. After you've written the meat of the article, try to come up with an engaging intro paragraph, a satisfying conclusion (this can be as short as one sentence), and (if necessary) an eye-catching title.
  11. justLouisse

    justLouisse New Member

    Eventually, I find it hard. Writing a nonfiction should be based with truths, right? It means you should do some research to support your stories or articles. And as a writer of non-fiction, you should know to exclude your opinion with that article or story. I think that is the delicate part in writing non-fiction. Your opinion is just opinion and maybe it is not true. You should set a boundary with how you see it and what really happened.
  12. chrisasd

    chrisasd New Member

    In allegiance to Stephen King’s writerly maxim, “The only requirement is the ability to remember every scar,” I’m considering writing a new series of stories about my father’s five year struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom.

    I was ten when my father had to quit work. His body was hurting all the time and he couldn’t think he was so tired. Ten is an age you need a father, but for five years he was largely absent, both physically and mentally. My mom was preoccupied and stressed bearing our family’s financial burdens. I went through the first, confusing years as a teenager all but alone.
  13. janina.sarmiento07

    janina.sarmiento07 New Member

    I find it hard. Especially when I tried remember the other details of the story and try to connect it all together with the other character's story. The character build up, the scenes and the different issues of characters are the things I really find hard to make it flow smoothly in a story.
  14. hwy_1600

    hwy_1600 New Member

    I must admit, I find it really hard to write a non-fiction. I know it could be harder to write a fiction one.
    I think it is how others can just easily express their thought and be able write it down beautifully. I think it is an amazing talent that they have. But I believe that everyone of us can actually write, maybe it isn't like how a good writer does it but we can improve.
  15. relp

    relp New Member

    it is not that hard to write non-fictional pieces if you have the basic idea of journalistic writing style. technically speaking, writing in a journalistic tone may help you, while writing, to be strictly worded and to be free from emotions that are not wanted. if you practice this type of writing for some times, it may help you to write to the point on a certain topic. however, this type of practice may make you a emotionless and trite writer. once you get used to writing in a journalistic tone, your next challenge would be to infuse some emotions into your written-pieces and thus to make them look lively. because, articles are anything but some lifeless written-pieces and being objective and to the point do not mean there is no place for humane feelings and humor. it is good that your fictional writing flows well; now, try to add some objectivity to this and to be strictly worded while needed and this probably would solve your problem
  16. Stacey Wing

    Stacey Wing New Member

    Writing non-fiction is hard at times for me, especially if it is a topic that I know nothing about. I have learned that when I have to write about a topic I don't know research is the key. I go online and look up the topic and research it while taking notes. Then I make an outline, subheadings, and bullet points about each area. Afterward I write it in my own words. As I am more of an analytical and technical person this approach makes things easier for me.

    However, when you are writing about things you know about it makes things much easier. While I prefer the latter, the more I do the unkown the better you will get at it once you set up an approach to doing it. Hope this helps.
  17. Starmaiden

    Starmaiden New Member

    I read and write non fiction. It comes easily for me to write non fiction articles. I am an advocate for poverty and homelessness so I write many articles about real people and their financial struggles. It isn't difficult to find people willing to be interviewed. Sometimes the only way they have a voice is when someone tells their story for them.

    Writing non fiction is very easy. Write about your passions. They are something you know well and have experienced in your life. Find others who share your passions and write about their success or failures. A non fiction article doesnt necessarily need to be scientific.

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