Does God really exist?

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  1. Wilvelo88

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    God's existence can't be prove. The Holy Bible, as well as the accounts of reliable men and woman through the ages, testify to the reality of God.
  2. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    God's existence can't be proved. Yet the weight of evidence not only makes it possible to believe in God's existence—it makes it very hard to ignore.
  3. Jy.M

    Jy.M New Member

    Yes, certainly! Think about this: happiness, beauty and love can’t be proven or measured by a laboratory experiment, either, yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. In fact, many well-known and accomplished scientists are convinced that science alone can’t explain where we come from or why we’re here. They realize that science itself points to an all-wise, all-powerful Creator. God also revealed Himself to us in an even greater way: by coming to earth and becoming a man. That man was Jesus Christ—God revealed in human flesh, “the image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15). Jesus was fully man but also fully God.
  4. New Member

    A god as described by the 3 major religions simply can not and does not exist. The "evidence" that substantiates the idea of god is solely based on two thousand year old books written by sexist, uneducated men. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence in the world pointing to a god, especially an "all loving" god. For moral reasons alone, it is clear that there is no god and even if there was, it is not one worth acknowledging or worshiping. This was summarized beautifully by the philosopher Epicurus around 300 BCE:

    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.

    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.

    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?

    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?"

    Epicurus is making a point that if a god exists, it is either weak, evil, or both. Hence, there is no reason to call it a god. To continue on the topic of the abilities of a god, there are too many paradoxes that come along with the idea of an omnipotent being. The most prevalent of these is the question "Can god create a rock so heavy that he can not lift?" Despite the answer to this question, god is not omnipotent. This is gone into more depth in this article that also acknowledges some other flaws with these ideas: I also love this article by the Daily Maverick going into 5 simple reasons why you shouldn't believe in a god: My favorite reasons from this article are the simple facts that we don't need a god and life is better without one. The outdated beliefs and ideologies such as homophobia, slavery, stoning to death, etc. are artifacts of the past. There are all sorts of really crude "morals" taught in the bible. Morality does not originate from religion. If all morals were based on the bible, then we would be living in a terrible world. Just look at what has happened under Islamic rule in middle eastern countries.
    In conclusion, we can't say for sure if there is a god or not, but both cases are simply irrelevant. I can say with certainty that a god worth worshiping does not exist.
  5. heatmiami389

    heatmiami389 New Member

    I who live in the 5th largest Christian country on earth believe in God who is the creator of heaven and earth. We as Catholic has a rich tradition that we follow. Even though we could not see God in our eyes but his presence is always alive in our hearts. And this is the power of the holy spirit. God lives in us.
    There is plenty of good people that have no religion and do not believe in God but are able to touch many peoples lives. These are the people with a good conscience. GOD created CONSCIENCE.
  6. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    Yes, well not physically but in our minds and hearts, he do exist. All the teachings about him is what guide us to be a better person. Praying to him about our worries is like having a friend and make you feel that no matter what happens, there is still something good that will come. That is something to be thankful about.

    Even though, God's existence is through name only, that alone became the guiding principles for us. Just imagine it, if God doesn't exist. It's like not having a leader in a country, you will found yourself in the middle of a war and their is no way out.
  7. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    For me god really exists.
    You do not have to see things to prove they exists.
    It should be in our heart and mind.
    People without god in their heart and mind is a lost soul.
    Before i do not believe in god, but when i start researching for it it really convinced me that god exist, the bible it self is a proof for god existence. And i am very shocked on what i found, it really connect things ,so that i already accepted god in my heart and mind, i have welcomed god in my life. But still there are lot of debates on the internet who is god, there are those religion beliefs war, and i think its healthy so that people will know what to believe in. Yahuah godbless
  8. andras.nagy

    andras.nagy New Member

    I do not believe God as presented/described in one of the mainstream religions like Christianity or Islam is real. I think there must be something, a reason why everything is here us included, we just don't understand it. Don't misunderstand me I don't believe in faith or something like that, but something had to be before we were and before the big bang happened, before "God" was "alive". We just don't have any grasp of what it could be. That's my opinion. To sum it up, I'm probably spiritual, but I wouldn't classify myself as religious, I don't pray either.
  9. Divinelyrich

    Divinelyrich New Member

    God exists. The universe is so patterned and orderly that it couldn't have happened by chance. There is a Creator somewhere who made all these.

    ARTMAKKAM New Member

    Proof of the existence of God

    God produces Faith, Faith produces Hope, Hope produces Patience.

    Patience without hope is not possible, Hope without Faith is not possible, Faith without God is not possible.

    All people, even animals, have patience and, accordingly, hope.

    Having Hope, they have Faith, and all people are believers. And Faith without God is not possible. To mean God exists. Even if we assume that God did not exist, but if billions of people believe in God, then God already exists!
  11. ayobobo

    ayobobo New Member

    I reject the existence of an omnipresent, omnipotent, all-powerful God. Every human is naturally agnostic until they are indoctrinated into a belief in God by their parents or society. It is impossible to disprove the existence of God. It is however also not possible to prove God's existence. If a child were born in a jungle without access to other humans, such child would never have an idea of a God or worship anything. Like a savage, the child would hunt, gather and when the time is right, mate. Most of us believe in God because we have been indoctrinated and placed into a box and are simply too scared to peep out of this box
  12. jparag777

    jparag777 New Member

    If you don't give a name to the entity of God then I would say I believe in it as a single positive powerful entity. But on the other hand if you ask me wether you believe in God associated to any particular religion then my answer will be a big " NO ".
    Religions divide and God can never ever be a divisive force.
    I believe in God as a powerful positive force which rules the world. The law which governs the nature. The law that governs each and every part of our life.
  13. oddreann

    oddreann New Member

    It depends on the person though. Personally, I can really say that God exist. We have a lot of religions and beliefs but these boils down to one omnipotent being. It doesn't have to be spelled or named "God" in others belief but we share similar thoughts and idea. About 75 percent of the world's population shares one belief that there is an omnipotent being they served, and I think this number is something that has to be considered. Well, it all goes down to each and everyone's own perspective in life. Again, we share both rights and responsibility to the human race, and we have to do that whether you believe in God or not.
  14. bingblong30

    bingblong30 New Member

    Yes god exist because of the bible all you read in bible is very true . Nothing is wrong in bible which is god does really exist becuase of his word . They say the bible is human creation . Yes that is true because the bible is for the people . Do you think if god command the chicken to right the bible did you understand so that why god really exist because of his creation that have proof
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  15. Rehiya Cruz

    Rehiya Cruz New Member

    Absolutely! God really do exist. Look around you, all those wonderful things were made by God. The whole universe is a great example of his amazing work. Planets could not line up properly by chance. In addition to that, human body is composed of complex systems that functions properly depending on it's uses and God made all of these! Even if some scientists stated their theories about the existence of things, still they cannot explain the origin of love. According ti 1 John 4:8, "God is Love" and no one can deny it since everyone knows how to love.

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  16. ahszi

    ahszi New Member

    The Lord God always exists, and He is everywhere, wherever we go. Without Him, we would not be here at all! God created all creatures that no human being can ever to do. He gave us life, food, shelter and anything we need. But He is also just and honest, that if it is His will to take away everything, including our lives, we have no control over that.
  17. yokobautista7

    yokobautista7 New Member

    Our Lord Jesus, Our God. He is always here, with us. Look around and no one can deny of His existence. The whole universe including "Us", we were made by Him because of that unconditional love He has for us. Seek, and you shall see... One day, I know He will come back for us, and I will wait for that moment because He will return for us all.

  18. Miles12

    Miles12 New Member

    yes, God almighty exist, he is the "I am" that "I am", the one that created you and gave you life.
  19. Dave_H

    Dave_H New Member

    Yes, He does.
  20. Nkinnocent

    Nkinnocent New Member

    According to me, the existence of God is a rational evidence. No only the creation reinforces that conviction. Rationaly, Humans develops a conciousness of a sort of life scale (physical, biological, motional and spiritual phenomena). That scale of life superiority clearly indicate that there is a first principle and a final principal of life.
  21. Dannydave

    Dannydave New Member

    Yes oh he really exist
  22. Dannydave

    Dannydave New Member

    Yes oh he really exist
  23. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    WHAT CHRISTIANS SAY: God's existence can't be proved. (At least scientifically.) Yet the weight of evidence not only makes it possible to believe in God's existence—it makes it very hard to ignore. The Holy Bible, as well as the accounts of reliable men and women through the ages, testify to the reality of God.
  24. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Some people — even self-proclaimed Christians — today have one basic belief about the Bible — that it shouldn't be believed! But things didn't used to be that way. Prior to the late 20th century, virtually all people who claimed to be Christians understood Scripture to be inspired and preserved — in other words, sacred. They believed God had given us His Word and that these Scriptures were to be followed. The Bible is supposed to judge us, but some people would like to judge the Bible instead.
  25. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    WHAT CHRISTIANS SAY: God's existence can't be proved. (At least scientifically.) Yet the weight of evidence not only makes it possible to believe in God's existence—it makes it very hard to ignore. The Holy Bible, as well as the accounts of reliable men and women through the ages, testify to the reality of God.
  26. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Many skeptics have pointed out that the Bible is not proven to be God's Word just because some of its verses say so. Then we come to The Da Vinci Code, a novel by Dan Brown that mixes historical fact with fiction to confuse people about the authenticity of the Bible. The book raises a number of questions: "Is it true that man wrote the Bible hundreds of years after Jesus lived?" "Did people really fight over what the Bible was going to say?" "What if the things that ended up in the Bible weren't what God really meant the Bible to say?"
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  27. Jerod808

    Jerod808 New Member

    Yes. God really exist even though we're not seeing Him, but when our heart and mind and soul are with God. Everyday we know in our life that every blessings that we received are from God. Even in our hardest time when we seek Jesus and confess all our sin, He will assure you that you are in right path of your life.. He has a plan for you, just obey and do His command
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  28. GeorgeDr

    GeorgeDr New Member

    The answer to the question depends firstly on what is the definition for God in the first place. If by God(s) , we take into account the various texts throughout the human history about beings that are powerful , ever-present and have created this world for us , there is nothing else beyond that and that this whole universe is created just for a test , i think the answer is pretty clearly no , there is no , there is no God of that kind.
    The second definition of a "god" is a being that is more complicated than humans , more powerful and of higher intelligence , or simply something that we cannot fully comprehend, similarly to how an ant is smaller, dumber and cannot truly perceive us and understand our existence, then the answer is maybe.(I have yet to witness a being of that kind and talking about something that can't be proved is pointless in that essence) .Notice dear reader that that "god" of the second kind , is not something that is separated by us , but a being just more complicated than us and i would love for such a being to exist. That being said , i understand the need of humans to have the need to believe in something greater , or that sometimes believing can give a positive psycho-logic factor , a boost of some kind to someone, but i don't feel the need for that boos myself.So the answer is no a God in the sense of the bible doesn't seem to exist , but a "god" that we perceive as God , might exist.
  29. John0520

    John0520 Member

    God exist because there is the reason to our act of loving, forgiving and caring. If you really want to know if God really exist, ask yourself how things are created, how things are formed, why you are born. Faith says and proves everything. Even we cant see God, we believe and have faith in him.
  30. neromare

    neromare New Member

    I’d say yes. There is a great Creator (a God you would call it). We’re too far complex to have evolved on our own, I reckon. There’s this thing called the Flagellar motor. It’s an engine. Basically a rotary engine, in our bodies. How crazy? Mazdas were created by us, but this thing—to have evolved on it's own, not really.

    It looks perfectly machined. It has a stator, a rotary motor, a universal joint, it creates torque, lol. It's an engine. And that's only one of the things that are perfectly synchronised in our bodies.

    Its parts are symmetrical, not to the nanometre, but to the ångström. And its energy-coupling mechanism, is still unknown. It’s a super complex structure. Take a look:


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