Does you Phone replace your Computer?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by archun143, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. k-19

    k-19 New Member

    My phone does not replace my computer. My phone isn't a smartphone so it doesn't have a lot of the features that people today use their phones for. I prefer my computer because I find it easier to use and I have the option to use it for different things that are not possible with a phone.
  2. CryptedCalvin

    CryptedCalvin New Member

    My phones DOES not replace my Computer. As a very dedicated gamer, my phone DOES not fit the needs I need in order to play games. BUT, whenever I don’t use my Computer, my iPad replaces it VERY well.

    The iPad is VERY convenient and it is practically a portable and slim tablet. The thing itself can do about 60% of what a computer can do from typing essays to simply just surfing the net. For that, I usually just bring out my iPad if am not using my computer!
  3. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    No, and it never will. My iPhone is very handy when I'm NOT at my PC, to check mails, websites, news etc. but I will always prefer a PC over a phone.
  4. asadmahmood

    asadmahmood New Member

    There is certainly lot of flexibility to use a smartphone instead of a computer. However, smartphones cannot replace computers. Ease of use is one of the key benefits of using computers. Difference of specifications is another factor which makes a computer a better choice than a smartphone. Moreover, the range of activities you can perform on a computer is also a big advantage of using a computer. I love to use my smartphone, especially when I am away from home, but after a few minutes, I start feeling irritated because smartphone is very small and I don't feel comfortable using it for long periods.
  5. dilshanmudugamuwa

    dilshanmudugamuwa New Member

    Yes of course. I am using Samsung galaxy S3 mobile .It gives great help to me on my office works . I schedule my day-to-day works by using mobile and command it to remember me the tasks.Thats why it is helpful.
  6. Brainerzor

    Brainerzor New Member

    Even when I don't want, I have to replace my computer with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro. Nowadays technology is so advanced that we can have the most powerfull weapon in the world in the palm of our hands, and of course I'm talking about the internet. I just hope that this doesn't go wrong and someday the machines take over the world.
  7. DesireeStyles

    DesireeStyles New Member

    At this momet I must say no not at all. I am one of those people that likes a big screen a smartphone is to small. One of the other issues I don't like is alot of the sites I use on my comptuer "facebook, games etc." look and act different on a smartphone. It does not have the same feel. I feel like its a chopped down version of the real thing.
  8. larkykid

    larkykid New Member

    No, not completely, although very handy to have nowadays, they cant substitute for the bigger screen size and full sized keyboard. Of course, if you use your computer for work related purposes using sophisticated software and programs, smartphones would not be powerful enough to run these types of applications.
  9. iVeyron

    iVeyron New Member

    At night, yes as I don't want to carry my laptop everywhere I go. My phone I can keep in my pocket. They are very handy nowadays however the screen and keyboard are small. If you use video editing software on your computer, then there's no way that your smartphone would be able to do that. Smartphones have office suites but I don't see those becoming popular any time soon. Phones are too small to be doing work on.
  10. Nick529

    Nick529 New Member

    My phone is constantly in my pocket or out on my desk, yet it will never truly replace my computer. I grow tired of touchscreen and tiny keyboards quickly and desire my full laptop keyboard. My phone is simply for quick searches, an occasional game, and texting/phone calls. Everything else I do, including my heavy internet use and gaming, is done on my laptop, where my screen is large enough so I can see without straining my eyes and my thumbs don't start to ache from typing.
    Smart phones are great, I use mine everyday, but a computer will always hold more power and offers the comfort that I really want when using the internet for multiple hours.
  11. dssora

    dssora New Member

    Absolutely not! My phone could never replace my computer, but on the other hand my computer could never replace my phone, there are somethings that cannot be done on a phone and i doubt they will in the near future. The two main things in my mind are games and editing, as of now I don't see phones as being anywhere near the capability's of computers in those two fields as well as many others.
  12. margarito

    margarito New Member

    My Samsung Note absolutely takes the place of my iPad, I don't use it at all anymore. I used to think it was the coolest thing to have a smart phone and an iPad and a laptop, but now that I have the Note it really takes the place of smart phone and iPad. The laptop can't be replaced by it though, simply because for me personally there is no real replacement for a physical keyboard and the typing speed it allows. Additionally, the capability of a laptop to have multiple monitors is very important if you are into web design like myself and need to see lots of graphically demanding objects at once.
  13. Anc13nt

    Anc13nt New Member

    Not really, i mainly use my phone for talking and texting and a little bit of internet. Its not nearly as comfortable to use as a everyday pc.
  14. Crystallize

    Crystallize New Member

    I would love to have a smartphone. Unfortunately I don't, but I'd imagine that it wouldn't replace my computer simply because I love having a tactile keyboard instead of a touch keyboard. I will never type as efficiently on a touch keyboard as I do with a physical keyboard.
  15. Toshibaru

    Toshibaru New Member

    I'd disagree, the phone could NEVER replace the computer. For one, look at the screen on these things. It would never be possible. I think the better question to ask here is will tablets replace the PC. That I believe has a better chance more then anything to be honest. Processors are getting faster and faster for these little tablets.
  16. HunterKiller

    HunterKiller New Member

    Not a chance. There is so much more productivity you can have with a desktop instead of a phone. Sure you can do some amazing things on the fly with a phone, but I feel you'll never be able to do them faster than with a desktop. If I'm away from my computer I use the TeamViewer app on my android to remotely connect to my desktop computer and I perform tasks that way instead.
  17. Debbie76

    Debbie76 New Member

    I use my smartphone in many situations, but I doubt it could ever replace my computer. I use it for fun things like browsing online, sending a quick text and playing app games with the kids. I just couldn't see a smartphone being able to support the programs I need for work. It would be great if in the future smartphones could do just about everything.
  18. Raxon

    Raxon New Member

    My phone doesn't replace my computer. As a matter of fact, I plan to retire my smartphone and go with a prepay phone for emergency purposes only. I hate to be "on alert" all the time and this is what a smartphone does - you are constantly checking for emails, social media updates, etc. It's just a pain to keep track of all that constantly.
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  19. Slabz Sapio

    Slabz Sapio New Member

    Computers have so much uses that a smartphone can't provide. Maybe it could when it comes to checking emails, light gaming, internet surfing, etc. I'm a gamer and so far, my smartphone couldn't replace my personal computer when it comes to gaming satisfaction yet. Branded high-end smartphones are very expensive. I'd rather but a decent gaming computer and then just buy a phone for the usual call and texts.
  20. TheKid

    TheKid New Member

    No, it does help when I'm not around the PC, but it absolutely does not replace it, the amount of things that I can only do at the PC, it is not even worth the time to count them.

    Just having one of them is bad, the combo PC + phone is the way to go.
  21. Jayson Bati

    Jayson Bati New Member

    The idea of phones replacing the computers is not a far-fetched I think but as of now I still use a computer as much as I use a phone. They still serve distinct purpose for me. The computer/laptop still delivers the processing power for heavy duty type of things while the smart phone gives you the convenience of portability and handiness.
  22. Carl Alexander

    Carl Alexander New Member

    No, not really; I'm actually more comfortable using my computer than using my phone, I get a lot done on my computer than my smart phone.
  23. Pharlina Jones

    Pharlina Jones New Member

    My Smartphone could if I let it. It is equipped to do so but I do not have an unlimited web data plan with my service provider. I also feel that the keypad and the screen are too small. I spend to many hours on the internet to be using it that long. It is just too small!

    HANAJIMA New Member

    Not at all. My computer can do much more than my phone and it is more practical. It is easier to write an essay or file a report on my computer than it is to do with my phone. I also find chatting, such as Skype, much easier on a computer as I don't have to carry it around the whole time I am talking.

    I will pick my phone over my computer if it is for a simple task such as sending a message or looking up directions to a nearby restaurant.
  25. kryzphyr

    kryzphyr New Member

    Many use their smartphones or mobile devices instead of computer because of its convenience and availability of some useful applications that runs through computers. Regarding your question, in my opinion, mobile devices cannot replace the purpose of computer because it is subjected to limitations which the computer can only do.
  26. skythe

    skythe New Member

    Whether a smartphone replaces a computer or not depends on what you want to get done on them. For example if all you need to do is browse the web, watch videos and play casual games, then you can as well use a smartphone as you have the additional convenience of using it anywhere, even on your bed. Also we shouldn't forget the power saved. But if you need to some serious work done, there is no replacement for a computer, obviously. This is seen mostly with things like editing spreadsheets or making PowerPoint presentations. Also we cant code in a smartphone can we?
  27. battleczbux

    battleczbux New Member

    I don't think so, because they don't have the same perfomance and they aren't comfortable.
  28. shadow

    shadow New Member

    No. My GS3 is great for browsing reddit or watching a youtube video but is pretty terrible at anything else internet related or just computer use. Go try and type a 6000 word essay on a smartphone. Your fingers will fall off and mistakes will be strewn throughout.
  29. jewinaustin

    jewinaustin New Member

    If not, it will. The future looks like it's going to be a tablet world, no more PCs or Laptops to lug around. My iPhone takes the place of pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to internet use. I browse all of my forums on it, place eBay™ bids on it, use it to look for gas prices, and even answer all of my emails on it.
    The only real reason I am using my laptop is for Photoshop and Web Design work. If there comes a day where Photoshop goes mobile, I'll be selling my laptop and going fully mobile.
  30. Max Harp

    Max Harp New Member

    To this day, I use my iPhone wherever I go and for as many things as I can. The only real issue I see with this is battery life. Flashy games and HD video streaming can kill the iPhone's battery in a matter of hours. The inconvenience of having to constantly recharge the device is what keeps myself and others from using only our phones.

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