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    GAUTOM Member

    What is the name of the most expensive dream car in the world ?
  2. Megroxy

    Megroxy Member

    Lamborghinis cost so much more than other, regular cars, as they are produced in far less volume, are made of higher quality materials, have far greater performance and have a prestigious name behind it. All Lamborghinis are built by-hand and despite many manufacturers relying more and more on robots, Lamborghini, it seems, is intent on sticking with the tradition of building these cars by hand.
  3. paulpaul25

    paulpaul25 New Member

    Probably the most expensive cars in the world will be the limited edition models, especially Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari, McLaren or Lamborghini.
  4. tuchiraven

    tuchiraven New Member

    My dream is to own a Ferrari one day.
  5. Johnpaul sampana

    Johnpaul sampana New Member

    What is my dream car in the future my dream car is lamborghini its not because of her speed or her style its because of my imploence of my mom and dad to follow here in the future she always saying that when you have a dream get it and do it by your own hands

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