Drinking While Driving

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  1. mackyboy

    mackyboy Member

    have you ever experience drinking while driving? well, you'd be my idol.
  2. Albrenny

    Albrenny Member

    I believe a lot more people have experience drinking and driving than they claim. Even if you’ve consumed one alcoholic drink and your behind the wheel I believe your drinking and driving. I can admit that I have taken a drink and drove myself home. No, I am not proud of my actions and I believe I would never do it again due to all the current alternative “Uber” being the main alternative.
  3. samira

    samira New Member

    Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle – after consuming alcohol is a serious crime. Drinking and driving is referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), and involves operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of at least 0.08 percent. However, even a small amount of alcohol can lead to harmful situations. Some drivers may not even show warning signs of being under the influence, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous. It’s important to remember that any form of drinking and driving is illegal and can come with strict punishment.
    The largest group at risk for drinking and driving are those who binge drink or are struggling with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). This means they consume a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time, putting them at risk for harmful side effects. It takes roughly 30 minutes to two hours for alcohol to be absorbed into your bloodstream. During this time, your breathing may slow down and your cognitive skills may be delayed. Because of this, it is always dangerous to drink and drive.
  4. J.leka

    J.leka New Member

    If you are planning to drink, then plan NOT to drive. Plan ahead and arrange overnight accommodation or alternative transport. Catch public transport. Ride with a driver who hasn't been drinking. It is for your safety. If you been drinking and get to a accident you going in jail my friend.
  5. kgail

    kgail New Member

    Drinking while driving is a big NO for me and I think a lot of people will agree to me. It doesn't matter if you are a great driver or the best driver in the world. Driving while drinking or being drunk is very dangerous. You are not just risking your life but also other people lives. So be responsible if you can't be one. THEN DON'T DRIVE AT ALL.
  6. I never drink while driving. In Philippines, it is a law that if the driver is drinking alcohol, he or can be sue. It is so much dangerous. First, your car will be damage second, you could be injured, and lastly if you crashed something like other car and you injured the driver, you are in danger. Better safe than ever!
  7. mhelai

    mhelai New Member

    Its really dangerous to drive with alcohol on your body, accident is everywhere we never know.
  8. Cessnavie

    Cessnavie Member

    The news always report vehicular accident because the driver was drunk. So, it is not safe to drive while you are drunk. It is better to park your car in a sàfe place and take taxi instead. You can always ask one of your family members to drive for you if you are not comfortable to leave your car in a parking space.

    You only live once thus, you have to keep yourself from harm or accident.
  9. Lost93

    Lost93 New Member

    I do not support drinking while driving. Not the least alcohol in the blood. Not for the law, but for you personally and other people in your area. Usually, people say, "I used to drink a little, I can drive." But eventually they turned out to be unable to drive and that cost them their lives.

    Statistics show that most traffic accidents happen precisely because of driving in an alcoholic state.That's why I recommend everyone not to drink while driving. Also, do not give a drunk friend to drive. I avoid driving with drunken people.
  10. alapaap

    alapaap New Member

    I do not condone drinking while driving. Because as a driver I care for the safety of my self and the others that are in the road with me. I don't want to cause any harm to anyone that's why safety is my first priority.
    Our family is waiting for us to come home, so we must at all time drive safely.
  11. snipertrolls

    snipertrolls New Member

    Being a driver is a big responsibility, and one of those responsibility is "don't drink and drive".
    It will not only endanger your life but it will also endanger the life of your passenger especially your
    love ones. Most accident do happens because of drunk driving and most of the times it hurts or kill
    innocent people. Please do not ignore the law or you will suffer it's consequences.

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