Does music help you concentrate?

Discussion in 'Music' started by WorkEevee, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. WorkEevee

    WorkEevee New Member

    I feel like, depening on the music, it can help me immensely. For example, if I listen to music I like, I just get into a better mindset and can get work done better.
  2. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    Yes,Music help us to concentrate. Music help me to concentrate my mind set. If I feel boring, I listen music. Then mind is refresh and I get good work. It is happiness moment when I listen music. I do online work and listen music also. I feel good music time.When I solve mathematics, I listen music and concentrate mind.
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  3. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Many of us listen to music while we work, thinking that it will helpus to concentrate on the task at hand. And in fact, recent research has found that music can have beneficial effects on creativity. ... Unfortunately, the situations in which most mood and arousal effects are observed are slightly unrealistic.
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  4. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    If I listen to music to concentrate, I would choose something that would be soft and help me with what I am doing. It also should motivate me to get my work done. It can't be loud because I can't concentrate with loud music. I would get distracted. It has to be something that would help me get the job done.
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  5. peterpaulo

    peterpaulo New Member

    I personally think that music helps me during class to focus on my work. Some of the genres that I listen to are Kpop (particularly BTS and some OST of Korean dramas), classical music and piano covers. Music can help only if you are doing the right kind of task. Many of us listen to music while where in the task, thinking that it will help us to concentrate on the job at hand. And in fact, according to some researchers found that music can have good beneficial effects on creativity.
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  6. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Yes. Especially when I work and read books. I easily get tired and bored when I don't hear anything while I'm doing some stuff. Apart from helping me to concentrate, it also helps me to relax and get on track. There are already many researches saying that listening to music can bring many health benefits. But even it doesn't bring benefits to me, I'll still listen to music.
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  7. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    I think it largely depends on environment. If I am alone with no distractions I find that at best listening to music has a neutral effect, it doesn't help me concentrate but neither is it distracting. However if I'm in an environment where there are people or other distractions then sticking on the headphones is a good way to block out everything else and focus on what I'm trying to do.
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  8. Maammitch

    Maammitch New Member

    Yes, I think music can help me concentrate. I love listening to music especially when I'm doing stuff. It can boost my mood and feel energetic. I can do the task better if I listen to music while doing it.
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  9. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    Yes, Music help us to concentrate. I love music and listen music specially when i am doing good work. It can boost my mind and feel energetic. I do better work when i listen music. When I live alone and distract, Music help me to concentrate my mind.
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  10. Rudy2

    Rudy2 New Member

    Yes, it does but it depends on the type of music I'm listening to.
  11. thegoddamntree

    thegoddamntree New Member

    Not for me, frankly. I find that I'm not so good at multi-tasking, or that I respect the individual tasks I'm doing more. If I'm working on something, I'll want to do it with minimal distractions. If I want to listen to music, I will listen to music.

    Generally I find that paying more attention to the stuff I'm doing helps me appreciate them more. I don't put on background music; I prefer to listen and appreciate music. You can hear the little details that went into the composition and soundscaping of the melody, for instance; or ponder about the lyrics and what it means.
  12. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    There are different kinds of music like dance, rock, jazz, dubstep, techno, pop, and country music, they are all language of the soul. Music can relieve stress, heal hurts, change your mood, and help you study. You have to pick a type of music that suites your activity to keep you motivated. For me, music can help me concentrate because there is a kind of music that can enhance your ability of thinking or can help meditation.
  13. Teambits

    Teambits New Member

    It depends with the music that you are listening to,what I believe about it is that when you listen to motivational songs,they may inspire you to do more and more of whatever thing you may be doing.
  14. kapta

    kapta New Member

    Whether having music playing in the background helps or hinders performance depends on the task and on the type of music, and only understanding this relationship will help people maximise their productivity levels. If the task requires creativity or some element of mental rotation then listening to music one likes can increase performance. In contrast, if the task requires one to rehearse information in order then quiet is best, or, in the case of reading comprehension, quiet or instrumental music.
  15. nathan1991

    nathan1991 New Member

    Yes, music helps me concentrate. When I want to concentrate, I play classical music or songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000. I highly recommend people who wants to concentrate to listen to music that can make their mind at ease and can relieve them from stress.
  16. Miallie23

    Miallie23 New Member

    Music can help you concentrate but it can also distract you. Music can actually activate both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory. Although this is so I can only concentrate when playing classical music, instrumental music and nature sounds. These types of music calms me, helps me relax and concentrate on studying or other tasks and also increase my productivity. While music with lyrics distract me because I can sing along with it. Music has a profound effect on our mood, blood pressure, and heart rate. For the best music to focus and study, choose tunes that keep you awake but won't cause you to start tapping your body to the beat.
  17. kingzer

    kingzer New Member

    yes music helps me concentrate. Specially if I listen to classical music from Mozart, that type of music puts me in focus mood.
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  18. EJSC

    EJSC New Member

    Not all genre of music helps me concentrate. It depends upon the beat, the dynamics, the tempo and of course the message of the song. Because as well know, music greatly affects our emotions. As for me, as I listen to music, I think that it helps me concentrate more as long as I'm listening to music I prefer.
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  19. BestChristine

    BestChristine New Member

    It depends to the kind of music. There are some music that is so relaxing like those classical music and instrumental with a sound of nature while there are some music that may cause you distraction like rock music and those loud kind of music. I feel more concentrated when I'm listening to a music that is too slow especially when the singer is a women. It helps me to relax as well and it was great to have a great time with yourself while listening to a relaxing music. There are a lot of different genre of music that can be use for a different event or situations so I always make sure that I'm playing the right playlist everytime that I need to relax and be more concentrated.
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  20. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    Yes. It helps me a lot to learn and memorized what i am studying.
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  21. Salen0304

    Salen0304 New Member

    It depends on the music you are listening to, if it was a loud sound well it will not help you to concentrate rather it gives you distraction. But if it is a soft music, lullaby or classic songs, this will give you at peace and helps you to concentrate on the things you need to focus and sometimes let you fall asleep because to much concentration may lead you to sleepiness.
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  22. EnceJoy

    EnceJoy New Member

    Music makes me more productive. It activates my senses. For example when I am feeling lazy and when I get to hear upbeat music I feel like my body has its own life that wants to get out of me and dance like there's no tomorrow. It changes my mood as well when I'm feeling blue and also the nostalgic feeling about the memories that song reminds of us.
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  23. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

    You bet. Especially while I'm doing chores around the house, I work a lot faster. While I'm doing homework with my headphones on, all I can hear is the music and all other distractions are blocked out....
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  24. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    Yes and no. Sometimes, music really helps me get into the groove of things and makes me feel super productive. Other times, I feel like I need complete silence. But, typically, yes. It is a nice filler in the background and helps me feel a bit more productive. It's really helpful for when I feel like I can't work on a particular project anymore, because it gives me a little boost to help me continue on for a bit.
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  25. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    No. I love music but when it comes to concentration I can't concentrate on what am doing. I always stay away from music when I want to focus on something because i love music and I get carried away
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  26. Jack96

    Jack96 New Member

    I think that it totally depends on the person and the activity. When I need to get serious about something I am doing I cannot listen to music that I already know, because I get all distracted and can't focus. However if I play some repetitive electronic beats or some experimental jazz I can focus way better and get the job done faster. My wife is just the opposite. I think that it is a matter of experimentation and taste. I mainly just don't go by what they say out there that works. I rather finding what works for myself. We are all just different.
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  27. Keyway

    Keyway Member

    My opinion, Music is a mood setter in general. It can always help calm one's mind, even if the music is upbeat and lyrics are edgy. Sounds create an outlet for expressing our most deep emotions or outlook on life. I personally can focus and unwind with almost any kind of music. Fast or slow.
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  28. caroline wanjiku

    caroline wanjiku New Member

    No it doesn't. I love music but I prefer peace and quiet especially when reading. I do listen to music when travelling, taking walks or just relaxing.
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  29. saparrilha35

    saparrilha35 Member

    Music is necessary in our lives, as it leads us to a dream of a peaceful world within ourselves. Cim a unique feeling that boards our heart and mind.
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  30. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    I think studies have shown that music helps you concentrate. There was a myth saying it must be classical music so you could enhance the concentrating ability. However, it's been studied that any music can be applicable to help one concentrate, just as long as one enjoys listening to that type of music.

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