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Discussion in 'Books' started by TeresaW, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. buddybolden

    buddybolden New Member

    I've spent my entire adult life whiling away the hours in used bookstores and loving every minute of it, but I find myself buying fewer and fewer physical books and spending more and more time on my kindle. I love having what amounts to an entire library in my pocket at all times, and the price point for e-books can't be beat. As much as it pains me to say it, I can easily see myself being more or less digital-only in the near future.
  2. JohnMan

    JohnMan New Member

    Both the hard copy and e-book have some advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the hard copy is, it is comfortable to read by eyes. For the advantages of e-book are, you can get access to it anywhere and it cannot be lost easily because you may make back up.

    On the other hand, the disadvantages for the hard copy are, it can be lost easily and it is getting older then it become fragile and it will tear and it may end up in the garbage. The disadvantages of e-book are, you cannot feel of the book physically and this e-book may have some viruses and it probably affects your computer, phone or etc.

    I personally choose e-book because of the advantage that is illustrated earlier.
  3. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    I love reading so much that if the book is that good and i get sucked in, It wont matter where I am reading it from. But Personally I will always prefer a hard copy of a book. Everything about a hard copy I love. The smell, the way it feels, even the way it looks. I have sensitive eyes so staring at a screen too long gives me a migraine, but reading has always been a passion of mine so hard copy will always trump ebook. Even if you can have any ebook you want at the tip of your fingertips.
  4. sillypursuits

    sillypursuits Member

    I think they're both good for different situations. My issue with e-books with Internet access is I tend to get distracted and wander off online! Haha.

    But honestly, I think reading a book while on vehicles is better than whipping out a smartphone or a tablet to read. E-books on the other hand would be perfect for travelling/plane rides when lugging around books can be too much of a hassle.
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  5. nola20

    nola20 New Member

    Being an author myself I find reading a hard copy book does seem better than reading e-books. Reading a book on my phone or computer seems too much. I also rather a hard copy book I could get out of the bookstore
  6. simbody

    simbody New Member

    I love using my iPad to read. As a result, there's less clutter in my bedroom, I will never lose my place because of the wind, and I feel less inclined to flip to the last few pages to spoil the ending for myself. I hate the fact that it's so easy to wreck the pages, cover, or binding of the physical copy, too. Another selling point for e-books is the fact that they're normally less expensive than a paper copy from the bookstore.
  7. lezpancake

    lezpancake New Member

    I'm with you, while I do have e-books, nothing beats going to a bookstore and purchasing a hull of new books. I love watching my favorites ones yellow and crease of the years from my constant rereading sessions. The only thing that I prefer e-books for over a hardcopy is if i'm reading at night, because I can adjust the backlight on a tablet and if I fall asleep, I won't lose my place. Reading at night with a lamp for a hardcopy can sometimes be bright enough to keep me awake much longer than I want.
  8. bee

    bee New Member

    I prefer the real deal. I can understand why e-books are so popular, especially for travelling, but I find them difficult to use, not because I don't understand the technology but just because they have to be constantly charged and they can be awkward to use in bright lighting.
  9. zealous_student

    zealous_student New Member

    I personally prefer hard copy. I wish I could give a good reason as to why but I cannot. I do not like reading for too long on a screen. When it comes to books, at least for me, I feel like I lose something. It feels like it loses some of its magic. I realize that as I am typing this that it sounds corny and Disney-like. But as I said at the beginning, I have no real reason for preferring hard copy; I just do.
  10. AdrianDaras

    AdrianDaras New Member

    Well, I don't prefer any of these formats. If it's e-book, then I can read on e-book. When I have hard copy, I have hard copy. There is nearly no difference.
  11. Gaurav

    Gaurav New Member

    E-books are very famous nowadays because it's easy to read them anywhere, on any of your device. The hard copy has its own plus points. Today, many devices such as Amazon's Kindle device are available in market. From these devices, we can buy books directly from internet. These device have some features which makes them better than hard copy. These devices allow users to read even in low light. We cannot read in low lighting conditions with a hard copy. But if we read e-books on any device for a long time, it causes eye strain. At last, I would prefer e-books.
  12. buzi

    buzi New Member

    I still prefer hard copies. I haven´t even tried kindle. Due to my huge collection of books (also from my family´s home), I rarely buy new ones since there´s still so much to read! I also made the experience that many new books, especially popular fiction, don´t meet my high standards. Classical reads are still the best. There´s also something calming about holding a real book in your hand, taking a break from technology.
  13. Bull_161

    Bull_161 New Member

    Well I use a mixture of both, I use E-books for accessibility to my Iphone, and when i read at night, where as I do prefer a hard copy for the Cozy Saturday afternoon, where it just feels right to hold a book with a cup of tea. The Hard copy is quiet difficult to carry around so when I'm on the go I read the E-book and when I read at night I continue of the Hardcopy.
    I would go with a hard copy since i do not have to keep charging it like a phone.
  14. asbrown

    asbrown New Member

    With no other practical considerations I would always choose a physical book over an e-book. Part of the reason is probably a bit of nostalgia, and the tactile appeal of holding something, but physical books offer some mnemonic advantages of digital print. Simple factors such as the fixed position of text on a page, or the physical distance between the front and back covers, add some additional support to remembering key information in a book. Highlighting, bookmarking, etc, in an e-book is still more of a disruptive process to the actual flow of reading.

    That being said, practical concerns win out at the end of the day. I live in a foreign country, and would go insane if I was limited to the English language books that are actually imported here. With a limited audience, bookstores are limited to bringing in mostly best sellers, or sometimes just clearance from English language publishers. The second reason why I actually choose e-books, is that I end up moving a lot. I couldn't begin to guess the number of books I have given away or abandoned, because it was too much trouble to actually move them to a new city.
  15. Jaxxy

    Jaxxy New Member

    While I miss the smell of an actual book in hand, my purchases now are strictly e-books. I am an avid reader and after awhile storing books became an issue. My e-book library consists of over 700 titles at the moment, all neatly stored out of my sight. If I was still reading hard back copies I would have ran out of physical room for them long ago.
  16. heyitsjennybear

    heyitsjennybear New Member

    To me ebooks are very convenient, but paper books are easier for me to read. Ebooks are small and it seems harder for me to actually sit down and read it, but I can devour a whole paper books within a few hours. I also like to have a visual of how much I actually have to read. Ebooks are sometimes cheaper than paper books, but I like to actually hold what I'm reading.
  17. Lydia Williams

    Lydia Williams New Member

    As an avid reader and someone who faces this question frequently with my peers I am pretty firm on my preference for e-book. Don't get me wrong, I love books in any form, but the e-book is the better option in my opinion because of the convenience.

    I usually read before bed and there is definitely something to be said for not losing your page when you doze off. Also rather than having to turn the page it is pretty great on lazy days to tap the screen for the next page. There is also the ability to adjust the screen brightness, which, eliminates the need for lamps or getting out of bed to turn off the light.

    As well in travel the e-book wins for me as I can have the book available on my computer, iPad or iPhone. I don't have to carry around another (potentially heavy, I mean look at the last Game of Thrones book. I opted for paper for that and it was a pretty hefty weight to be commuting with. That book is heavier than my cat.) item in my purse.

    The only mark I could give for paper books is that they don't have a batter that can die. All the rest is just nostalgia that can be ignored when faced with the convenience.
  18. fabricio

    fabricio New Member

    in my opinion e books take away from the excitement and experiences u have reading a book
  19. DZasia

    DZasia New Member

    I love the feeling of paper between my fingers as my fingers flip the pages. I think E-books are great for college. I do not enjoy carrying a bunch of books to class, and E-books tend to be cheaper. I also like how E-books can be rented. I do not usually reread books.
  20. niightwind

    niightwind New Member

    As someone who works at a book store, I can see the merit in both. I personally prefer books because I feel somehow accomplished and happy when I look at them lined up on my bookshelf. If I didn't have this much space though, I'd definitely start using my Kobo eReader instead.
  21. AmaX

    AmaX New Member

    The OP surely paints a picturesque portrait of reading a book. Kudos for that.

    Let me share my answer: I prefer e-books for binge-reading, but for a quality experience, I love a physical book. It isn't always affordable to build a library at home if one doesn't have the space required for it. I remember Jerome K. Jerome's short story, where he had to put all the one-read and useless books in the river for the lack of space. Anyway, e-books also can give us tools to annotate the text extensively, whereas, one's handwriting can be harsh, and unseemly to read and understand.
  22. polans

    polans New Member

    With the breakout of e-books, I thought actually I'll be spending more time reading online especially that you can find books that won't be easy to reach as physical copies but that was apparently the only advantage of this trend to me. I'm not really impressed by this hype, the act is very similar to watching television, and it is not really that comfortable, you can't really get into a relaxing position whether you're using a desktop or a laptop, the fact that sometimes you need to constantly adjust the screen for proper reading, or if you don't want that and you prefer to keep a stable view, the letters can be small and unreadable or difficult to read.

    It is really annoying to me, your eyes get tired, you feel body pain at certain times and it is not really that practical if you're setting on reading a big book. While, on the other hand, an actual book is easy to manipulate, you can handle the pages more quickly and you can sit on the bed comfortably without any problem, when you're finished you put it on the desk near you and you can pick it up easily again and continue reading without having to turn on the electronic device and search for the material.
  23. Raman U

    Raman U New Member

    Definitely hard copy for me. E-books have a lot of advantages but nothing can replace the feel of a good paper book. I especially love the smell of a freshly printed book, it's just heavenly! And each edition has its own personality and I tend to read particular editions of different books. But then again, the advantages of e-books are not slight. If you plan on travelling for an extended period of time then e-books are a lot more practical as you can carry a whole library with you and you can even read when it's dark! Now that's something I'd definitely want.
  24. munkeygirlie

    munkeygirlie New Member

    I find myself on the fence about this. I use e-books and classic books. I find if it's something that I am really getting into such as a series that I am keeping up with then I prefer the actual books. It may be purely aesthetic but I enjoy the weight of the book and being able to see how close I am to the the end of the book. There is that sense of anticipation and perhaps even a little bit of dread depending on the book of when it will end. I think this heightened the ability to lose yourself in the book. I also find that I enjoy the scent of a new book, as well as one that I have read over and over again. When it comes to a series that I find myself really into, I also like the look of having that complete series on my bookshelf in order. It almost feels like an accomplishment to look at it and think "look at all these wonderful stories I've lost myself in."

    E-books are of course more financially appealing as usually you can get them for less than the actual book. I find that if something catches my eye and I am not sure if it will really pull me in as I wish it will then I will buy the e-book. If I end up liking it and there are more to it as a series then I'll buy that book and the following books of the series. I also found e-books more appealing when studying in college. The ability to have all your textbooks on a tablet or an e-reader was a big help and saver on the stress of carrying so many books.
  25. meguchan0322

    meguchan0322 New Member

    What a great question! I’m divided on this issue. I absolutely love books. I come from a nerdy family, and we have so many books all over the house. I love the look of books on shelves, and I love seeing lots and lots of books. I visited a friend soon after she moved into a new apartment. She had done a thorough overhaul of her things when moving out of her old apartment. She really had a clean new apartment, but she only kept a couple of physical books and the apartment felt so sad and empty to me! I also love reading books. I thought I would never get into eBooks, but I decided to try it out. Then, I was hooked. It was difficult at first, but once I got used to it, it was wonderful having so many books right in my tablet, and great that I could purchase a book online and read it on my tablet immediately. That said I would hate to see printed books disappear altogether, so I hope we forever have printed books.
  26. Aimaninja

    Aimaninja New Member

    I think both options are good and have their benefits, but I prefer books, specifically paperbacks. That being said, I have both a Kindle and a Nook and pretty much only buy ebooks now. It took me a long time, but I finally caved and switched to ebooks because I simply don't have the space to keep buying paper books! I also like that there are so many ebooks available for free or just a few dollars. The only real negative I have with the e-readers is that I get book ADD using them. That is to say, I start reading one book and if I get bored I find another that I have on there and start reading it instead, then it takes a really long time for me to ever go back and finish the first book. I have a few on my Kindle that I've started and never finished. When it comes to paper books it's a lot easier for me to stick with the book I'm currently reading! One day I would love to have a house big enough to have my own library so I can go back to buying paper books!
  27. apolik

    apolik New Member

    I personally prefer e-books. I'm always carrying my Kindle in my backpack, and I can read more than one a book at a time without extra weight on me.

    But also because I tend to live in small houses and I like having a lot of space instead of a lot of clutter - a bookshelf is just not for me. I also don't care for other people to know what I've read, so there's no need to showcase my books.
  28. Taliacate

    Taliacate New Member

    Both definitely have their perks, but as a student I'd have to go with E-books. English class relies heavily on reading and responding to what you read. This involves annotations, response questions, projects, etc. Reading an E-book allows me to carry unlimited books around with me, highlight (and unhighlight) text, bookmark as many pages as I want, take notes on specific texts without using extra paper or blocking other text, search for key terms within the book, and ensures I never lose my place in the book. I will admit, reading paper books might be more relaxing or classic, but for convenience and organization, I prefer E-books.
  29. iAlfrederick

    iAlfrederick New Member

    I prefer reading e-books. For me, it is cheaper and environment-friendly. For a person who is always on the go, reading e-books on my smartphone enables me to read my favorite books anywhere.
  30. I love reading books since I was a child. I'm used to that wonderful feeling of opening a physical book and smelling that so familiar smell a new book gives. Nowadays, I prefer to read e-books due to the portability. I can read a book anywhere and anytime without the need to fill my bag with a lot of books.

    Whether it is an e-book or a hard copy, what's important is the learning you get out of the book.

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