Dubbed Or Subbed Anime?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Warren1967, May 3, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    do you prefer your anime in Japanese with subtitles or dub in English or your native language?
  2. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    I actually don't mind, either is equally great. If it's dubbed in English or your native language all you have to do sit back and enjoy what's going on, you can even turn away from what you're watching for a quick bit to grab a snack, or maybe go to the loo, or if you have to talk/chat to somebody really quick. You won't miss much because you can still hear and understand what's going on (multi-task) because you understand what the characters are saying without having to look at your actual screen. But if you don't mind reading subtitles, you will get the authentic feel and expressions of the characters when they are speaking in their normal Japanese tongue. Then again if you miss anything, you can always hit rewind.
  3. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    Omg. The cringe of dubbed anime. The emotion just feel better on the original dubbing
  4. Heckler17

    Heckler17 New Member

    I can feel the anime effect when it's subbed. It feels very nostalgic from my younger years hearing nihongo.
  5. Glydzelias

    Glydzelias New Member

    I prefer watching subbed animes because I know that it is the original one, originality means a lot to me. And I like listening to Japanese Language and it makes me want to learn their language. Plus subtitle enhances my knowledge in spelling.
  6. flowqer

    flowqer New Member

    Subbed. Dubbed anime can be a hit or miss for me, especially in whoever the voice actor for the character is, plus there are things that can get lost in translation for dub as opposed to subbed anime. I also like subs because sometimes I miss over words or can't hear words properly in dub so I tend to miss out on information, especially with character names being spoken in English. Subbed anime just feels more genuine to me
  7. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    I prefer Subbed titles when watching movies although I also watch animes that were Dubbed. Japanese language i cute to hear rather than own language. When it is dubbed some are not realistic words, so words that are used are not so alike. So, I prefer subbed. Thats all.
  8. pancitcanton

    pancitcanton New Member

    I prefer subbed. Most of the animes I tried watching with dubs were so cringe worthy. The voices have no emotions. They breath/moan too much. One time, I was watching Inuyasha with the speakers on, my mom came barging in my room saying "Girl! Have you no shame watching porn on broad daylight with the speakers on?!"
  9. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    I like dubbed ones rather than subbed anime because i get a natural feel by watching dubbed ones.
  10. rawrffy

    rawrffy New Member

    Subbed anime is the best. Japanese were the ones who made good animes and it was their language that is originally dubbed in the anime. Japan is known for their expertise of making anime and they make good content and story line. There's this place in Japan that I visited last year (2018) which is called the land of anime which is Akihabara. The place was filled with anime action figures, posters, stuff toys, etc. You can almost find famous anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, you name it.
  11. magex7

    magex7 New Member

    I'd say it all depends on the show! I'd say it can work in the shows favor to have a good English dub. Like in the case of shows like Cowboy Bebop/Black Lagoon/Samurai Champloo. Most shows seems to suffer from it, though. I think that has something to do with the voice actors that they choose. A lot of the American voice actors come across as "over-doing it".
  12. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    I prefer dubbed Anime because when I see a sub anime it makes me see the subtitles rather than enjoying the series.So I would like to see the anime Dubbed.Sometimes its get funny, when the Dubbed Anime gets the synchronization wrong hehe. Give a like guys thanks
  13. tu2l

    tu2l New Member

    Subbed Anime's are the best as you can hear their original language and you might be able to learn it. It feels best when they are in their original state, i always get excited when a new anime comes out i love to hear their original voices.
  14. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    I prefer subbed Anime's because you will know that the voices of characters are original it means what you hear is the original acting of emotion displayed. I notice with dubbed sometimes there are changes even the musical background its different from the original.
  15. R3XXX

    R3XXX New Member

    I used to prefer dubbed when watching anime back then, but last year I started to switch to subbed anime since I was also trying to actively learn how to speak Japanese as a requirement for my work. Watching subbed anime's has help me improve quite a bit on my Japanese listening and comprehension so I prefer it that way.
  16. aiseais

    aiseais New Member

    I'd rather watch it dubbed because having subtitles on the screen distracts me from watching the show aside from that there are times the subtitles are big that it already covers half of the screen especially if they put it almost in the middle.
  17. Renjasram

    Renjasram New Member

    I rather anime be dubbed mostly. I like listening to it in a language I understand so that I don't get distracted by reading the subtitles at the bottom of the screen while missing the action at the center of the screen. However some anime series sounds much worst when dubbed for some reason, e.g. Appleseed 1988 OVA just to name one :D.
  18. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    My first anime was Fairytail and i watched in animax, my ears and eyes were used back then in watcching and listening to dubs. but when a couple of years i was downloading anime with subs, i was already more comfortable in watching anime with subs. Subs are way more better than Dubs. One thing is, even though subs are a bit incovenient especially reading subtitles and watching but in a couple of months you'll get used to it. Japan's voice actors and actresses are really good to hear especially when conveying emotions.
  19. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member

    I prefer watching Anime with their native language of Japanese so I intend to watch it with English subtitles. I appreciate Anime by listening to its original seiyuu or voice actor. I can see the emotion more intense by the natural tone of voice. Since Anime is from Japan, I love to watch it by Japanese audios. That's an authentic Otaku (Anime lover) when you watch Anime with English subtitles. Not everyone can do multitask such as reading the subtitle and watching the video. Hit like of your are a true blood Otaku!
  20. cozhart

    cozhart New Member

    Obviously, subbed. Subbed anime helps to make the anime a little more realistic and it just makes sense to dub a certain type of show to the studio's origin-which is Japan. Dubbed anime just makes you feel uneasy in a sense and sometimes they change the dialogue pretty much that it actually means different from the original Japanese translation. Sometimes they even change the names! However, there are some exceptions like for example Full Metal Alchemist executed their dub wonderfully and I enjoyed watching its dub more than the sub.
  21. Fujiekun

    Fujiekun New Member

    Both but it depends. Sometimes the english dub looks better for some anime.
  22. LiamPosts

    LiamPosts New Member

    This topic ultimately run down to what u are used to. For me I like sub better that dub. Why? Because dubs often ruin the scripts of the plot for the sake of translating it, sub in the other hand has very little mistakes when it comes to translating the script. You will likely find that you prefer to watch certain series in their original subbed form, while others you will find that you prefer the dubbed version. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your anime hobby!
  23. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    When I was in college, I remember going to the internet cafe every Sunday afternoon to watch the latest episodes of the anime I was following at that time. Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood... .
    It was always Japanese-dubbed with English subtitles. The dialogue, even though I was not able to understand at that time was always more badass if it were in Japanese for me.
    And then having a discussion with my friends about the episodes the day after. It was always stimulating and fun. Man those were good times.
    And then last 2016 I was given the chance to work as a nurse in Japan. Once I had a rudimentary knowledge of the Japanese language, everything from anime to Japanese movies and TV series just became more interesting to me.
    Though I have to admit, we do have some solid Tagalog-dubbed anime here in the Philippines. Every millennials here know about the awesome Slam Dunk (Sakuragi and his antiques of course), Beyblade, Ghost Fighter, Hunter x Hunter, Flame of Recca and my personal favorite Hajime no Ippo. Thanks to those anime, our childhood just became more memorable.
    But it subbed anime for me ultimately. Its just, nothing beats an original version.
  24. Emryslove

    Emryslove New Member

    I prefer subbed than dubbed
  25. devincci

    devincci Member

    I prefer dubbed than subbed. Because dubbed you don't need to look at the bottom to read what they are saying. You can also enhanced your English skill by watching dubbed videos.
  26. carbs16

    carbs16 Member

    Subbed because the real tone of voice and diction are there and we still understand the anime because it has a subtitle. The originality of the anime and the quality are good than dubbed. It gives more action and actracts the audience.
  27. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    I prefer watching subbed anime because it gives me the feel of what the anime really is and helps me focus on the show without being distracted. With this, i am able to appreciate the anime more and absorb the whole plot of the series.
  28. mjmadura

    mjmadura New Member

    im fine with either, but I normally go for the dub if I have a choice. the information just come across better and easier when im hearing it as opposed to having my attention split between the watching the anime and reading the dialogue
  29. XirZyX

    XirZyX New Member

    Who wants a fake voice for our senpai ? ofcourse we want it legit and it's a japanese creation after all and sometimes dubbed animes doesn't fit the way the mouths move.
  30. Akirekire27

    Akirekire27 New Member

    I prefer subbed over dubbed. It's actually weird hearing anime in different language than Japanese/Nihongo. I was used in watching anime in their original voice over and then a subtitle at the bottom. But, I think, it depends on what we are used to. For me, it just feels perfect hearing them talking in Nihongo. Also, the advantage of it, we can learn words from what we hear. Unlike in dubbed anime, it's either our native language or the universal language. I think dubbed anime are much better for kids to watch, so that they can understand more of what they are watching. I personally like subbed since I like reading it in english, while hearing them say Japanese words and learn from it.

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