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Discussion in 'Books' started by TeresaW, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Steven Mena

    Steven Mena New Member

    Hard Copy for the win. One, it makes you look smart in public, Two, Do not rely on technology. I always try to write all of my important notes down instead of having it on my cell or computer. Three, I feel like you concentrate more on a hard copy then on a tablet or the computer. I think it is because of the brightness of the screen. That and that you have the lingering distraction of opening a new page and "checking your email" or "going to facebook".
  2. HankyDory

    HankyDory New Member

    I love both. Ebooks are convenient because I can carry my entire collection with me in my jacket. It's cheaper, good for the environment, and very convenient. I still like real books and I do buy physical copies of books I really enjoy reading. I'll buy more books when I have my own place with shelf space for physical copies, but until then, I'll stick with ebooks. Heck I'll probably never stop reading ebooks. So much easier to carry a small tablet around than to carry bulky big books with you all over the place, especially if you're a constant traveler. I never understand the constant debates about ebooks vs real books. Ebooks aren't going anywhere and neither are real books. Use what you think is best for yourself.
  3. sjs1234

    sjs1234 New Member

    Both! Until recently I absolutely preferred a paper book I can hold in my hands, and I still love that. However I've discovered how nice it is to have an ebook on my phone. I didn't realize how many times I could have been reading, but didn't because I hadn't brought a book with me. The convenience of also having a book whenever I have my cell phone with me is really nice. So my preference is to always be reading at least one of each!
  4. denjev

    denjev New Member

    Whether I'd go for an e-book or a hard copy depends on the setting where I'm gonna do the reading. If I'll just be home or in some place that feels like home and would stay there for a while, I'd go with hard copies. Reading real books is something I find relaxing and makes me feel in total control of the activity, and not in the mercy of the remaining battery charge of my laptop or mobile phone. But of course when I'm up and about and mobile, the handiness of e-books is a sure winner.
  5. terrymcginnis

    terrymcginnis New Member

    Hard copy of course! I love seeing my bookshelf expand with new literature. They don't require any charging, and the feeling of turning a page with excitement of what's to come is second to none! Owning a book on my electronic device doesn't give me the same satisfaction as having a real book in my hands.
  6. Brandi Beverly

    Brandi Beverly New Member

    While the ease of an ebook is nice, it doesn't replace the feeling of actually having the book in your hands. In my opinion, even though the storage of your kindle, or preferred storage device, seems unlimited, grabbing a book off your shelf or library and opening it with it having that book smell is relaxing. Also, what if your device breaks or crashes? Then you have to go spend more money replacing it or getting it fixed. To me that's almost not worth it when I could pay a little more an actual book than an ebook and not have to really worry about it since its essentially safe on my bookshelf.
  7. Einexy

    Einexy New Member

    For me personally, I prefer e-books for the simplicity and ease of reading on my Kindle. I can take my Kindle with me on a trip and have access to thousands of books. If I take a new book with me on a trip and hate it, then I'm kind of stuck with that or nothing. If I take a new e-book with me on a trip and hate it, then I just load up a different book.

    For my very favorite authors, I want a physical copy to go on my bookshelf. I also like to try to get physical copies signed by my favorite authors if possible.

    I have actually gone around and bought used copies of a lot of books that I already owned in e-book or even in physical form for this purpose.
  8. Jose Allard

    Jose Allard New Member

    I would have to say e-books simply because of their ease of use. I can carry a thousand books with me on a long trip or throughout the day and I can purchase a new book in seconds. E-books are much more convenient but they do require some adjustment and for some reason they never seem to be as good as a physical copy
  9. fruitdrank

    fruitdrank New Member

    I used to prefer actual books due to the feel and smell of them. However, when studying abroad, I found it incredibly difficult to find any books printed in English. My girlfriend took pity and sent me a Kindle Fire. Afterwords, I was forever converted to an eBook enthusiast.
    The perks seemed nearly endless: I could download (just about) any book I wanted from anywhere with Wi-Fi access. I could carry an uncountable number of books with me without any added weight or bulk. There's a backlight and the margins, font, and size can be adjusted. In addition, public domain books are free off the Kindle store, meaning I could read all the classics I ever cared to read.
    The downsides? Pressing a button to read lacks the tactile appeal of opening an old, yellowed book and inhaling the musty smell within. Also, there's little need to navigate the endless aisles of used bookstores anymore. But I do anyways, for nostalgia's sake.
  10. Lithera

    Lithera New Member

    I agree totally with your comment TeresaW! I love to hear the rustle of the pages beneath my fingers, the smell of the pages under my nose, and while I am reading a book, I love to fan through the pages to feel the cool rush of the wind produced by the pages. I also find it great to read hard copies of books because I get a better sense of where I am in the book rather than "x/x" pages because I can physically see it. I tend to sort of lose hope when I'm reading books online because they feel longer and more drawn out.
  11. laladyhope

    laladyhope New Member

    As much as I love the feeling of a book in my hand and the smell of its pages, books just can't beat the convenience of a tablet! My schoolbag went from weighing a tonne to the weight of my tablet, a binder, and a couple pens. It makes such a difference in terms of life enjoyment!

    The one downfall of having the tablet is that the notifications can sometimes be annoying. I have since turned them all off, but at first it was annoying to have things pop up saying "new email" or "app updated!"
  12. jessmile

    jessmile New Member

    I like both of them
  13. Brandie Cuellar

    Brandie Cuellar New Member

    I really like having the actual hard copy of a book. I just read better that way. I am not sure why but I feel like I get more out of it. I know that probably sounds a little weird but I guess that's just me. I know it's probably all in my head but I read faster and better having the actual book.
  14. dklaney26

    dklaney26 New Member

    I would have to say I love my ebook. Don't get me wrong I enjoy real books too but turning the pages and losing your place really annoys me. So therefore when the ebook came out I was thrilled! Not only do I get to read which is something I enjoy but now I don't have to worry about turning those pages, or losing my place. Its great to have a page marker and when I am done it stays put. No fumbling trying to find where you left off. They are super easy to carry too. Just drop it in my purse and off I go.
  15. Olly1997

    Olly1997 New Member

    Hard copy for me!

    E-books are great sure, and I understand the fuss about them as it opens up reading for those who are very busy. But nothing beats the feel of a hard copy book, and the way the book wears as you make your way through it just makes it so special.

    And when you finally finish the book, you can sit it on shelf as a physically achievement. Whilst an E-Book stays as a collections of zeros and ones on a hard drive somewhere.
  16. sherie caires

    sherie caires New Member

    I love books, the feel, look and smell. I also so love the convenience of an eBook. Its so wonderful to go on your phone or tablet and download a book anytime. You don't have to go to a store its literally buttons away. So I read book on my nook app on my phone and if I love it and think I will read it again I buy the actual book. I'd like to say it has saved me money but mostly it just saves me space.
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  17. Cherokee

    Cherokee New Member

    Personally, I won't go to the e-book version yet and probably won't until they no longer make hard copies. That would be a sorry day for me. I am an avid book reader and was so very sad when they closed down our book store at the mall. This happened when Borders/Waldenbooks closed down.

    My favorite thing to do was to head to the book store to browse the latest novels. They always had coupons as well so that made it even better. I also got to know the employees there and we would chat about what our favorite authors were. In fact, I got a couple of good recommendations from them and those authors have become my favorites as well.

    These days, I am forced to buy books online and have them sent to me. The closest store is probably about 45 minutes away so it is difficult to get there. As others have said, I love to hold a book in my hand and love to see the cover in front of me.
  18. AlexiaM

    AlexiaM New Member

    I love how physical books feel in your hands, the perfume of freshly printed pages, the texture and grain of those pages, and even the moldy smell of old books. I don't think ebooks will ever replace paper books but with my smartphone I can carry my library in my pocket. I have my books with me all the time, can read at anytime I like, and ebooks are cheaper as well.
    Ebooks are more practical, books are more beautiful. I see them as complementing each other.
  19. Unrealjoe

    Unrealjoe New Member

    Hard copy books always gave me that feeling of having some quality writing in your hands, Despite whether or not it was a good piece of writing. A solid, quality made book had always given a good impression before diving into the world of the book.
  20. Nekrozflux

    Nekrozflux New Member

    Although I can read e-books, I still much prefer physical books. Reading books digitally has the convenience and cost factor but the physical books just has so much nostalgia for me. The invested effort in turning the page just feels so much more rewarding. Having the tangibility and texture of the book in my hands as I read it is so much more comforting.
  21. scooterboo56

    scooterboo56 New Member

  22. scooterboo56

    scooterboo56 New Member

    I actually prefer a real book. Somehow my mind hasn't gotten ready yet to read A book on a screen. Oddly enough, I am currently writing a inspirational book and have as yet not made up my mind witch genre to use. I'm leaning toward an E-book. For one thing. from what I understand, It is cheaper to publish an E-book and you don't need near as many pages.
  23. aliecak

    aliecak New Member

    Actually my preference is audio books. I have my Ipad in front of my face the majority of the time. So convenience is most often the deciding factor.

    But I dream of warm summer days, no work schedule to be concerned about, a nice comfortable lounge chair, a little music in the background, maybe a fruity drink with salt on the rim, and a good hard copy book to get lost in.
  24. Digitalizing

    Digitalizing New Member

    I wasn't into reading until I borrowed my mom's Nook, January of last year. I really liked it so I bought one for myself and have been loving reading on it ever since. I honestly don't enjoy reading physical books now that I have a e-reader.
  25. cdboddie

    cdboddie New Member

    I read ebooks a lot more frequently than I read paper books and I must say that nothing compares to an actual book. I'm not particularly bothered by ebooks, they just don't hold the same power and magic in my eyes as a paper book. It probably goes back to my childhood memory of learning to read, I felt I became a part of a new realm.
  26. CaptainCamera

    CaptainCamera New Member

    I believe both E-books and hard copy books are an important part of a reading enthusiasts life. The E-book makes it so much more easy to catch-up on an unfinished story when on the go so you don't have to worry about a heavy bag or purse weighing you down. The feel and texture of a hard copy book effects positively on how a person takes in and processes the story.
  27. DylanJM

    DylanJM New Member

    I am somewhat torn between both. I generally prefer printed books but the convenience and low prices of ebooks sometimes sways me. I find printed books easier on the eye and can therefore read them for longer periods. I also like having a physical copy of something rather than a file on a computer. You can't beat that new book smell either.
  28. SnowyPost

    SnowyPost New Member

    I enjoy reading both! But nothing really can beat a real book that you can hold in your bare hands. Hard Copy wins for me.
  29. WBROB

    WBROB New Member

    I think it really comes down to your lifestyle, i live a pretty fast paced life in NYC, so having an ebook tends to be very effective for me, as i can read on the go, wherever and whenever, but obviously when i do have sometime on my hands i i prefer to sit back and get the feeling and holding and reading an actual book
  30. Smashgij

    Smashgij New Member

    Both paperbacks and ebooks are good. Ebooks are more convenient to carry around though. I actually save my ebooks in my phone or in my Ipad which I can easily carry around and can access whenever I have time to. But I do acquire headaches from reading too much on an Ipad. That makes paperbacks my choice when I opt to read and stay at home.

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