Does God Listen?

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  1. Rae Narvadez

    Rae Narvadez New Member

    Just as we look around we see life in complete imbalance. People in lack, in trouble, some in great confusion and others in pain. We tend to question, "does God listen?"

    More often, when we are hurting, we promptly find ways to the problem and when we struggle we find someone to lean on and at last recourse we turn to God for help. Then when things fail, we ask God, why? As if it's all His fault.

    The problem is that after we ask we stop - we do not seek. We seek a little and again we stop because we don't knock. God has His own way for us to obey. But more often than not our own plan comes first as if ours is better. How can we be helped? Normally, if we work under a higher authority, we follow rules. We don't set rules. God set rules, surely for our own good. If He is who we think He is, we must find ourselves in His rules and not God find Himself in ours. If we do well, God will answer.
  2. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    Before we say anything God can read our minds and He can surely see our needs. If our prayers are not given right away, that doesn't mean He doesn't listen to us. For sure He has something better in store for us. All we need is to trust and believe in Him. For God nothing is impossible. We just need to ask and we shall receive, to knock and the door shall be opened for us, and to seek so we shall see. Hold on, believe and open your heart to the Lord. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.
  3. gavinci13

    gavinci13 New Member

    Yes, Who ever posted this question, just hang in there, do not loose you hope. It sounds like you're in desperate need of help, Keep in mind god will never give you an obstacle that you can't pass through, god is just testing your faith, let me share a little bit of my experience, 2017 is the worst year for me. I don't need to explain what I have gone through but to summarize I did everything I can think of to put remedy in the worst situation in my life except for one thing, I realized that I forgot him, for a long time, I thought I was strong and smart I feel like I can do anything, I have to admit that I forgot something for a long time, I was almost an atheist. There was a lot of time that i doubt if god is real. To cut the story short, my friends went to church, I was with them So I don't have any choice but to go with them, I tried praying to him (I can't even remember when was the last time I bowed my head and talk to him) tears started to rush down in my face. I told him everything I felt, I told him I'm giving up I don't know what to do anymore and I apologize for doubting him. A week after. my life change, all good things started to happen, all my problems were solve little by little, met new people that changed my life. Since then I never let singe day pass with out talking to the MIGHTY CREATURE ABOVE.
    When things are going good that is when we get knock down. good times or bad keep God by your side.
  4. Tammytashy

    Tammytashy New Member

    God listens. But, the Bible says, God does not hear SINNERS. The question comes back to you, how is your relationship with God. Do you live a righteous life that pleases him? Do you observe his commandments? Do you rely on him for everything or do you use your humanly ways to overcome challenges in life? Do you seek him with all your hear and diligence? How much time do you spend in prayer? Do you go to church?
    Friend, these are just some of the things you could start asking yourself today. For God to hear you, there are principles in life that you have to observe. You can't overlook somethings in life and expect God to listen to you just like that? What will be your basis for justifying your case before him?
    God listens but most of us do not know how to hear from him, we need to observe principles that will enable us to hear from him, to receive from him and always be by his favor.
  5. Pj Tedranes

    Pj Tedranes New Member

    Yes He is listening.

    God, who knows all things, hears the prayers of everyone. If he didn't, he would not be all knowing (1 John 3:20).

    The question is really whether or not God will answer a person's prayers while he is abiding in sin. For the most part, the answer is no.
  6. MikS

    MikS New Member

    He does listen and answer every prayer we pray. The answer may not be what we wanted (usually right away) or even what we wanted. If we are saved and born again, we are no longer seen an unrighteousness but spotless as the One who saved us. There are also a lot of other factors that affect answers to prayer. Prayers can be hindered by your relationship with God and/or your prayer life. For example, if you only go to God when you need something from Him, it could affect the outcome of your prayer. What God really wants is a relationship with us but He does listen and there is a big difference between listening and acting on it.
  7. HLC522

    HLC522 New Member

    God does listen and answer prayers, but as others have mentioned, it's not always exactly when or how we want it to be. Faith and trust in the Lord is necessary and sometimes walking in Christ can be painful, since God gives and takes away, but if we always remember that His will for our lives is perfect, than we should know that every trial and tribulation we go through will lead us to eventually become the person that God has designed us to be. We also have to remember to pray continuously, in happy times, in sad times and in times of rage. We must praise Him and give thanks even when times are hard, because He is always there for us and will never forsake us. We have to do our part by growing in Christ and reading His word everyday to get to know Him more. God knows all of us better than we know ourselves, so we need to get to know our Father in heaven and his promises and will for us.
  8. jamprayer

    jamprayer New Member

    God does not only listen but also acts. He knows what your heart desires because He is all-knowing. But before we ask if God listens, maybe we should ask ourselves first if we listen to our almighty God.

    It is written, "Delight yourself unto the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". But sometimes we tend to think that God does not listen to our prayers because He did not give the things we ask for or the answers that we were expecting. Especially when it is a big and crucial problem where we want immediate answers to our prayer. When that happens let us remember that God has said "As the heaven is higher than the earth, so that My ways are higher than you ways and My thoughts than your thoughts". It means that God has power over us and He knows what is best for us.

    So let us obey the greatest commandment, love God above all because only God can save and satisfy.
  9. enormedaniel14

    enormedaniel14 New Member

    Yes, He listens.. But the question is? To whom God listens? It's a very broad topic and I really love to write a post as I'm doing right now. I believe there's a bunch of people that really God never listen to. And there are people that God really loves to listen to. I understand the God from heaven which is the Almighty God is not an unjust god. He is a God of righteousness. By implication he never listens to those people who forsaken their family for just a pack of illegal drugs. God never listens to those people that don't care for their love ones, don't care about giving love for mankind. He never listens for those people who kills innocent lives. What I understand is from the bottom of my heart as I believe God is Holy. God is love, He will never forsake those people that has a pure heart, those people that even though they've been suffering difficulties in life they do no harm with mankind. God knows how to listen, He knows to whom he should be listening. Only if we will know how to listen to God and he will still always be there. If we only get rid all of our impurities in heart, if we're going to forgive those people who sinned against us, if we're going to love our love ones, our kids our Parents. If we know how to forgive those persons that has a debt on us and if we know how to give love and mercy for those beggar lying on street, that way God will listen to us.
  10. gladys Ann Sotto

    gladys Ann Sotto New Member

    Yes, God do listen to every cry or how pain we fell his always there for us , To guide us. I understand that not every people will see this comment of mine a good thing because some wont going to believe. I respect other people religions belief . Gob Bless you all.
  11. mackyboy

    mackyboy Member

    God always listen. wherever we go and whatever we do, God always listen to even if you dont ask or speak , he knows everything. As our savior and mentor, God will always guide us and gives us light were dark roads coming and gives us hopes when failure arrives.
  12. Jonelyn Casaul

    Jonelyn Casaul New Member

    God is always listen to us. He is OMNIPRESENT means He is everywhere at the same time. He knows what is in our mind. He see what we do and He always answer what we pray. He say YES if it is good for us. and help us to be a better. He say NOT YET if it is not the right time for us to receive your prayers. He say I HAVE A BETTER IN MY MIND if He see that our prayer is not good enough to let us better.
  13. AnukAusar11

    AnukAusar11 New Member

    The indwelling intelligence which is the image of which you are made sees and knows all things. You can call it God if you like. And yes IT listens and is aware fore it is consciousness that dwells in all things. That is why IT is the Creator of all things being that it came in the form of the creation. Always remember that you are made in the Image of God as a result you are defined not based on what happens to you but based on who you are. Keep pushing and expect results soon so long as you live by truth - Divine Laws.
  14. Simba_1

    Simba_1 New Member

    Yes, I believe that God listens to us. I can look back and see in very specific times God responded. I can look back and see many times where God listened to me when I thought no one was listening. there was times I truly thought I was alone coming out of a broken home at a tender age of fifteen. I can testify that there were times in my life I should have died and yet I did not. There have been several instances and situations where things seemed very dire and destitute. It is in those times where I saw the reality of God and the strength of his presence. I can say this whole heartedly that God not only hears us but works through us in our lives. Even when we are mad at God and have convinced ourselves that He does not hear us. Take strength in knowing He sees the whole picture and He knows what we need and do not need. I have come to a place where I just know through life's up's and downs, God orchestrates the melody of our lives.
  15. MrRicky345

    MrRicky345 New Member

    We can't see the big picture... but He can. I think one of His ways of answering is to show us some of it from time to time.
  16. Jay Marie

    Jay Marie New Member

    Yes he have heard us. Only faith that could make you prove that he does. When you're experiencing sorrows just give a minute to close your eyes and open your soul and talk to him sincerely. Don't wait to make your wish or prayers come true right away. He will guide you. All you have to do is to follow what your mind is thinking. Think of what is right. Doing things right. I have faith and I do believe that things happens for a reason even if it was hard for you to think but you will pass through all of it.
  17. winsomeblogger

    winsomeblogger New Member

    Yes God listens but sometimes we human are not a good listener too. We always talk, talk, talk not allowing God to answer us. And we blame God if our life became a mess. Do you know where you can find God's answer to His people? In the BIBLE. Let me give you a tip: When you feel like talking to God. PRAY. Ask God to answer you through His words, the Bible. And you will surely hear His answers.
  18. EMILIO

    EMILIO New Member

    God always listen, when we look back at our worst situation we will certainly know that god listen and taking care of us. Although it may not be what we wanted or when we wanted it is because everything has a reason and purpose remember god is a master of timing he knows what we need and when we need it. just give your full thrust and faith in him and we certainly can move mountain. In addition let us not be selfish we should consider others too because we are all son of god.
  19. lamadingdong

    lamadingdong New Member

    I feel its a question of faith. This entails an array of degrees of faith. First, one is open to the concept of there being an higher intelligence, power, life, design, person or whatever you want to describe it/He/She as. According to the Bhagavad Gita, which gives an amazing description of spirit, God, existence, time,nature and duty etc, each individual is an eternal ray/ part of the divine whole, full of love and bliss. Due to our desire we chose to forget our relationship with the Lord and were put into this system/program/matrix called nature, where based on certain rules and laws we could fulfill our desire to enjoy separate from the Lord. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna is described as what westerners would consider to be God. But the expressions of glory of His magnitude and existence take one deep within the realm of imagination and wonder. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita He is not partial to any soul but to one who has approached with love and devotion, He is always accessible.
    So I'd like to believe that He is listening and knows what one is thinking. If one gets to know Him better and revive their relationship with Him, He responds accordingly. He is the glorious one, the powerful one, the beautiful one, the intelligent one, the unattached, the rich one. I'm telling my self as well, the secrets are out. The mysteries and laws of nature are being made open to one and all. The laws of attraction, of will power, of karma, of re-incarnation are examples of mysteries and secrets now being shared commonly,heralding a golden age of great brotherhood and existence. Good wishes on your journey.
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  20. herll

    herll New Member

    After struggling with my faith for a while, i finally realized that that God listens. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE.
  21. blakfinn

    blakfinn New Member

    Because we have a limited life span we expect immediate answers to our prayers and when after waving the magic wand nothing happens we despair and sometimes feel abandoned by God.
    1000 human years = 1 heavenly day, in His eyes Methuselah was barely a day old child before he died. We have to wear the cloak of patience and humility as we wait for Him to answer our requests. Besides He sees the end from the beginning so He is in the best position to know the right or wrong requests.
  22. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    Your prayers seem pointless because the enemy uses your faults and sins you commit every now and then to file a case in the courts of heaven. Not unless you pray and withdraw sinful ways and ask God to be your Judge and free you from all the cases filed against you, you will never see results. Otherwise Gods listens to prayers and He also knows what you need even before you ask for it.
  23. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    It is written very clearly.. he is allways there listening, but the true question is are we listening to him? It’s all up to us to be completely engaged with him some it seems like he doesn’t hear because we don’t understand why we are in such a situation that he put us in , it might be very bad even and might look like the end..but it is for a greater purpose... not all that we want is good for us . God listens .. to the good and the bad so it is definitely up to us to be on the right path.
  24. cashpesa

    cashpesa New Member

    God listens . why do we find ourselves doubting? because sometimes we pray for things that aren't Godly, sometimes it is not the right time for God to release that we what at that time or Maybe God want to use you or your situation as a testimony
  25. God always listen to us. Sometimes we question his decision, we question his ways, we question the pain, tears, struggle and even happiness, but we do not know that all those are the answers to what you are praying for. He gives as time to listen, understand and learn from life threatening scenario, live changing point of our lives, to the most painful one. He is our God that knows what is best for us. You may cry now, but in time he will wipe all those tears into happiness. You may be struggling in life right now but he will give you strength when the right time comes. Our strong Faith in God will give us assurance that he listen and never doubt his existence in our lives. For he is our Father that knows what is best for us.
  26. Mark barretto

    Mark barretto New Member

    Yes god is always listening to our prayers don't doubt because god is the best listener and the great healer god shows me how to be strong enough and be positive god is good all the time just follow him and pray to him and trust him like you trust yourself in jesus name

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