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  1. Aldegar101

    Aldegar101 Member

    I would rather have GF than playing dota because having a GF, you will have someone to love with and can help you on the future days.
  2. Plagued

    Plagued New Member

    Honestly, if you spend 99% of your time on DOTA when you're with your GF and your GF is getting mad because of that, then just play it less, or when you're not with her. If you're not playing so much and she's giving you an ultimatum to stop playing, or else... Then break up with her... If she is giving you ultimatums for something like that and stopping your enjoyment, of course only if your playtime isn't so big. Then that's the other answer. You will have to choose that yourself.
  3. Jeffrey78

    Jeffrey78 New Member

    Dota is stratigical game and make us think whats the best way to win in every games.
    Dota is a teamwork, you can not win if you dont communate, and help with your teamates.
    Dota is a game that teach us to trust other, believe other, and believe to our self.
    Dota make us to have a determanation, to win a game no matter what the situation is.
    Dota is the best game of all time.
  4. jennyferm

    jennyferm New Member

    The hurtful thing here is that girls seem to be leveled only with online games or this Dota 2. Why would choose between dota or girlfriend. When both of you can talk about it and fixed things up together without offending your girlfriend and without you ending playing your favorite online game. It's about maturity guys, If a guy is matured enough to handle the relationship, you won't offend her in any ways possible. And if a girl is mature enough to realize that her bf has a life outside the relationship too? You won't come to a point where immature couples ended the relationship just because of an online game!
    Here's the thing guys, reassure her that she is the only one and that you are spending enough time for her. Explain to her that you also need to enjoy your life just like other guys do. As long as you know the limitations dear. And for those girls who has a dota player boyfriends, be mature enough to understand him. If you love him, you will want to make him happy. Same as how he treats you. You both need each other to grow and overcome immaturity. You both need to support each other in any way possible!
  5. jay97

    jay97 New Member

    GF ofcourse . I CAN'T REPLACE MY DREAM from a game I can easily be bored .
    I worked hard to get my girl and to last this long. I won't let my effort go to waste just for that silly game.

    I rather die to bored rather than lost the girl that I love the most .
  6. jodylee2023

    jodylee2023 New Member

    Ill go with Dota. Because my GF is also playing Dota so we understands each other. HAHAHA
  7. mtiongson319

    mtiongson319 New Member

    I can say that it is hard to get a girlfriend which allow you playing DOTA at the same time. But for me i will choose my GF because DOTA is always there you can comeback to DOTA anytime you want, but one thing is for sure, you will not be the same skilled player in DOTA when you're not playing for too long.
  8. missingno09

    missingno09 New Member

    DOTA is not good in Relationship Both Parents and GF its better to give time in your Parents or GF not in online Games like Dota you have no Future if you are Focus on Dota.
  9. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    Actually I am a girl so I don’t get to choose between dota or Gf. But I find it funny and now got to just laugh about it. I used to be the girl friend and because of dota now I am the x-girl friend. It was upsetting at first that a guy whom you loved so much got to really ignore you and even leave you because of Dota. But things happens and it’s beyond my control. So what can I do but to just accept it. I didnt even thought this could be possible until it happened to me. So all you guys who can read this just don’t do it to your girl friend. Now if you are currently addicted to a video game of any form, please don’t get your self a girl friend. Wait until you mature.
  10. Owah

    Owah New Member

    I definitely choose my GF. Because at the first moment I prayed to God for a girl that loves me so much. And now we've got 1 year anniversary and still counting. So I choose my GF.
  11. shigeo kun

    shigeo kun New Member

    Hmm.. Let's say games can entertain us, but that is for a mean time. Temporarily enjoyment that obviously won't last that long . I prefer Girlfriend because the happiness that can we feel when we are inlove with someone is the best feeling we could feel and it last as long as you can maintain your relationship in a good status
  12. widgetnikkie

    widgetnikkie New Member

    I'm so angry at my bf because I'm tired of being a bitch. Or so it's so overwhelming. But now it's ok, I'm not angry anymore. In fact, I also play DOTA. We are Playing Dota always when he's off at Work. I think the Problem is in the Boy who Play example of this "Childish" Women do not want childish Boy because they're It's kinda annoying. If you are sincere that day, a sincere day will be destroyed if ever there is a childish and talking about anime, cartoons, etc. Why is it that a woman does not feel like they do not like men as they know that they may have a problem with their relationship. "A Game Addict Player" well If Boys is Addict Player there have no time for there GF Also in there Study. i think 50% of relation ship was broke because of DOTA so don't be addict on that game play but don't do it Always.
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  13. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    of course gf you don't get into dota., the dota just a hobby, but the gf loved it, dota simply is not a play but the heart of the gf you can't get the play the feelings.
  14. zek.dalangin

    zek.dalangin New Member

    dota is for short time only and needs electricity.
    gf is long term and doesn't needs electricity.
  15. louiebtc

    louiebtc New Member

    GF because they are kinda our ‘secret weapon’ in dealing with life’s challenges and even just making days a lot more fun.
  16. Kennar23

    Kennar23 New Member

    Dota always comes first, I love my girlfriend, but sometimes i need freedom to myself I say this with all respect for her. Games like these are a new expeirience each time. Fun times are associated with ones childhood.
    My childhood was mostly video games and eating, leading to an obese video game addict and I like it!
  17. For those who don't know what DOTA is, DOTA means Defense Of The Ancients. It is a game where you are in a two separate teams consists of five players. There is a hero pool from the game. Each player will pick a hero. In the professional scene, there should be at least two supports and at least two cores, depending on your strategy. Support players are the one who took care of the carry heroes of the team. They are the one who buy wards to place in the map. Wards are used to have a vision in the map to used as an advantage from the other opponent. Carry heroes are the one who carries the team to the victory. They are the one who needs to earn more gold and needs to have more items. They are the one who deals the most damage in the team.

    Honestly, DOTA is a very addicting game. I was addicted to it back when I was in first year college. When I met my girlfriend on my second year, my life became much different. I am inspired to study and finished my studies. All of my hard works are because of her and my family. I am really thankful because she changed my life. She disciplined me so much so I am what I am today. I am an Engineer now. Without her, I think it will be a very bumpy ride. Obviously, I am picking my girlfriend over DOTA because she is my hope.
  18. justmegwapo

    justmegwapo New Member

    i will choose GF because the gf will help you and will protect you and will love you really unlike you dota you dota no such dota
  19. rayangelo_laylo

    rayangelo_laylo New Member

    So this debate has been going through for a long time, but this is the only time that I had the eager to answer this question. Personally, I think that your girlfriend/boyfriend should be your priority first since first of all, Dota is just a game or a hobby. Yes Dota can be characterized as a career but let's be clear. With the millions of players playing Dota, a few of them only get paid for this game, most of them have incredible skills/knowledge of the game. Be realistic, example, you as an average player of Dota, you will have to play 8 hours a day for you to become a great player, but technically, not all are gifted to learn Dota that fast. It would require a single person to play it for at least a large portion of their life just to be great. So think it thoroughly, don't just choose this game over your boyfriend/girlfriend. Just make this game an entertainment to kill time. Don't make it be a cause to lose someone special to you.
  20. Hei

    Hei New Member

    I know a lot of girls who are playing Dota 2 and they are also all cute and beautiful.
    Why would I choose between these two, when I can have both. ;)
  21. Kenneth Pangilinan

    Kenneth Pangilinan New Member

    It depends on you it doesn't mean that you have a girlfriend you can play dota and it also doesn't mean that if you are a gamer you cant have a girl!. That question is a little bit absurd its all about time management your girl doesn't owned you commitment is not about quitting what you like or what you wanna do. But also having a girl is a big responsibility to so it depends on you on how to balance being a gamer and also being a good boy friend to your girl. By knowing those two you can have a good personal life and also a happy relationship with your girl. REMEMBER ITS ALL ABOUT TIME MANAGEMENT

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