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    Blogging is one of the most popular ways foTry r writings to get in touch with there readers. It can be a hobby of yours or also you can use a blog for your business. Often many struggles in getting traffic to there blog to find more readers to which here are a few simple ways to boost traffic.

    Write What You Know

    It is always best and easy to write about what you know. So if you are an excellent worker in marketing and SEO then blog about it and know that you can push out the posts daily and not run out of anything to discuss. There is no point in creating a blog about the solar system our space if you do not know anything about it. Sure you can research the subject before compelling a post each time, but you will have more work on your hands. Passion always helps with blogging, like me I know a lot about paranormal and spiritual matters so that is why I wrote a spiritual blog. When you know plenty about something then you will see that the information you type when creating a blog will just flow easily and through your fingertips while you type.

    Write for The Readers

    Always try writing for the readers, try also engage with them in each blog posts ask questions, get them to comment. You will see the feedback you get and some may ask questions to which you can create another post dedicated to the question someone asks. Try to involve them more, not saying let them do all the work, but if it is aimed more for the readers then let them suggest things to which they would like to see in future posts.

    Social Media

    Use social media, I know with WordPress it allows you to sync Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr if not more. So try doing this so when you publish a new post it will automatically share your content. If not just add social share buttons to your pages and posts and everytime you published a post share it. It is great also to have these social share buttons for visitors to share your content.

    Try to use more images, also infographics are great these days as members will often share and pin these on Pinterest. Social media websites do actually drive traffic to your website, may not be a lot but work on it and stick to your plans and you see increasing traffic each time.

    Being Consistent

    Try to be more consistent with blogging, do not just write a post then wait a week or 2 and write another. The more you do the better, try and write one every day if you can. Also, the more words used in a blog post the better with also images and alt tags. There are few people on YouTube who mention this called Income School they are awesome... Try writing a post each day for a full month, until you have 30 or more articles on your blog. You will then notice after a while Google will soon find you and also gain much more traffic.

    Use these above and you will start to see some movements in the SERPs and traffic will slowly increase. Keep at it and also create social media pages to help gain exposure to your blogs.
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    Those are really great tips. I have recently started my own blog. I am still struggling a little to post consistently but, hopefully, I will be able to use some of your tips.
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    I've been into blogging for almost 5 yrs. I keep on writing and published my post not even thingking about the proper driving of my SEO into my blog. Blogging should be consistent to keep your readers comes back and never forget the power of social medias now a days.
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    Yes. it's important that you write on what you're passionate about in order to have a lasting breakthrough in the journey of blogging. This is what your niche is all about. It's what your blog is built upon. It's simply what determines your blogging success in the nearest future. Many veteran bloggers failed and quit eventually because they chose another person's passion.

    To attract more readers to your blog, you must write what people want, not what you want. You must craft your headlines to lure readers down the page. And your headlines must be attention-grabbing. This is one of the blogging tactics implemented by pros. It really made them become highly-successful and rocking bloggers.

    Social channels are great when it comes to sharing your content though you must learn how to make the most out of them to achieve maximum results. Adding a social share WordPress plugin would truly be an excellent way to drive tons of traffic. And your consistency matters a lot in building up an online empire.
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    I am so happy that I came in here. I am considering starting my own blog and have wondered if it would be worth my time. I think my biggest concern is how much traffic will I actually bring in? I know I have a great amount of knowledge with the topic I will be writing about, but I am unsure how I will make my blog stand out among others. These are some really nice, simple tips that I would pass along to anyone else in my position. Writing for the readers is something I haven't even thought of or seen before in my searches about starting a blog. It makes so much sense! Thank you!

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