Don't invest your emotions on Someone Else

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    Depression, anxiety and similar illnesses are on the rise today. The fundamental reason of depression is caused because of eating too much and not doing enough physical activity. Our human system is made up of chemical combinations. Therefore to maintain the chemical balance, we need to do lot of physical activity in a natural environment.

    In olden days, Our Grandparents lived so closely to the nature that's the reason they have lived so young as in their long ages. Now one of the most important factor we are suffering from is processed food. We need to completely avoid the processed food & sync with the natural products.

    Live as possible as to closest to the mother nature & be consciously in touch with mother nature. The five elements of nature earth, water, air, sunlight or fire, and space has a power to refresh our human system at any given moment.

    Emotional Security
    This is main factor causes into depression. Everyone is unique in nature So we are not having equal view of another thing or person. If you understand this you can completely get out of depression disorders.

    Yoga & Meditation
    Yoga & Meditation are the best practices to relief from depression, anxiety and similar illnesses.
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    I totally agree with that statement. You must invest in yourself. The only way to overcome depression is to love yourself. Depression is an emotionally crippling disease that eventually leads to physical self destruction, suicide in some cases. I know this by experience. It takes time, but don't stop striving to achieve your goals. You will start healing.
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    I think that while emotional security factors into depression, it isn't necessarily the cause. I also think that it's unlikely for a depressed person to overcome their depression simply from understanding their insecurities. There are many factors at play.
    Firstly, in order to recover from any mental health disorder you must have your basic needs met. This includes your food, water, shelter, feeling generally safe, etc.
    Secondly, even if a depressed person can logically understand how their insecure thoughts impact their mood it may be difficult to experience a change in emotion as a result. The change in mood is often facilitated through treatment, whether it be talk therapy or a medication prescribed by a doctor.
    There is evidence to support that yoga and meditation helps people who suffer from mood disorders. However, these things alone are unlikely to "cure" a person who isn't taking a holistic approach to treating their mental illness symptoms.
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    Right... We should not invest our emotions on someone else. But I think love heals everything's. Depression is natural. It comes and goes. We should change our life style for some days when depression comes. It is not big issue either we make it ourself. It is two side of same coin. We can't be happy all the time and we can't be sad all the time. We should just wait and it goes without doing anything.
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    Yes you are right .This is me when i was 90kg and 1.64m tall.I was very shy person and i barely went out with friends.But now after 2 years i'm only 65kg and i feel very well with other's reactions.This was a big transformation in my life.I have been working out every single day in gym and doing this a have killed my emotions.
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    I suffer from depression and anxiety and I can tell you that you are right about not investing your feelings into someone. I can tell you that my depression and anxiety came from people I thought cared about me saying mean things about me and abandoning me. Never rely on someone for happiness and if you have a parent that is neglecting you please get help. If you don't eat a normal 3 meal dinner that can cause depression and if you aren't supplied the things you need that can also cause depression. It all depends on how your childhood was and please don't listen to any adult that is telling you just because you're an adolescent that you're not a kid. You still need your parent to take care of you until you are 20 years old. If you see something different an=bout you and others see it too please try to determine yourself to do the things you want in life.
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    I totally agree with this. Compared to the older generations, we are just a very unhealthy bunch. There's a lot of distractions everywhere to take up your time! A lot of ads from mainstream media that forces you to buy stuff you don't really need. I have been living as minimal as possible, consuming fewer products I don't need and focusing on my own happiness. It's going great so far :)
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    I agree with this statement. Being independent in mind, body and spirit takes a lot of time and effort but its worth it. You cannot invest on someone because they also have issues in life and no one want to drag anyone with issues. same with you. To be able to help other people you have to know how to help yourself, hence being independent and not relying on other people. Especially in dealing with emotions! The fact is even your most trusted confidant will fail you at some point. So don't invest your emotions on other people completely.
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    Not investing your emotion on someone seems to be the logical thing to do, but I disagree. Of course, it lessens the risk of getting hurt but also lessens the opportunities for you to feel love and be loved. Loneliness is a far worse feeling than pain. Pain fades in time, while loneliness gnaws at you more the longer you let it happen. Take the risk of pain. Be human.
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    Seriously speaking yes we should not invest our emotion to someone else, but naturally as a person we cant help but do it unintentionally, were humans, we have feelings. Investing emotion is not a sin, it all depends on how you took it if you're rejected, or if you don't expect that the feeling should be mutual then there's no problem at all.
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    Don't invest your emotion for someone else because doing so means that you are giving that person the permission to take control of your happiness. Feelings and emotions are just temporary, just like seasons, feelings fade. Science says that feelings like love, is just a chemical reaction. After two years of being in a relationship with someone, those feelings might fade and the spark within the two of you might be gone. So i believe that for a relationship to last, we must know that love is more than just a chemical reaction. Love is more than just a temporary feeling, it is a choice.

    So instead of investing those feelings for a person, just focus on making yourself a better person first and you'll be surprise that along the way, the right person will come! ;)
  13. Did you know that emotions can even affect your body, such as by causing changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and sweating? They may also cause physical discomfort, such as headaches, upset stomach, and back problems. Hence, people generally seek the pleasant emotions and avoid the unpleasant. Some people try to evade the unpleasant ones by daydreaming, overeating, and overdrinking. Because of their harmful effects, emotions such as wrath, jealousy, animosity, and fear need to be controlled.
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    Emotions, may be helpful but you have to watch over it, or you may overeat.
    Emotions may rule you so don't let them kill you.
    And don't bother to invest your emotions to someone else, they might just use your or manipulate you.
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    This is so true... Before I always see myself investing of emotional attachment in a relationship for a reason that at least if its over I can say that I've done everything in my power to make it work. But boys will be boys and the more they see that you give everything the more they loose their attraction and in the end you see yourself in the loosing end... Now I'm wiser and tougher... I know better... I should had listen to Witney Houston's song "The Greatest Love All"...
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    It is true. Don't give too much attention to someone who does not value your emotions, because there's so many people who deserves you and will give you happiness. Emotions can lead to stress, anxiety and depression so we need to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

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