Dream Job?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Patrycja P, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Johnathan Julien

    Johnathan Julien New Member

    My dream job is to be a humanitarian full time. Most time is not feasible to do this full time especially when you plan to have a family, so people just mostly do voluntary work on a part time basis. I would like to do it as a full time job, also I want to start my own non- profit organization one day as well.
  2. thebluedot

    thebluedot New Member

    I am doing my dream job ..... I am a dentist. I drill, fill and then make a bill.:p
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  3. TamiM

    TamiM New Member

    After a serious work injury, I took the plunge and decided to see if I could make a career out of writing. Although there are days and clients that leave me wanting to tear my hair out, I have to say I am happily doing my dream job.

    Don't give up on your dream, Johnathan, with perseverance, the right time will come along and you'll make it happen.

    thebluedot: LOL... I nearly spewed my coffee reading your post.
  4. Nemesysbr

    Nemesysbr New Member

    Being a writer for PostLoop of course! I heard they have such a great staff, with smart, handsome and gentle people(winks at Ryan).

    Stop looking at me like that, I'm not a sycophant, I'm being as honest as one can be!


    Okay, fine. My dream job is probably to become some sort of content creator, maybe own a personal and successful blog or have a small youtube channel so I can pay my bills. All I really want is to be myself while earning money. That's probably where it starts and end. I like to be myself, I like to say what I want and I like to share my opinions with people, so I feel that having a online job would be ideal for me. It may feel to some like the dream of a under-achiever, but that's how I feel, I just want to have enough money to get by while being able to share thoughts with other people, growing as a person along the way.
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  5. kylinef

    kylinef New Member

    I'd kill to do anything music related or even become an author. I have had those dreams ever since I was younger and I've been trying to work towards it since.
  6. AnonymousTacos

    AnonymousTacos New Member

    It took me a long time to think of a job that I would want, and one I would stick to. I've always known that I wouldn't last in the corporate world because I've always thought that the work that people do there are repetitive. I've gone from wanting to be a zoologist, environmental lawyer, filmmaker, theater actor, pilot, and finally, a neurologist/neurosurgeon. I'm definitely sure about the last because,
    1.) It's not repetitive, although I'd be seeing patients continually, there would always be interesting cases that would pop up, it's about the brain after all.
    2.) It pays highly, especially neurosurgery
    3.) Science is interesting, there will always be something new to study/ learn about
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  7. omorgan

    omorgan New Member

    My dream job has always been to work in the IT industry. However it has proven to be a bit of a challenge simply because my current work experience has nothing to do with IT. In other words I have always studied IT at school, but my actual work experience has been more along the lines of inventory and customer services. The closest thing that I have ever done to IT was when I worked as Tech Support and if anyone here knows anything about IT. Then you would know that being Tech support is nowhere near the really tech savvy stuff. But I intend to keep trying though. Wish me luck guys. :thumbsup:
  8. MiMichelle_1214

    MiMichelle_1214 New Member

    My dream job is actually not too out there. I've always been interested in sleep research. I'm amazed by how active the brain is while we sleep and the difference in everyone's activity. So a Sleep Technologist would be my dream but I'm not too crazy about having to go through a lot of science and math courses since it has always been me weakest subjects.
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  9. Dragons

    Dragons Member

    Continuing to add to my book series and answering the numerous calls from Disney about the latest movie deal they're begging me to accept! All from the comfort of my home, mind you.
  10. jabova

    jabova New Member

    My dream job would be a programmer at Valve. I really enjoy coding and Valve has made some really great games and software.
  11. Tuebec

    Tuebec New Member

    There are so many fantastic dreams posted here. I love hearing about what everyone's passions and plans are. :)

    Myself, I would like to become a translator. Specifically, I want to use my degree in German to translate subtitles for movies. A very narrow field, I know. But I love the language, and I adore film, and I'd love to put those interests together in a way that means more people around the world can enjoy new stories.
  12. ihsanfadil

    ihsanfadil New Member

    The dream job we want is a job that when we are doing it, we completely feel free and never perceive that we are doing the job.
  13. anozira2014

    anozira2014 New Member

    My dream job is to own my own business, and to be financially free. It would be something I can do in the outdoor environment and feel good about when complete. I am leaning towards growing and selling my own vegetables and incorporating into my business helping others start their own gardens.
  14. anozira2014

    anozira2014 New Member

    I saw a great dream job offered by the federal government, it was to go to all the national parks and take photos of all the cool stuff and be paid a very generous $100,000 a year. Now that's a dream job.:)
  15. RachaelMarie

    RachaelMarie New Member

    I'm not even sure what my job would be called to be honest! I would absolutely love to get paid to backpack. I guess I could get paid for testing gear, or for the photography I did. The fresh air, talks around the fire, and scenery pull me in so deeply that I never want to leave. I suppose an ecologist would work.
  16. RachaelMarie

    RachaelMarie New Member

    Ha! I didn't even see your post before I posted my reply. It looks like we have similar ideas of fun!
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  17. anozira2014

    anozira2014 New Member

    Another great business I saw someone doing but it is only seasonal is when the leaves change in Vermont (where they live) they go out and pick the most beautiful leaves and cure them with something that makes them last forever and sells 3 leaves for $20.00. Now that's a nice side job:)
  18. missjetsetter

    missjetsetter New Member

    I have always dreamed about what I would do for the rest of my life. I've always loved helping people and making them feel better. At first I thought I wanted to be a doctor; but later on I realized I am DEATHLY afraid of blood and needles, so clearly that line of work wouldn't work for me. My dream job would have to be running an therapeutic riding facility for people who have been through trauma in their lives. I can't think of anything better than a job that combines horses and helping people!
  19. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild New Member

    My dream job is being a Pilot. I have always struggled to get into flying school but the fees seem so high. I would not give up but stay focused and join a flying club where I can pay for flight hours in installments. Focus is the key to success.
  20. dschwenker

    dschwenker New Member

    I would love to go back to being a touring musician. I have been on several tours with various bands. Now I am married with a "real job" and I really have the itch to get back out on the road. I still record and release music, but its really just not the same. I love the feeling of driving until I'm so tired I can barely see straight. I love pulling into a random truck stop to get a couple hours of sleep just to get back on the road so I can make it to next show on time.I miss the camaraderie and brotherhood of being in a band on the road. Its a feeling that people just wouldn't understand unless they have been in the situation.
  21. Blazbluehero

    Blazbluehero New Member

    My dream job to to work steadily at home making $1000's a month. I want to make my money through affiliate market through the internet. I also want to make Postloop one of my major sources of income. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, please go here.
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  22. Jordan Schriner

    Jordan Schriner New Member

    My dream job has changed several times throughout my life. I wanted to be a chef as a young kid, a web programmer as a young teen, a welder in my teens and have worked for various employers since. My interests change as life goes on, and so do my aspirations.

    As of this present moment, my dream job is simply to freelance. That's a pretty vague answer, I know. My dream job would be one where I answer only to myself and can work independently. I'm earning some money by writing for content mills and blogs as well as basic labor jobs that can be found on Craigslist. I earn the majority of my money through waiting tables, though. I'm a college student majoring in journalism, and I'm trying to find something more suited to my field of study. I like to write and do mundane research in order to provide input and opinions. I'd say my dream job right now would be to be a freelance writer.
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  23. Figueroa419

    Figueroa419 Member

    When you find something great please pass it on! This was what I was going to say too lol.
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  24. Figueroa419

    Figueroa419 Member

    When you find something great please pass it on! This was what I was going to say too lol.
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  25. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman New Member

    A pugilist. Or better known as a professional boxer. To have a job that can not only make you tons of money but make you look at your best physique ever. Nothing beats that.
  26. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    My dream job is having a successful online business. I would like to travel around the world and work on my laptop. This job has to sustain my family so they don't have to work anymore.
  27. araysieyy

    araysieyy New Member

    When I was a child, my dream is to become a scientist, but as I grow older, that dream is getting farther, maybe science doesn't like me, because I'm so bad at science and it hurts my head because of the difficult terms. And I also want to be a painter, because I got some interest in arts, so I pursue Architecture because I realize I'm also interested in some technicality. Now that I'm pursuing Architecture, I just wanted to be a Chef, because I realize that there are some many people who are way better than me in Architecture, so it somehow discouraged me. So now, I'm still confused, maybe I could just dream another dream job.
  28. zane097

    zane097 New Member

    Really, I think I wanted to be something out of the ordinary than just getting a work done and pay your bills. I wanted more, which is the very nature of human beings. I remember when I was a child I love paintings and drawings eventually I wanted to be a teacher. High school happened and I wanted to be a nurse. Took up college and I graduated with a degree from a pre-med course. It is true that change is inevitable. So there's nothing wrong in pursuing something new because believe it or not, you're already living your dream.
  29. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    This is another very good question, whose answer is very, very particular, since we do not all like the same, we do not all have the same expectations in life, we do not all have the same goals, much less, we settle for the same things.
    There are people who feel stimulated by the dynamism of things, there are those who are motivated by challenges and difficult things to achieve for the majority, there are those who like tranquility, passivity, amonia and stop counting ...
    In my case my ideal job would be one that gives me enough freedom to investigate, innovate, improve or create, where there is a high level of respect and harmony, although not always my bosses or colleagues are in agreement with my ideas or accept my proposals. But at least they analyze them and always act with a high degree of maturity, empathy and interpersonal sensitivity. Where there is a good level of communication, solidarity and recognize our efforts even if it is like a pat on the back in a sign of consideration.
  30. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    What work energizes me? Take a deep breath (close your eyes, if it helps) and remember the last time you felt joyful, purposeful or impactful while engaged in an activity at work. Fully experience that situation again through your senses. How were you feeling? What was the activity you were engaged in? What was the impact you were having? Jot down the activities you were engaged in. Among my executive coaching clients, what’s meaningful is often quite varied. Some people remember situations where they were solving tough challenges with an energized team.

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