Does crying make you feel better?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by snesz08, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Yes! it express what I feel inside. I express my emotions. after that. it makes me feel better and motivate me to do positive things in life.
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  2. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Everyone has different opinions on that topic but for me, I don't feel better when I am crying. I seldom cry and I only cry if something really damaging happens to me like a love ones suffering from adversities or much worse than that but on little things like being embarrass in front of others, my girlfriend breaks up with me, or any common mischiefs that people experience everyday, I don't cry to that. I trained myself to be calm on almost situation and I trained my mind that misfortunes really happen in life and I do not have control on that but what I can do is to control my emotions respond to misfortunes. And with that, I am much able to solve my problems which makes me feel better and give me a sense of pride and confidence that I can solve any adversities that will come my way.
  3. camzjimenez

    camzjimenez New Member

    I believe that crying can help us ease the pain that we are feeling. If I feel sad and depressed, I literally cry a lot. I know that problems will not be solved if I cry but it can help me release all the stress inside. They say, tears are words the heart can't express. It is how our body speaks especially when our mouth can't explain the pain that we feel.

    Sometimes we have problems that we do not want others to know or we find it hard to open up to someone thinking that they may judge us for who we are and that is one of the most hardest things to cope up because we only got ourselves to fight in this kind of battle. Crying is all we can do in those times and it is not a sign of weakness because we just want to release and express all the emotions and after that, it is up to us on how we will gain the strength and get up after this fall.
  4. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    Yes it is. I believe so because very time I cry makes me relieved.
  5. Dledg

    Dledg Member

    Yes it does cause if you hide you’re feelings you are not being true with yourself and that’s how you get depressed by not letting the emotions out
  6. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    When it gets too much, we all cry and it is one way to get that negativity and hurt out of our system. There is no shame in crying. You genuinely express how you feel and keeping inside only deepens the hurt. When you're done, you feel better. Always remember that after every storm, the sun will shine.
  7. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    It does. When you feel so down and your heart is so heavy, crying will help you. It helps releases the pain, the weight of your problem or what you're going through. When you feel like nothing is working out the way you like it when you feel so lonely, when you miss someone that you can't really do a thing about it, cry it out. You may cry silently. You may not need to show to anyone what you're going through but through crying, you will comfort yourself. Cry silently and after that, stand and move forward. Face everything that causes you to cry.
  8. Yes, crying makes me ease the pain in my heart.I realeases the hatred and anger and makes feel better.
  9. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    For me its Strong emotions — such as sadness, happiness, anger, and pain — trigger the brain to produce tears. It has been found that tears contain leucine enkephalin, a natural painkiller, which may contribute to why you feel better after a good cry. ... So, the next time you feel the need to cry, let it out like water works
  10. Charies

    Charies Member

    Yes! I will cry if I have a worst emotion like problems that its hard to solved and hurt feelings that it cannot be shared to anybody, after crying I will be feel better. According to the study crying reduce the level of stress because of tears that fall contains a number of stress hormones and other chemicals.
  11. Jaaypee

    Jaaypee Member

    I cry easily. Sometimes I hate it, but it's okay because I know I will feel better after that. Experts say that it is beneficial to our health if we do it, it has a soothing effect. You are releasing pain, fights bacteria, improves vision, aids you to sleep, and most importantly it releases toxins and stress. Do not be afraid to show off your true feelings by crying. Those tears means a lot and can help you drastically.
  12. jannicadavid

    jannicadavid New Member

    We feel alleviated after a long cry since it is cathartic. That is, we have wiped out the distressing feelings that were rising within us. It is a method for soothing ourselves and an indication to gather others around to comfort us. Strong feelings — for example, grief, fulfilment, outrage, and torment — trigger the mind to deliver tears. It has been discovered that tears contain leucine enkephalin, a natural painkiller, which may be the reason why you feel better after crying.
  13. Chowdanes

    Chowdanes New Member

    It all depends on the reason behind the cry. When I cry out of anger or disappointment, I often find myself questioning my strengths as a man. It hurts me more to realize that I was crying because of something I could have ignored. As for when I cry out of happiness and joy, it surely makes me feel better. That's my opinion though.
  14. eddilee28

    eddilee28 New Member

    No, Because instead of crying try to reflect and show a positive side of yours, even though we're totally sad and we wanted to cry but we all know after a rain there is a rainbow. So stand up and face everything with your smiley face, just remember all the problems we encounter a miracle will happen. But it depends on the situation if your crying because of the problems you encounter, just remember my opinion.
  15. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    Yes. Crying makes you release the sadness and even the despair that you feel. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a reminder that however you may hide your pain, even how strong your are, you are still human. After crying your heart out, remember cry everything and dry your tears, after that you may now get up and face your fears. Face your problems and think of a solution.
  16. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Yes crying makes me feel better sometimes because it makes my heart feel light-hearted. And eases my mood.
  17. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member


    Sometimes, crying is the only way to make us feel better. Crying is how our heart speaks when our lips can't explain the pain we feel. When we cry, doesn't mean we are weak. A strong person is the one who shed tears for a moment, then gets up and fight again. Life is a non-ending battle. We must face each day with our heads up high. As my favorite quote says from Walt Disney, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

    If there is something that is hurtful, it makes us feel down. We have to stay positive and keep moving forward. We might not understand the situation, but everything has a purpose. Cry then be happy. Cry then be strong. Cry as if nothing will make go wrong after all this.
  18. Chaplikexhar

    Chaplikexhar New Member

    Crying makes me feel loads better. I have a sense of release when I cry which is really helpful. Usually once I've had a little cry I start to feel a boost of motivation to do better. It's like crying opens my eyes to things I don't see when I keep my emotions inside.
  19. emax2000

    emax2000 Member

    Yes, it makes you unleash whatever you have bottled inside.
  20. Samanthaj18

    Samanthaj18 New Member

    Yes, it releases pent up emotions and frustrations. So after I generally feel relieved. Sometimes however I really don't want to cry and feel a bit embarrassed after instead, I tend to cry when I'm angry rather than sad. So it can be hard when I want someone to understand I'm angry but just cry like a baby instead. But that's me, we all express ourselves differently!
  21. wendeluxe

    wendeluxe New Member

    I only cry when I'm alone. I don't feel comfortable when people are seeing me cry. So every night when i can't handle my frustrations anymore, i cry non stop. That's the only way I can release my emotions. Sometimes you want to punch someone in the face because of what they have done to you but you just cry.

    I also think that crying is a healthy way to release your anger and definitely it made me feel better, especially when I'm stressed because of school works. 10/10 recommended
  22. AprilDeOcampo

    AprilDeOcampo New Member

    A really good and hard cry lessens the pain especially when you don't have someone to share what you are feeling. Plunge in to all the emotions that you have, afterwards pull yourself together and live your life to the fullest. Accept that things won't happen the way we always wanted it to be. Just remember there are better things in life that will come your way at the right time and place. Life is too short, so pursue your dreams and do the things that would make you happy.
  23. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    I cried specially when i am alone. Like when i am praying and talking to God. I tell Him all of my problems and how i feel in that time. Last night i was praying, i remember my mom. She just recently died this April. I was crying and talking to her and to God . But i miss her so much. i need to cry and let it out. Crying makes you feel at eased that you can let it out what you feel so it is easy to paced the world and the reality of life.
  24. Lhits

    Lhits Member

    Research has found that in addition to being self-soothing, shedding emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins. These chemicals make people feel good and may also ease both physical and emotional pain. In this way, crying can help reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being.
  25. Zyrylrago

    Zyrylrago Member

    Yes, crying will make your soul feel better. It may not solve your problems, but it’ll lessen the heavy feeling in your heart.
  26. vlmrspns

    vlmrspns New Member

    Yes! Definitely yes! I am a sensitive person. I cry on my own most of the time. Because I feel like only few will understand my situation. I tend to keep and solve things on my own. I learned how to be independent in handling my own hurdles in life.
  27. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Yes. Whenever I feel a heavy weight inside my chest and like I couldn't breathe anymore, I let my emotions take over me. I cried as much as I needed it, and in doing so, it felt like the weight just lessen or subside.
  28. CherryMae1821

    CherryMae1821 New Member

    Yes, Sometimes they say that crying is for weak person only. But they are wrong! People who cry is brave enough. We express what we feel. We don't fake feelings just to show that I did'nt even hurt or does'nt affect me. Honestly I'm a Crybaby :D I break down a lot and tell all my suffering and show my emotions. And after that I feel relieved and free. Then after I release all , Everything would be okey now.
  29. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Yes and no. At some situation, crying is releasing the feelings you bittled inside you. But there are times that crying is just overreacting to a situation
  30. YES abosolutely YES! Because we release the pain and stresses in our mind and heart it gives us a good and better feeling because we release the pain in our hearts

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