E-Books or Hard Copy

Discussion in 'Books' started by TeresaW, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. TeresaW

    TeresaW New Member

    What do you prefer?

    With the technology today it is easier and faster to go onto the internet and buy an e-book, download it and then read the book. Although I purchase e-books, I personally prefer the feel of a book in my hands. There is nothing like spending a hour or two on a Saturday morning in a book shop, searching for the perfect book. The feel of paper between your fingers, the smell of a book - old and new - is more than just relaxing.
  2. piplupturtwig

    piplupturtwig New Member

    Both are equally good, but I choose the book. You don't need to charge a book or need to have your eyes get strained after looking at it for a long time. Personally, I love smelling the new book smell. It's like heaven to my nose. Flipping pages on a book feels nostalgic.

    The only advantage to e-books is that you can download as much e-books as you can and not worry about weight.
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  3. April Sherlock

    April Sherlock New Member

    Both have their merits, When it comes to reading a novel or a book series I prefer hard copy. However for recipe books, research, or even when traveling e-books make it much easier to find the information I want and save it to a centralized location. Sure you can own thousands of e-books and have them on one device, but there is just something magical about craving the spine of a new book, feeling the letters beneath your fingers, and inhaling the scent of paper and ink, it's just beautiful!
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  4. staystrong15

    staystrong15 New Member

    I have an e-reader and hard copy books, so I know what is like to experience both objects. Personally, I like hard copies, because I like touching the book and hugging it when there is a happy moment; and sometimes, there were times where I have thrown the book against the wall when I've read something that made me upset. With an e-reader, you cannot do that. Plus, I also love the smell of books, especially an older one. It has this musky smell that I love.
  5. Jekkle

    Jekkle New Member

    I'm going to go against the grain and say that I definitely prefer ebooks. I have vision problems, and with an ebook you can easily change the text size and font to make it easier to read. And a lot of e-readers will read out loud for you, which is great for people who are entirely blind - hopefully I'll never need that, but it's wonderful that it's an option now. Most books never get braille printings or audiobook versions, so thanks to ebooks people with serious vision problems have more options for reading than they did a decade ago by a factor of a thousand.
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  6. DianeC

    DianeC New Member

    I agree. I have always loved to read and as you said hold the book, turn the pages with anticipation of what was going to happen next. I like the idea of book marking the page I left off at and going back to it as if I were stepping into another world. I don't feel the same gratification with an e-books.
  7. mylindaelliott

    mylindaelliott New Member

    I love to read any way I can. Although I have a kindle and do read with it quite often, I love books and the way they feel. So I'm going with books. There is just nothing like the feel and smell of a book in my hands.
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  8. Jason Portaz

    Jason Portaz New Member

    Both E-books and hard copy books have their pros and cons. E-books take up a lot less physical space, however, they are sometimes inconvenient to access as a computer is necessary to read it. I tend to prefer e-books when it is non-fiction or when I am trying to find information, as it is much easier to locate certain pieces of information on a computer than flipping through a hard copy book. Although I prefer reading hard copy novels as I can open it up and take it with me anywhere. Also, I feel more engrossed in the story when it is hard copy.
  9. nesvnn

    nesvnn New Member

    If I had to choose, I'd pick the hard copy. E-books make my eyes hurt after a while and I find that light reflects more softly off hard copy pages. I also prefer the hard copy because I normally read e-books on my phone, so with a hard copy I look less technology obsessed. For convenience though, when I just get one of those cravings to read, e-books are just more accessible.
  10. Prasad Tiruvalluri

    Prasad Tiruvalluri New Member

    I am completely into E-Books. I can read them on different devices and more than that I can have a lot of them available as you never know which book you will like. Now a days, I try quite a few books before I settle on one and for that kind of reading, ebooks are the best. Also, it is difficult to buy physical books but it is most easy to get any book in its ebook form. And there is no mutilation involved so you can keep them for ever.

    I have tried to select a book and buy it in a shop and I could never finish the purchase as I was always torn between which one to buy but it is easier to buy an ebook as you can research a lot on the internet and then buy it immediately (before you see another one :))
  11. crazymomma

    crazymomma New Member

    I like digital editions better. I think they're more convenient than traditional hardcovers. I live in a rural area so in order to purchase a hardcover I would have to drive about 40 miles or wait for it to be shipped. I can purchase a digital edition and be reading within minutes. Plus, it's also easier to carry around e-books on my iPhone.
  12. redlady

    redlady New Member

    I am a voracious reader. I read about one hundred books a month. And I have both formats—e-books and hard copy. I like the ease of e-books. I just download them to my tablet and read. But I still prefer physical book in my hand. I just love the feel of the book. The down side to this is that my home library is filled to the brim.
  13. TheGerminator

    TheGerminator New Member

    Without a doubt hard copies are my preference. There's a different feel for the situation; you immerse your entire self in the scent of the page, the feel of the paper, and weight of the book. Even the font has its own character! Each hard copy book provides a wholly unique experience that an E-Book can never compare to.
  14. elena

    elena New Member

    I really enjoy the convenience of using my tablet and being able to read or purchase books anywhere. But I also have a few bookshelves at home and there is nothing like passing one and having a book catch my eye that I suddenly want to read again. I don't really have the same sort of relationship with an ebook. I see the 100% completion bar and it makes me feel like there is nothing else to get out of the book. It's disappointing that I will see a title on my tablet screen and think "Did I read that? I don't remember it at all." With a paperback book, I never forget that I've read it. There is more to recognize from the cover art to the visible length of the novel, which makes me picture the entire story all over again.

    I mostly use my tablet to read new authors that may not be published in physical editions yet, or that I may have trouble finding by just going to my local bookstore. For everything else, it's got to be a paperback book.
  15. Wormeata

    Wormeata New Member

    Being born in the 90's and growing up as E-books just started to become popular, this remains a tough choice for me. I do read e-books often, but that is usually when I cannot find a hard copy to buy. However I always find myself going back to the hardcover, a real book, in my hands and on my shelf, means more to me than any other possession can. Its a possession not of a physical nature alone, but a possession of my mind as well. I attribute that to my father and his love of literature.
  16. blasianchick

    blasianchick New Member

    Tough choice. I think it all depends on when and where the reading is taking place. Also, the topic I'm reading about. For instance, I the book was about sexual positions or how to properly chastise your child...um... I think I'd go with an e-book. However, an action packed novel or a mystery thriller? A paper book is just fine.

    Honestly, maybe I'm spoiled by the lack of work involved in just scrolling through pages. It just seems more convenient to have a light-weight device, well lit during any time of day or night, fits easily in a pocket or purse and able to switch between multiple titles at the snap of a finger. Maybe I do have a preference after all. I guess I like e-books better, then. Oh! But how about audio books? I'm totally addicted to those. It requires even less hands on reading! Ha Ha. Oh well, I'm just a lazy reader who really loves books.
  17. Maxx Johnson

    Maxx Johnson New Member

    Well, in my personal opinion, I think it's really down to whether you like the feel and look of books being on your shelf, or not. I personally would go for a hard copy of a book because I just like the satisfaction of owning a very real and, well I guess, hard copy of a book. I also like finishing a book, and placing it on my shelf, which, too, gives me quite some satisfaction. While I do use iBooks on my iPhone, I honestly would prefer a hard copy of a book rather than an E-Book, but it's down to personal choice I think.
  18. revel

    revel New Member

    Hello all.

    Well, although I share the sentiments of previous posters, I've also moved thousands of books from here to there over the years, and having five or six books loaded on my telephone means I don't have to remember to bring the bulkier, paper version.

    My brother-in-law gave me his old tablet. I erased all his silly games and applications and installed a book reader app. I was then able to get my hands on books in the original English. Big advantage, as I live in a non-English speaking country, and books in English are either a bit more expensive or simply not available. I don't mind reading translations, but being a translator myself, I can often sense "shortcomings". I also don't bother my partner with a night light when I read with the tablet each night before going to sleep.

    So, that tablet given fell off the night stand the other day and, darn!, the glass or plastic screen broke and no longer responds to the touch. Oh well, it was an outdated tablet and had been giving a bit of war recently. Should I go buy myself a new tablet, more modern (the phone company offers me one almost every month)? I think I debated the question for about one day. Tomorrow I'm going to look at several in the market, in a shop (already done the Internet search!) and allow the physical object to convince me yes or no.

    I've still got an excellent phone with the same app, so I'm not on pause in my current reading.

    But I do love paper books, for almost all the above-mentioned reasons and a few more that are anecdotal and very close to my heart.

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  19. mr.dee

    mr.dee New Member

    I would go with paper books, there is something very special about reading paper books, the color of the paper, the texture and even the smell give the book a unique personality and enhance the reading experience, in my opinion. Yes, I agree that you can fit hundreds of ebooks in a reader an carry them around but I'm old school and prefer paper books.
  20. Vook

    Vook New Member

    Both have their merits. Ebooks are much more accessible, as you can read on your phone or tablet on the go. The same can be said for a hardcover but it is much more unwieldy in terms of travel. Ebooks are also great for students, as most textbooks can be had in Ebook format. They also provide the ability to take notes in the margins and to copy and paste text, making it much faster than transcribing by hand.

    There is something special about holding a hardcover book though. Its almost as if you can feel the effort the author put into it. Hardcovers have their own identity, from the smell of the paper to the texture of the cover. They will never be truly replaced.
  21. lystless

    lystless New Member

    I really like the ease of the virtual copy - it makes traveling so much easier. But, for those classic books that I know I'll read over and over and over again, I think the investment in a hard-copy is worth it. It's like the next step of commitment in a life-long relationship.
  22. Foggggy

    Foggggy New Member

    Personally I prefer hard books, having the feel of actual paper in your hand, smelling the remains of dead trees and laying in bed trying to find a comfortable position. I've tried eReaders and they feel really unreal and you aren't able to get sucked into the story like you can with real books. I use my eReader for articles and other stuff that doesn't involve a story.
  23. Autumn

    Autumn New Member

    A hard copy, it's just nice to have a real book. What if you get to best part of the book and your battery dies??? A real book keeps going and can be read without charing or having to find the right light to read in.
  24. Dakotasapphire

    Dakotasapphire New Member

    I honestly used to think reading ebooks or having an ebook reader was just being lazy. But, it's far better than I thought it'd be. I paid only 50 dollars for my new kindle [just last month], and I found that its far more fun and easier to read an ebook than it is to have to use a real paper book. I generally need to be laying down when I read, or be at a really stable desk, so reading an ebook helps me because the book is less heavy, and I also can look up the vocabulary words.
  25. helpingcollier4

    helpingcollier4 New Member

    My personal preference is to hold a paper copy of a book in my hand. I own a Kindle Fire and enjoy it immensely, but I do not read with as much focus with the Kindle. It is tempting to check my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and my e-mail when my intention is to read. I like having easy access to e-books, and I especially enjoy the fact that I can occasionally download ebooks for free. However, there is nothing quite like sitting in the recliner with a cup of coffee and a good book. I am currently reading William Manchester's masterful biography of Winston Churchill. Each of the three volumes is quite large, but I am thoroughly enjoying every turn of the page.
  26. Shannon M

    Shannon M New Member

    Both. Nothing beats the smell of a paperback book. If I can't find the book I want in e-book format for free (I don't like paying for them) I will go to the library & see if I can find it there.
  27. dilipchandra12

    dilipchandra12 New Member

    I collect e-books and hard-copies too. When i am at home i love to go though the hard-copies and while travelling or away from home i read the e-books in my tab.
  28. hox34

    hox34 New Member

    A year ago I would I would have declared that hard copy books would be the best ones for me. However after becoming an Amazon prime member and being able to borrow books, I currently use a kindle paperwhite and overtime I've become used to the ebook format and can comfortably read a 150-200 page book. Just last week I was able to finish three of James Patterson's ebooks.

    The problem comes when I am faced with the task of reading a 500-800 page (textbook or similar) for school. The pdf copy is generally not that useful as it's hard to take digital notes, bookmark and save important texts for reference later and I would prefer a physical textbook over the PDF.
  29. ChristopherGehler

    ChristopherGehler New Member

    It depends on the length of the book for me. For most reading I really enjoy a paperback. The tangible, physical piece of bound paper that smells like a bookshop almost adds to the experience. Then again, if they're books I'm not sure I like or haven't heard anything about I prefer an e-book because I can just delete it, rather than having to store it on my shelf until I can take it down to a local bookshop to get the 25% I bought it for. Last there are hard covers. Oooooh hard covers. When it comes to academics like philosophy or sociology or any other "ology" I definitely prefer the professional feel of a hardcover.
  30. rupiio

    rupiio New Member

    A very interesting question!
    I initially thought I would not be converted away from hard copies (hardback especially!) Everything from the look, feel and smell of a new book is appealing to me. I will never truly turn my back on the classic hard copy... but I have recently found the ease of renting/browsing the kindle store fantastic! Often a considerable amount cheaper than the high street and incredibly convenient on the go!

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