Does laughing mean a person is happy?

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Laughter means one is happy

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  1. billwaf2

    billwaf2 New Member

    I have always thought of laugher as being a reflex action and does not necessarily mean that a person is happy. For example people watching a comedy presentation on a theatre or tv and they suddenly laugh because of something said by the comedian, does it mean that their lives are perfectly normal and they don't have anything to worry about?
  2. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    Not necessarily. Like what you have stated, I also believe that laughter is just a natural reaction. It could be because of a joke we read or heard, a comedic act or movie we're watching, or it could also be a result of tickling. With this having said, it does not conclusively imply happiness but rather as a response to something. But although it does not imply happiness, just like the saying "laughter is the best medicine," it could help to emotional and pyschological healing which in turn could contribute to one's happiness.
  3. lovelyknows

    lovelyknows New Member

    Just because you smile or laugh doesn't mean your happy. Because sometimes, people intend to smile or laugh to show others that they are not hurting. Laughing can also be triggered by internal factors: too much nervousness (hysterically laughing), feeling intimated (like a disarming mechanism, for the opponent), memories, embarrassing situations that were already processed. Or sometimes we just laugh to hide the pain and to protect ourselves from humiliation we are feeling.
  4. raymondhc

    raymondhc New Member

    No, a person can be really sad and broken but they don't want to show it and the best way to hide those emotion is to put a smile on their face even if it's fake.
  5. ritz2

    ritz2 New Member

    Laughing does not always mean a person is happy. There are many people who are laughing or smiling just to hide their sadness, but deep inside they're hurting. Depression has no face, so we should always check if the people around us is fine and lets just be good to everyone because we might be the cause of their sadness.
  6. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Lauhing is our natural reaction when we see, hear, read or even when we think of or reminisce something funny.
    I feel elated and happy when I laugh.
  7. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    I think it's not actually the same because we can be happy without laughing, we even smile or laugh when something bad has happened. Sometimes laughter helps us to overcome our bad feelings in difficult situations. As far as I know, laughter has different forms or should I say we smile because of different reasons, not only because we're happy.
  8. Giovanz

    Giovanz New Member

    Laughter is the best medicine. It is our way to relax ourselves even for a short period of time. You can also laugh just to hide your true feelings. I admire those person who can laugh with their problems. Laughter is contagious this can really make your day great. I love hearing kids laughter, for me this is the most special type of laughter. It can really make your heart melt
  9. obtrxl

    obtrxl New Member

    No. What you see it not always how it really is. Just like a duck, it seems to be just floating calmy in a pond but what you don't see is how the duck's feet are struggling. Same with us, humans, we tend to hide what we truly feel and let our smiles and fake happiness be a mask and cover our true feelings, emotions and situations. People tend to fake it as not to bother and worry someone who are dear to tbem. And somehow these facade of "happiness" is something that reminds us of how people are able to withstand and face adversities in life with just a simple smile.
  10. valspaulding

    valspaulding New Member

    Laughter is not necessarily an indication of someone being happy. It could be a nervous reflex, I personally laugh at absolutely EVERYTHING. My husband gets annoyed by it at times because I'll laugh in the most awkward moments. AND laughter can also mean happiness. Let's not just focus on the negative, but what other indicators would cause you to believe that someone is happy when they laugh? What about the uncontrollable energy that fills the room when someone is truly happy, you take notice. That smile that is just a glowing exhibit of ones energy towards life.

    As humans we feel energy, I think it's pretty easy to tell when someone is being genuinely happy and laughing and when someone is just laughing purely to laugh at a joke or even if it is a nervous reflex. Energy is one of the easiest things to pick up on if you actively practice being with others. And I say that totally in the sense of actively listening and letting others be and feel heard. Being "over there" and not "in your head".
  11. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    It gives us the same feeling. although happiness is a long term mindset. laughing is temporary. it gives you the same healing injection of those chemicals that make us feel good(dopamine) but happiness is a feeling, emotion, transformational thought. we have to decide to be happy. I am a very happy persona and practice it everyday in one way or another but i am not always laughing.
  12. hnnhandreafe

    hnnhandreafe New Member

    Laughing doesn't mean someone is happy. There are a lot of suicide cases that everyone thinks that the person who committed suicide is someone who is very happy and doesnt have any problem at all. I can laugh even if Im sad, because I dont want anybody to think that I have a problem, simple as that. So you cant tell if someone is really happy just by laughing.
  13. vanja987

    vanja987 New Member

    No, it doesn't mean that. Based on my opinion only strong people are laughing even if they are sad, they keep hiding all in. I hope they are working on resolving their problems with someone, and that they have someone to help them.
  14. tumpagreych

    tumpagreych New Member

    Not literally means that when you laugh youre happy, because somehow we hide our emotions through laughter. They said most lonely person are those who always crack jokes and those who easily laugh at it.
  15. ghelle

    ghelle New Member

    Laugh is not literally of being unhappy its just hiding emotion to some people that dont really understand you or need to private some problem that only you can solve. People is a good actor or actres in real life sometimes we need to smile even thougth we are hurting inside we need to fake ourselves because of some problem in life.
  16. PriyaRenjith

    PriyaRenjith New Member

    Of course, laughter is a sign of happiness, either to show that I am happy or to make others happy. Also to intimate that ‘I like your presence or I understand you’. Casual laugh to jokes or funny incidents is the other case.

    If we take the first context I AM HAPPY, to convey this one may conceal or suppress something. For example, if a person is too nervous or has a fear he may laugh to hide it. A person with high self-esteem who never want others to know his failures or unsuccessful stories may laugh in front of others.

    In the second frame TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY, it may be as it is or to deceive or have some vested interests.

    As Victor Borge said “Laughter is the shortest distance between to people”, let's laugh and make the world so close.
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  17. romilda

    romilda Member

    Sometimes because a fool also laughs often.
  18. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    To be happy is something that we all dream. To be fulfilled about something, to have the never-ending joy and positive feeling. But there are pretentious people who pretend to be happy or joyful to cover their sorrow or misfortunes. It is not a bad thing but more often this attitude gives bad reflection towards people. It is more okay to show that you are not feeling okay or sad rather than pretending though people already know that you are not. Laughing is an expression that we do when we are happy or joyed.
  19. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    That depends. Sometimes laughing or being happy is being used to cover up the pain that the person is experiencing. But laughing can also mean a happy person because by laughing, you transmit to the world that you are a positive person and you have no time on dramas and negativities in life.
  20. Twinklebisnar

    Twinklebisnar Member

    Doesn't mean you are laughing, you are happy. Sometimes it is just a mask. To make people believe they are happy. They don't want others to know they are sad because for them, they don't want others to know they are weak.
  21. Ipostthings

    Ipostthings New Member

    For one to be happy, you may say there is some laughter in their life, however, it is not the direct reason for their happiness. I say this with complete respect and admiration to one of the world's funniest actors, in my opinion, who took his own life due to his deep-rooted sadness, laughing wasn't enough. Robin William was an artistic genius and an example of what laughter can give you and what it can mask. I do believe that laughter brings healing and releases endorphins and dopamines that are beneficial to life. I especially remember laughing so hard at times you can barely breathe and your stomach muscles are sore afterward, but the most classic is when you laugh at the inappropriate times, like at a funeral. It happened to me one time at a funeral and this is one instance I blame my children. (Good times)
  22. Pauaprint77

    Pauaprint77 New Member

    I believe that most of the time, laughter is a form of stress relief and that it often comes about when you are happy. Often when you are with those that are close to you, friends and family, however, I also believe that some people when they are up against a wall and in a really stressful, annoying or even dangerous situation can find themselves nervous giggling or laughing even though there is nothing good or happy about the situation. This has happened to me on occasion. For some reason even when all is going bad, I can find a funny angle to it and start laughing. Maybe it can come about from deep emotion, good or bad.
  23. romilda

    romilda Member

    Not at all, idiots laugh often without any reason. But normal people laugh because of happiness.
  24. moemen55

    moemen55 Member

    laughing not mean that the person is happy. but laughing make people happy. in the way or another happy is contagion and laughing is the way it going whatever the person was happy or not.
  25. ciestlavie

    ciestlavie New Member

    Laughing doesn't always mean a person is happy. There are a lot of reasons to laugh and there are also different kinds of laugh. We couldn't deny that there would be times when we would laugh because we're indeed happy at that certain point of time but laughing could also be a coping mechanism for particular people.
  26. Michael1478

    Michael1478 New Member

    Not always, people almost always differentiate the real laugh from the fake one. It sounds so unnatural. When a person really laughs, he or she is feeling good the whole day. After a fake laugh people often be angry and seem to be waiting for something.
  27. totoy4741

    totoy4741 New Member

    Laughing doesn't necessarily mean that one perosn is happy or having the tomenof his/her life, sometimes he/she smiles/ laughs to concele the sadness or burdened his a carrying all his/her life. But still it a good thing for a perosn that he/she laughs even if he/she is going through something in that way that person would be able cope the depressing he/she is having..
  28. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    yeh laughter is a sign of happiness
  29. Jilian

    Jilian New Member

    It's a big No! Sometimes, we people laugh to just burn away the current stress that we feel but it doesn't mean that we are at the peak of our happiness. We laugh because there is something funny at the moment but reality will strike again after that laughter and that reality is nowhere near the happiness that we want to have for our life. Anyway, laughter without happiness can't be that negative at all. We just have to think that, well, thanks God I'm laughing right now.
  30. Mihare

    Mihare New Member

    Not really, laughing can mean that there's something fun happening at the moment. But deep inside our heart, only ourselves can tell if we're really happy or not. There's this saying, "The easiest person to laugh is probably the saddest".

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