Does just being able to sing makes you a MUSICIAN?

Discussion in 'Music' started by DenzelLyleB, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    I can say that "I can sing well" but I don't know how to play any instruments. Does that count me as a musician too?
  2. alexbhlz

    alexbhlz New Member

    Absolutely! The voice is one of the most expressive instruments out there.

    Now there are some folks who would consider a "singer" separate from a musician. That's a bit of nuance I wouldn't entertain. If you can sing, you're most definitely a musician.
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  3. soumiagh

    soumiagh New Member

    In my opinion, a real musician should be complete. It is someone who sings, plays, produces and performs.
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  4. Vichio

    Vichio New Member

    Let me answer this way. Pick your favorite song and take out the bass guitar or keybord. Now think about how it sounds and if the song was always like that.
    I think that a musician is not just a singer or guitarist. I think that a musician is somone who can harmonize with others regardless of instrument of choice.
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  5. Angieya

    Angieya New Member

    Well yeah if you have the talent, a good voice. I believe being able to plag instruments undergo in certain learnings and that’s a bonus if you have it as well.
  6. giahperaz

    giahperaz New Member

    "I know how to sing" is different from "I sing". I sing and im a singer is also different, i cant call it a Musician if i only know how to sing. I believe you can be a musician and if you do best at singing or playing an instrument.
  7. MarleyMngo

    MarleyMngo New Member

    Just being able to sing doesn't make you a musician according to my definition of a musician. In order to be recognized as a musician by me you have to be able to play at least one instrument, your compilation of music should be able to touch the souls of people and your music needs to be authentic to you and something that comes from your heart - i should be able to see your passion for music from your work. If you don't fulfill my definition of a musician above then I do not consider you to be a musician. You are just a good singer to me.

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