Dota 2 Heroes (Carry)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Johnwill01, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Johnwill01

    Johnwill01 New Member

    Who is the best dota 2 hero carry?
  2. jb16z

    jb16z New Member

    Good day! I have been playing DOTA2 for more than 7 years now. Best hero as a carry role would be debatable because we have a lot of good heroes on this game such as Juggernaut, Anti-mage, Medusa and many more. For me, this game is more about out drafting your opponents. There are heroes that we can say better against another hero. It also depends on the item build-up that we are going to follow on each game. Every game is different so better plan ahead with the team, because this game works better with teamwork.
  3. vicdragon

    vicdragon New Member

    For me the best carry and farmer in dota 2 is SF/ shadow fiend this carry hero is all around in strategy good in mid lane and also for the late game.

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