Dog or Cat

Discussion in 'Television' started by edcel, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. edcel

    edcel Member

    i prepare for dog
  2. dannycash

    dannycash New Member

    Beide schön aber Hund bevorzuge ich persönlich.
  3. imjlord

    imjlord New Member

    Can I have them both?

    Dog or cat?

    Well both.

    I have dogs and cats in the house and they are treating each other like family.
    Sometimes they fight, but most of the time they made me happy.
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  4. iamwil101

    iamwil101 New Member

    Dog. Because it is the man best friend. It is also a guardian of our home and they are part of our family they much more reliable because of their capacity to hear a lot farther and their amazing smell that could identify which is their boss or not. They are fun to watch.
  5. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    I have both dog and cat a times dey fight,and a times dey stay calm .
  6. Carlo28

    Carlo28 New Member

    I prefer "Dogs" dogs serve many different needs for people. Some people get a dog because they are lonely and need a loyal friend or because they want a dog to protect the home. A dog that is taken good care of and given attention to regularly will give his life to help protect his home and his owner. For the blind a dog can be a pair of eyes to help them get around and for the police a dog can be an important tool and a loyal partner, with a nose that nothing can beat.
  7. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    I choose both! Both are lovely. Both are adorable. Yes they say that dogs are man's bestfriend, but I can say that cats also are man's bestfriends. They both give joy and happiness to every family they belong. They share same characteristics, which is to love and protect their owner or owners.
  8. monkee

    monkee New Member

    I love cats but I've grown up with them and wanted them around when I had kids so we adopted 2 lovely cats called Polly and Sooty. Both were female, black and white and they were great pets who lived 35 years between them. Polly lived until she was 20 and I wish she was still here now.
  9. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    I like both, I grew up always having a cat though. Right now I have a pet cat that is easy to take care of. He is extremely friendly and has a great personality. Some of my friends have dogs and they are great companions too.
  10. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    I love cats because I have traumatic experience with dogs when I was a kid. Our cat name is Micha when she get birth few months ago, she come to me and I don't really know what to do. I just gently caress her tummy until her kitten came out. One month ago she died and it so sudden because that morning, she's still playing with her kitten then in the after she vomit then died. Her kitten is growing very fast and just so lovable like her mother. A living memory of her mom.
  11. Fernanllaban

    Fernanllaban New Member

    I choose dog cause its already part of the family. It needs a lot of love and attention, and it needs to be taken out for walks and exercise every single day. Dogs love to play, and even small ones need room to run and jump. I always feel sorry for small dogs who live in apartments. I feel like they have so much energy and they need to be taken out to the dog park so they can just blow off some steam. Dogs make wonderful family pets, and most breeds are better with children than cats.
  12. Eeeee6

    Eeeee6 New Member

    There is no doubt that there could be only one answer to the question, DOG! It is said that people are either dog or cat people. I have always been a dog person. Growing up my family had a beautiful black lab, his name was beaver and as I was young when we had him, he would often walk me. It was not until I was at University when my parents rescued our second dog, Scarlet. She was my dad's dog, they had that special bond.

    My wife and I rescued our current dog, Max, about 7 years ago. He is our fur baby. I could not imagine life without him.

    As for cats, in my younger years, long before I met my wife, I had dated a woman who had a cat. The cat did not like me and bite me on the thumb. Never liked them much before that point but after, not so much either.

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  13. keeshiabels

    keeshiabels New Member

    i loved cat. we have a lot of cats here in my house ..they are lovely and jolly ..they always sleep beside me ..they are my great friends
  14. cgadalla13

    cgadalla13 New Member

    My dogs actually were the ones that found our cat in the back yard. He was real sick, we took him in and got him on his feet. He was cute and kinda fun, however I will have to say dogs because the cat ran away and never came back. My dogs would never do that. Dogs are more loyal and protective. I have a Great Dane and Caucasian Mountain Dog. They amaze me more everyday.
  15. RoyDpines

    RoyDpines New Member

    I like Dogs :) Because Dogs are playful ,Sweet and sometimes it helps me relieve stress whenever I play to them ..
    and by the way here some studies that having a Dog helps your life

    " Studies show that having a canine companion is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels, which contribute to better overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. What’s more, dog owners who do have heart attacks have better survival rates following the events."

    Guess What ? that's what im Felt everytime I play with my Doggy "Sparky" :):):)
  16. toledoq

    toledoq New Member

    Personally, I'm more of a cat person! I love and adore dogs, don't get me wrong, but cats are just too adorable. Not to mention, it's easier for me to keep my cat happy and healthy while I'm away at work, since she only needs her litter box in order to do her "business"... so to speak, haha.
  17. christhon

    christhon New Member

    I prefer dogs! I'm not saying I hate cats but dogs are very affectionate and they have this loyalty that is very adorable. Sometimes all they do when you go out is to wait for you to come back. It's really obvious that dogs really love there masters so much more than they love themselves.
  18. John213

    John213 New Member

    I prefer cats because they are calm and fluffy creatures. And they are much easier to handle rather than dogs. Im not being biased this is based on my opinion. Dogs are fun to be with and they say that they are man's bestfriends but cats give off vibes that calms us whenever we feel different kinds of emotions and who would not love when they vibrate continiuosly while being pet and they will love you unconditionaly just as you love them .
  19. Alfred28

    Alfred28 New Member

    I choose dog, because dog are playful and sweet, and also it is guardian ni your house...
  20. fhordie13

    fhordie13 New Member

    I choose dog. Dogs are more expressive than cats. You can see and feel their emotions through their body language, their smile and most especially through their eyes and that's make the connection between you and your dog more profound. And they are really one of our best friends.
  21. jemah1217

    jemah1217 New Member

    Cat a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractable claws. It is widely kept as a pet or for catching mice, and many breeds have been developed. Some say that cats in dreams are a symbol for your intuition, and that the health of the cat indicates whether you are heeding or ignoring your intuition. ... A dream feline may be a symbol for someone in your life who is “catty” or malicious. Being scratched by a cat in a dream suggests that you feel threatened. Symbolise Purity & Cleansing. White has long been the colour used to represent cleansing and purity. It is the reason that doctors wear white coats. Many religions use white to represent the purity of the human soul. The white cat holds all of this symbolism and manifests it
    While Dog, a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, non retractable claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. They may see angels manifesting in the form of a dog, images of a beloved pet who has died and now they believe is acting as a spirit guide to them, or images of dogswho symbolize something God wants to communicate to them (known as animal totems).
  22. kakeramaru

    kakeramaru New Member

    I can have both. But I'm really attached to dogs. Dogs are more affectionate than cat. I had a dog and i really can tell they really are man's best friend. They will protect you, please you and give you loyalty without any doubts and without asking for return. Just make sure you feed them at give them water.
  23. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    I'll have to go with dogs because they're just so loyal and fun to play with. Unlike cats, most of dogs want to be active and actually go outside and play. Cats in the other hand, just stay home and chill either on your laptop or you favorite couch.
  24. windseller

    windseller New Member

    I have dogs and cats
  25. Powitsebony

    Powitsebony New Member

    How could I ever choose! I have one pet cat right now but I will get a dog in the future when my husband and I have a bigger place. I love all animals!
  26. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    I would choose cats but they poop a lot while dogs bark too much so not really dogs or cats more like kittens and puppies. I would go for kittens and puppies
  27. Shiela16

    Shiela16 New Member

    I prefer dog more than cat because dogs can be a guard to your house and also it is easier to train dogs than cats.
  28. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    Ill go for dog, because dogs can be your bestfriend rather than the cat. Cats are evil and you cant tame them. You can train the dog to be your partner and your guardian so for me the best pick is a dog.
  29. Hdenny

    Hdenny New Member

    While I love dogs I would have to say I prefer cats overall. Dogs are so needy! I have young kids and I don't want anything else in my world that will demand more of my attention. Cats are independent and quietly just there when you want a cuddle. Maybe someday I will have a dog, but when I am at a stage in life where I will actually be a good dog owner and can spend some quality time with the animal.
  30. tumpagreych

    tumpagreych New Member

    I love dogs. They are charming and playfull type of animal which made me love them them the most. Especially everytime I come home from work they show there affection towards me.

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