Duterte Good or Bad?

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  1. kennethmarqueses

    kennethmarqueses New Member

    Duterte Good or Bad for the Philippines
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  2. Yes Duterte is Good President
  3. yellow

    yellow Member

    I don't know what is true about the news as we all learned from fake news..
    But it's always the same when the good over grow, then the business is to be evil, and if the evil grows over then the business is to be good..
    History repeats itself like a sand clock.
  4. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    bad .,, for me the beginning became president he much killed that innocent man. like now one by one dying the pastor and the mayor escalating the crime around and by rude he still is the god., he did not care he tells randy he's really serious..
    he is not a good example to others.!!!
  5. QueenFarLou

    QueenFarLou New Member

    For me, it is not a question whether he is good or bad, rather, is he the president his country needs? I am a Filipino living in the Philippines and I've lived long enough to see the disease this country has long been stricken with. Dirty politics and dirty politicians who have served no one but themselves have sucked this beautiful country dry. Duterte leaves a bad taste in the mouth of these rotten government officials. Now with this rotten culture of governance we have, Duterte may not be the president we want but he definitely is the president this country needs.
  6. ErrorData24

    ErrorData24 New Member

    For me he is good, he truly served the Philippines well, hopefully he won't changed. He have very strong will to do so, to make the country to be the right place.
  7. kayplus

    kayplus New Member

    What is good or bad? A thing or situation is good or bad is only your own point of view of seeing it, What is good for you might as well be bad to others if they seem it fit.
    I'm a student in the Philippines and I have been here for a year now. In my stay here I have met will some people who share their option about Duterte with me and I have been able to see that he is as good as he is bad.
  8. Miraflor1997

    Miraflor1997 New Member

    He is actually doing great in our country. I am a full blooded Filipino who understands his behavior. Yes for those people who doesn't even know the real situation in our community will not understand why Duterte is killing them. Frankly, we became anxious and scared to go out before Duterte runs for presidency. Showing his bad habits are helping our country to grow peacefully and lively.
  9. airdrop944

    airdrop944 New Member

    I have been watching silently as pro Duterte and anti Duterte camps have been hashing out the killings of your fellow countrymen. What I have mostly seen from the pro Du camp is a complete inability to grasp higher concepts. What I have seen from the anti camp is reasoning that turns into frustration that turns into mocking. Mocking someone is a sure fire way to entrench them further into their beliefs. Each time you call someone a Dutertard you are only adding to their resolve.

    As an outsider I may not have the complete right to comment, but sometimes outside perspective is needed. I also do care about this country and a number of people in it. So I will hit a few points for those who defend this purge that has been going on.

    One of the most common arguments I have seen is the,"why defend the rights of criminals who kill, steal, rape, etc." When we defend those rights we are not defending criminal acts. We defend those rights because it is the morally correct thing to do, it is the law to follow those rights and we may need those rights ourselves one day.

    If you decide it is okay for others to lose the right to due process then you have no room to complain if someone takes yours. If you believe collateral damage is completely fine because it has not effected you directly, then you have no right to complain when it does.

    Many countries with far more resources than the Philippines have tried to make a war on drugs work. They have all failed. Even those who went about it the same way Duterte is, through blood, have also failed. The most successful countries to combat drug issues treated it as a health problem. They treated as a social and economic problem.

    If you are a pro Duterte supporter or a drug war supporter, I am asking you rethink your support through logic. Your fellow countrymen are being killed. Innocent people are being killed. Rights are being violated. If they are ok violating those rights, why would they care about violating yours?
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  10. tricozen

    tricozen New Member

    For me, he is a good leader. He really pursue what he thinks is the right thing to do for the sake of his people and our country. Maybe he is judged by others as bad because of his dirty talkings but try to check out his doings, he has done much for our country. He is fierce to those who disobey the law as he is good to those who obey the law.
  11. villar_mm2

    villar_mm2 New Member

    There is so much in this comment that I agree on. Black or white thinking is not the way to look at this issue. However as a political science major, it bothers me that even though he disrespects our rights and institutions in front of our face, his supporters still manage to find an excuse for him.
    His anti illegal drug policy is causing human rights violations.
    He served the Philippines in golden platter in front of China and thrown away the arbitrary ruling that was won in our favor.
    His TRAIN Law is anti poor, and is one of the reasons why the Philippine peso is weakening. It's supposed to help people by lowering income tax, but small farmers and fishermen don't have income tax from the beginning. They don't benefit from it, but they get affected because the prizes of some basic commodities are increasing.
    He did sign the BBL recently, which is a good thing to lessen the conflict in the Mindanao region, but I don't like that he is rushing the country to adapt Federalism. There are a lot of issues to look over first, and a lot of them were put by him and his camp.
    Forcibly feeding Federalism to the Philippines is just going to cause more chaos.
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  12. Nightvolt

    Nightvolt New Member

    When people think of the Philippines nowadays, Duterte, his foul mouth, his sexism, and his infamous drug war are likely the first things that come to mind. This is thanks to the fact that the international media has relentlessly shone a bright spotlight on these for over a year.Ironically, when Duterte was mayor of Davao City for 22 years, he not only spoke highly of the revolutionary movement, but allied himself with it on issues such as denouncing U.S.-CIA operations, U.S. military intervention, and ensuring subsidies and food relief for poor peasants and farmers in a country where over 75 percent of the Filipino population live off rich agricultural lands yet experience severe food scarcity and hunger when forced to yield to big foreign corporate agribusiness and mining corporations.

    Duterte was the mayor of Davao City when Haiyan made landfall in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. He was there in a heartbeat, along with a central 911 emergency service and medical team. Duterte was instrumental in bringing the service to Davao City during his time as mayor, and since August 2016, it has been in operation nationwide alongside a hotline for the public to air civic complaints. These highly visible acts of long-term public service and Duterte's presence at the scene impressed Filipinos. Yes, his presence is what makes Filipinos admire him. In every catastrophe, he’s always there, and he has a habit of handling things well.
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  13. 143341jean

    143341jean New Member

    duterte is a good president for me. beacause for the few years in his position he already seen the result of his promises.
  14. orfia

    orfia New Member

    for me he is the best president that we ever had because no one can changed a violent than a man with stong personality, care for the better future, have a strength to stop drugs and criminality, stop corruption. yes I got it on his term train laws is bugging a lot of people but if it means in a good ways then im still in favor, in the survey if you noticed the survey has many in favor of his laws and still believing that he can change the Philippines last month also Ive heard a news and suggestions from drivers saying theyve been really secured during duterte's administration because unlike before you can encountered many kinds of crimility in the road but now it decreased in his 2years term he changed a lot how much more in the future with his leadership and as he have said on his last sona. IF YOUR CONCERN IS HUMAN RIGHTS THEN MY CONCER IS HUMAN LIVES. actually it is a very small words but took a lot of meaning.. he is right, crimility is stepping human rights so how could other people say human rights if they're letting crimility took lives and ruin lives just for thier interest? and he is right dont wait to be the second victim help me stop it". so for me he is best and always be the best.
  15. Kevinjhuls

    Kevinjhuls New Member

    In my opinion duterte is the best president of the Philippines so far, because duterte gives a metal fist to all drug addicts to surrender for them to give a chance to live a good and healthy life.

    Almost everyone say's that duterte is a bad president because of the killing of drug addicts but they didnt think that duterte give a lot of chance to them but they ignore to go with that chance so duterte has no choice he command the police to kill the drug addicts "tokhang".

    Duterte is the best because he gave us the safety for us filipinos. Because almost all drug addicts is triggered to donsuch bad things.
  16. Ferdie

    Ferdie New Member

    He is bad because he does not properly follows the supreme law of the land. Which is the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which even the President of the land should swear and oath to follow or uphold. As enshrined in our Constitution due process of law should be followed, wherein one should be heard first before punishment is imposed. This is one of the lapses of the current administration. Human rights that are clearly protected under our Constitution and judicial system are being violated by the current administration. Aside from economic sufferings of our citizenry due to the wrong economic strategy of the current administration. We can not prosper properly if we imposed too much burden to our people, like what is happening right now. Too much taxes are being imposed so that the government can minimized the inflation effect, which is not an advisable economic strategy. One more thing he is not a good role model for the youth, due to his lack decency ( admitted being a womanizer, killed people, bad mouthing those that does not like or agrees with him, etc. ).
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  17. giogata

    giogata New Member

    Good president, because he is very strict and has will power to implement the law of the Philippines. There's a lot of changes in the government which I experience today, like applying for BIR clearances, permits and other government transactions that usually give their commitment when you will the documents.
  18. Marvs13

    Marvs13 New Member

    I think he is a good President, First when he sit in the chair of the Philippines I feel the changes in our country, because one of his promise is to campaign against drugs like drug user. Which is I felt he make his job, Before I'm so afraid because here in our Barangay theres a lot of Addict in the drugs which is illegal in our country, but when the President comes I felt better. But as of now I understand on what his want to say it's either bad or good because it is his rights we have freedom to speech, but I wish he use this in a right, I wish he can't abuse this because Philippines is Religous there's a lot of Filipino have faith and believe in God.
  19. LionGee28

    LionGee28 New Member

    Bad, Because encourage division among his people, Executed a bunch of his people without due process, Regularly uses unverified sources to accuse people of crimes disgusting and outdated views about women.
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  20. nandomando

    nandomando New Member

    Protests Erupt as Barack Obama Signs Philippines Military Deal
  21. nandomando

    nandomando New Member

    Protests Erupt as Barack Obama Signs Philippines Military Deal

    The signing of a controversial 10-year agreement giving the US military greater access to bases in the Philippines has led to protests during US President Barack Obama’s state visit to Manila.

    see more:

  22. batching

    batching New Member

    That depends on what you mean by “good president”.

    If it’s someone with the political will to make the change he wants to see happen - yes.

    If it’s not being afraid to break from political tradition -yes.

    If it’s being transparent about pertinent issues - yes.

    If it’s love of country - yes.
  23. regz76

    regz76 New Member

    I personally think Pres. Duterte is a good man and is doing what he thinks is good for our country but the problem is some of his appointed officials are doing unscrupulous things and is getting away with it and that sickens me as a Filipino. Another thing is his war on drugs. Don't get me wrong, I strongly support this but innocent lives have been lost because of some trigger happy cops that gives the PNP a bad name. One innocent life lost is unacceptable.
  24. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    For me President Duterte is not a bad person. He is just doing what is right. I adore his work against drug campaign because lately drugs addicts, drug lord , and pushers, have been captured. As a Filipino citezen we must support our President on his plan to this country. The number one priority of his term is to stop corruption and make our country a drug free nation. I salute you Mr. President.
  25. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    I am a Filipino and my President is Duterte,
    For me as a Filipino,Duterte is a very good President next to Marcos,
    Philippines suffered so much poverty because of corruption,drugs and criminalities,
    Corruption is a very big factor to cause poverty,instead of using those moneys for jobs and infrastructures many official just put those money in their own pockets.
    Drugs and criminalities blocks those foreign investors to invest here in philippines because they are afraid.Who will invest in a corrupted countries with so many addicted people and having lots of criminal activities?

    And now here comes my beloved president, cleaning all those corrupt,addicts,dealers,minimizing criminalities, having so many projects,that build build build project is on going now,firing corrupt officials, transforming philippines back to its shiny and beautiful pearl like county.

    Is duterte good or bad?

    he is not good or bad..


    how about the killings?
    war on drugs?

    the most killings happens 2 months before duterte took the office,
    do not blame him that, and do not blame him for the killings happening starting on his day in office,
    he clearly say in his speech in his campaign all of his plans,
    he will stop corruption,drugs and criminalities..
    he is doing it now,i know because i am updated watching on youtube,bloggers who support him all the way..
    and those bloggers who disapproves him are just being paid by duterte's enemy.. bloggers who cannot show their faces hiding in a cartoonized profile..too obvious to see that they are just there to spread fake news for a reason of money.

    even main stream medias are one of those who hated him doing bias and incomplete reporting. obviously owned by oligarchs to bring duterte down,destroying his name and platforms.

    No matter what those critics do..
    My President will still be Duterte..

    I am not a Pro-Duterte before,
    But things change and my mind get enlightened,
    I saw how Duterte do his job,his sincerity and love for the country and for the people of the Republic of the Philippines i can proudly say that this kind of person only appears once in a lifetime,sent by god to bring Philippines back again to its own beauty being the land of the orient pearls and the biblical land of Ophir and the garden of eden.
  26. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    Good! because 16 million plus people of the Philippines voted him! including me because I am Filipino
    he always walk the talk crime, drugs and corruptions should get rid off partner for change and change is coming
  27. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    Duterte is bad in good ways.. He is bad for the people who dont like him.. He is good because even if he is already tired he always show to the world that he can do it.. He help us decrease the bad people who can cause a lot and make you not safe in the street
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  28. Nelo

    Nelo New Member

    Duterte is a good president, he hates addicts, and corruption. He was doing his role as our president.
  29. gabridosilang

    gabridosilang Member

    I know President Duterte goal is to sweep away the illegal drugs here in our country. But sad to say, he only focus on that he forgot to monitor the status of our economy. The continous inflation of goods and fuel, our relation to China regarding the West Philippine Sea. And also he assigned wrong cabinet member.

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