Drink lot of water.....

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Amitabh, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Amitabh

    Amitabh New Member

    Water is the most important part of our daily diet. Drink as much water as you can in the entire day. Especially it is very important if you work late hours. If you are drinking less water you might be affecting your Gal Bladder, which is a very very important part of the digestive system in our body !
  2. mjames67

    mjames67 New Member

    How very true. You know what else I noticed? This belly that I thought I had is disappearing simply by increasing my water intake. I'm not sure what the physiological explanation for that is. The winter dryness usually has me downing two pints every morning and always having a glass on hand throughout the day.
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  3. Tay Zach

    Tay Zach New Member

    Drinking water is the key to a productive day. Most people drink multiple cups of coffee to stay awake at work or school, but I have found that drinking at least a gallon of water a day will help keep you awake and alert. You may think you are sluggish because you did not sleep enough, but you are most likely dehydrated. Stop spending money on cups of coffee and fill up a water bottle!
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  4. Kar9ai

    Kar9ai New Member

    That's very true. In terms of the chemistry behind water intake and health, and weight-loss especially, electrolytes in your body need to be balanced and adequate to keep you healthy.
    One of the main electrolytes we consume is sodium in salt. Salt in the body is necessary but as soon as we have too much our body starts to hold on to the existing water to try to balance it all.

    Drinking excess helps to flush the body of these unnecessary salts. You feel less bloated, actually lose some weight and feel healthier.

    But be careful, there is such a thing as too much water. In my case if I drink too much compare to my salt intake, I get headaches and nausea until that's corrected.

    Listen to your body.
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  5. wah.mom

    wah.mom New Member

    I don’t drink as much as I should. I know if I start drinking more water and cut back on coffee, I would most likely lose more weight.
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  6. Netherblood

    Netherblood New Member

    I don't believe that you should drink more water than you feel like drinking.
    In my opinion, you only need to drink water when you feel thirsty.
    As long as you don't consume too much stuff that dehydrate like alcohol or coffee, it's fine to drink a relatively small amount of water.
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  7. wuilyl

    wuilyl New Member

    In my opinion, you do need to drink quite a bit of water, though it depends on where you live. Many people believe that you should only drink when you feel thirsty, however that does not work as well... I live in Colorado which has an amazingly dry climate. Most people run on very little water, because the dry climate makes them feel not as thirsty as they actually are!
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  8. Mary Beth Caires

    Mary Beth Caires New Member

    Sometimes I crave flavored water, but I hate how the store-bought varieties contain excess sugar and high fructose corn syrup! My solution is to add slightly muddled fruit into my water and chilling it overnight. My favorites are cucumber and watermelon, strawberry and kiwi, and strawberry and mint!
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  9. ronita

    ronita New Member

    Drinking water is good for your healthy. During the day, i try to drink a lot of water. It helps me to flush my body and feel ver confortable. If you live in a hot country I think water is good for the dehydration. If you like to loose weight it is time to drink water.
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  10. Lenore Moore

    Lenore Moore New Member

    I have noticed that my bulge in the stomach area has decreased in size since drinking more water. Another benefit of drinking more water that I have noticed is a decrease in my appetite. I experience less hormonal acne breakouts and have clearer skin.
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  11. G-A

    G-A New Member

    Thanks for the tip. This is good advice to anyone. I think I drink too much water at times and my overworked bladder can only hold so much and no more. ;). Water is good, especially for the brain. I learnt that the brain uses up a lot.......of water. By the way, our very brains are made up of a lot of water. We also know that water has oxygen in it, with also helps our brains with concentration. Our whole body is made up of a lot of water, and so we have to continuously refresh ourselves with a gallon or more of water each day. There is nothing that can quench our thirst quite as well as water! :thumbsup:
  12. caspaaa

    caspaaa New Member

    THANK YOU! So many people don't understand this aspect of dieting/fitness. Water is incredibly important, and drinking just about anything except for water is not good for you. Unless you've just finished a two hour hockey practice and look like you just took a dunk in the local swimming pool, don't bother with gatorade (the sugar content is crazy high). Soda is an athletes worst enemy. I try to drink over 100 ounces of water a day, and couple that with a glass of chocolate milk or a protein shake at night to help with muscle growth, I feel great. Not only will drinking lots of water benefit your body, but it'll also simply make you feel better.
  13. milnera92

    milnera92 New Member

    Not only that but you will notice an improvement in your mood, as well as skin condition and alertness. Drinking 8+ glasses of water a day has increased my standard of living beyond anything I could imagine. I hope you can do the same!
  14. ellaruis

    ellaruis New Member

    I am guilty of not drinking much water that my body needed. I get so busy the whole day often forgetting I have to drink water. In consequence, I suffered from urinary tract infection most of the time. And that tells me I am not being healthy and I am not treating my body right.

    Today, I make sure I bring a bottle of water with me wherever I go. One in my bag completely sealed. I put another one in my car. And one more specially designed bottle that is only meant for me in the fridge. So wherever I end up to, I would see these bottles that would remind me I have to drink. It helps a lot.
  15. John Smite

    John Smite New Member

    You really don't need to drink plain water if you drink tea and eat a fairly healthy diet. The whole drink 8 glasses of water a day thing is a bit of a myth and is only really necessary if you are an athlete or live in a particularly humid climate.
  16. huckleberry

    huckleberry New Member

    Great advice, there are a lot of advantages to drinking water. If you want to easily keep track of how much water you're drinking throughout the day, using an app like Waterlogged (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waterlogged-drink-more-water/id352199775?mt=8) on your smartphone is a big help. You can also set it up to remind you to drink water during the day, so it'll also help you to get into the habit of drinking more water if you don't already.
  17. Kathyta

    Kathyta New Member

    I love water!!! If you like tap water then you're smart! If you insist on drinking bottled water, then do what I do and get a water filter and use that on your faucet. It tastes great, and the filter is only like $12 and lasts much longer than $12 worth of bottles!!!!
  18. mpk

    mpk New Member

    Drinking water is b far the most important thing to starting a good diet and lifestyle. Thank you for bringing this up. Not enough people take this advice seriously and therefore don't reap the benefits of drinking water.
  19. mehedi1812

    mehedi1812 New Member

    Water is life. If you drink water lot you have lot of benefit for your body. To keep a body fresh, healthy a person need to drink minimum 2 liter water per day.
  20. wakeUp

    wakeUp New Member

    When you first wake up drink a glass of water. After you brush your teeth, drink a glass. Before you go out the door, drink a glass. Set these milestones and link drinking water to an event that occurs daily. You won't forget. Getting enough water throughout the day is a breeze if you get plenty in the beginning, before your day really starts. Also drink one before going to bed at night.
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  21. Sandie

    Sandie New Member

    One should drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Water helps to flush out the fat cells in our body on a day to day basis. Always remember that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing if you over do it. Try to consume the same amount daily for proper results.
  22. Morgan Eliud

    Morgan Eliud New Member

    Water is life.Healthy living is a key aspect for any successful person. The most important thing about drinking water is the fact that it helps in detoxifying the body. It is healthy to take eight glasses of water daily.
  23. jsnitz08

    jsnitz08 New Member

    Water is the most important thing that our bodies need. You should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces. This means, if you weigh 150 lbs. that's 75 ounces of water per day! Most Water bottles are about 20 oz, so refill that water bottle about 4 times and you've got your daily intake.
    Drinking lots of water will flush out the toxins in your body, and clear your complexion. If there's anything such as a miracle, it's water! Most things can actually be cured with drinking more water.
  24. makenakarau

    makenakarau New Member

    According to my opinion ,one should drink ten glasses of water a day .Water is life and has a great cleansing effect.
  25. souza7

    souza7 New Member

    Are you too lazy to get up several times a day to drink water? Thinks it serves no purpose? Learn to save a bottle nearby you can do for your health, beauty and even the mood very well!

    And water helps lose weight, keeps skin, nails and beautiful hair, prevents swelling and fluid retention, prevents kidney problems among other course's water can help.
  26. aryan024

    aryan024 New Member

    waters played an important role over human body., it was liquid phenomena which clears our system from bacteria viruses,etc and also cooled the stomach. 3-4 liters average drinking of water need every Humans systems.
  27. myrta59

    myrta59 New Member

    During the day will need to drink plenty of water because it helps you to health and to keep us hydrated. Also drink plenty of water helps us to not feel as hungry as it makes the stomach feel full and therefore eat less food. I believe that water should be one of the few liquids that we should consume in order to have a body and a healthy life because there are so many drinks that they hurt.
  28. rebellion

    rebellion New Member

    You are right, drinking water is extremely important not only for weight loss but for overall health and mood. While the whole 8-glasses-a-day thing has been debunked (since the amount of water you need each day varies from person to person and depends on many factors like activity level and weight), I try to drink two or three liters a day because I feel best when I do. I definitely recommend buying a Brita filter; I used to buy water bottles but it's so wasteful and expensive.
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  29. SmartPea85

    SmartPea85 New Member

    Everyone should know by now drinking lots of water is super important. I love your idea of a Brita filter to get the best water for your body. I agree buying bottled water is expensive and wasteful, and some tap water isn't that safe to drink. While I was on Winter vacation I was drinking a ton of water every day; the only down-side was that of course I was using the bathroom every fifteen minutes. While hanging out at home in my pj’s, this was tolerable, but once vacation was over it’s another story. I find working full time all day puts my water-drinking on hold. As a teacher, it’s difficult to find time to leave a classroom of children alone while you constantly go to the restroom down the hall. Plus, being so busy all day sometimes I forget to drink as much as I should. Some people say eating “watery” foods like celery and cucumbers is another way to increase your water intake, but is that even significant? Anyone have any ideas to keep properly hydrated during an 7-hour work day?
  30. jchaangan

    jchaangan New Member

    I just recently downloaded an app that reminds you to drink water regularly. It's amazing because I would be reminded to cleanse my body despite my busy days. Just check the app on android market. It's cool! There are many other apps with different features but with a common purpose--water alarm! Drinking water is a recreation! HAHA!

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