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Discussion in 'Books' started by TeresaW, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. K.Lee

    K.Lee New Member

    I'm a certified bookworm. I have a huge collection of paper books, ranging from classic and romance novels to the mystery and self-help ones. However, I'm more into e-books lately because of its pros over paper books, such as accessibility, portability, and convenience. I just love the fact that I can take a thousand books with me without the burden of carrying them, plus I get to choose which device I can read them from.
  2. bean88

    bean88 New Member

    I think it is so important to read a hard copy of a book. Although it is easier to carry your phone than a book, reading the actual book helps you to remember the events and order that things happened. I am aware that books take up space and are cumbersome to carry around, but they are how reading came about and it is important to read real books.
  3. karengonzalez

    karengonzalez New Member

    I completely agree with you. I've never been able to enjoy a good story in an e-book format as much as a paper copy. There's much to say about the experience of buying a paper copy of a book in a bookstore. It's one of my favorite things to do, in fact. I find it so relaxing to travel to my favorite bookstore, look through the aisles, choose a book and be able to physically purchase it. I find it so exciting, as silly as it may sound to some.
  4. Meracle

    Meracle New Member

    Personally I prefer hard-copies, filling your library with books is more important then filling up your kindle with ebooks!
  5. Martin Mooray

    Martin Mooray New Member

    There is something about a hard copy that you can actually feel it. Maybe I prefer an actual book because I have grown reading and writing on a paper. Although with an ebook you can fit a whole shelf of novels in your pocket, I strain my eyes when reading an ebook.
  6. kizzzzurt

    kizzzzurt New Member

    Ebook is the way to go for me these days. It's so handy for a lot of manuals or study guide material. You can have it on your google drive and basically access it anywhere. From your work PC, home PC, phone, or even your Smart TV can now allow you to view Ebooks.
  7. Mak1

    Mak1 New Member

    As of recent I have preferred my Kindle to paper books mainly because of size and ability to store multiple books on the same device. Granted, having more than one book available at a time is usually not necessary it is still nice to have the option. Otherwise I prefer the kindle because it is much smaller and easier to carry than most books around. Ironically enough however I am currently reading a paperback book because I cannot find my Kindle charger.
  8. emmah

    emmah New Member

    While I don't have a problem with either, I personally will always choose paper instead of e-books. While e-books are a great advancement in technology and are much more portable, they're just simply something about the feel and look of a paper copy. I also love how by having a physical copy, it can help you start conversations. So no, while I don't have anything against e-books, I'll always prefer the hard copy.
  9. Agarcia55

    Agarcia55 New Member

    I personally prefer to have a book on hand. Having them is more convenient, and I find it more interesting. Although it is quicker to purchase e-books and have it on hand immediately I find that not only is it more expensive, but you have limited reading time being that you have to keep your tablet charged. I would rather get a good deal online on the book, wait a few days to receive it, and have the ability to read it wherever, whenever I want.
  10. decheverri123

    decheverri123 New Member

    It is really a big "depends" in my humble opinion. We live in a fast-paced, ever changing world that requires us to be on our toes constantly. Physical books have their appeal, nothing beats the smell of a new or really old book that you've stashed away in the attic somewhere. Nothing beats the little notes you wrote in the sides of the panels about something a character said that made you giggle. But e-books also have a plethora of advantages. I can literally leave my house with the contents of entire libraries in my hand. Take a second to truly comprehend that, really, take a second. There's no reason why we must choose between the two and would do well to take advantage of the pros and cons of each.
  11. Momin Haider

    Momin Haider New Member

    Unlike many people, I rather prefer e-books over paper books, primarily because many pdfs for different books are available with a simple Google search and I have the ability to save these pdfs to iBooks and read them at my own convenience. The fact that I can store multiple books on a single electronic device is beneficial as well: if one book begins to bore me, I can switch to another book with a few taps.
  12. Laura Pfeiffer

    Laura Pfeiffer New Member

    I received a Kindle as a Christmas gift a few years ago, so I have used it here and there. I've read a few books on it, and have a few waiting for me when the mood strikes me again. I travel frequently so it is nice not having to cart around a huge book. That being said, I will always prefer a book on paper. There's something about the feel and smell of a book that just can't be matched by an electronic device.
  13. artkat96

    artkat96 New Member

    I really prefer holding a book. A paper book's battery doesn't die and you don't need an account to log into a paper book.
  14. caducarvalho

    caducarvalho New Member

    I'm going to go against the grain and say that I definitely prefer ebooks. I have vision problems, and with an ebook you can easily change the text size and font to make it easier to read. And a lot of e-readers will read out loud for you, which is great for people who are entirely blind - hopefully I'll never need that, but it's wonderful that it's an option now. Most books never get braille printings or audiobook versions, so thanks to ebooks people with serious vision problems have more options for reading than they did a decade ago by a factor of a thousand.
  15. WiseandGifted

    WiseandGifted New Member

    I would definitely want the hard copy of a book. The art of touching pages is magical to me. Although I will read an e-book, the desire to read it on paper would not subside.
  16. paperprincess70

    paperprincess70 New Member

    I agree with TeresaW. I love the feel of a book in my hands. The act of turning the page and feeling the paper between my fingers is important to me. I do read e-books on occasion, but it just is not the same. There is also something about the electronic glow of a digital book that kind of bothers me. I like to read at night, just before going to sleep, and that glow sticks with me and makes it hard for me to fall asleep. The glow of a small booklight is different somehow. I can turn it off after reading and go right to sleep.
  17. R3GUL8TR

    R3GUL8TR New Member

    I prefer Ebooks over real books because bookmarking pages is so much easier instead of folding corners of paperbacks or placing a carboard or paper bookmark where you left off. Also Ebooks are a lot more portable in large quantities compared to hard copy books. If I get a chance and have the funds, I would be will to convert my paperback book library into Ebooks.
  18. WiseIroh

    WiseIroh New Member

    I definitely prefer hardcover books opposed to eBooks. I enjoy the fact that I physically own the book. There are so many things that could go wrong with an eBook: you could forget your password, your reading device could corrupt, and many other things. There isn't really a way that hardcover could be ruined unless you do not take care of your book.
  19. Massimo Pradella

    Massimo Pradella New Member

    i much rather have a real book
  20. TJames13

    TJames13 New Member

    I prefer e-books. I tend to flit between a couple of different books depending on my moods and using an e-reader lets me carry a huge variety of books without needing a wheel barrow to carry every thing with me.
  21. Aljon Angelo

    Aljon Angelo New Member

    I have always been a reader and I've been doing it since I am 8. How written text can take me to a special place where the setting of the book takes place is beyond me. Now that I am 22 and the digital age has surely taken over. An E-book is surely convenient but I still prefer to read the printed text because that way, we can support the author of the book. But with E-books, the copyrighted material can easily be reproduced and thus comes the piracy of the content.
  22. WarFenixKill

    WarFenixKill New Member

    I prefer buying hard copies of books. I don't know why at all, but there is something that makes paper special. You fall in a deeper imagination moment while reading paper books.
    And about e-books... Maybe it's easier to store your e-books in an e-book reader, computer, or smartphone, but you have to know that everything electronic emits radiation. And e-screens may be bad for your eyes if used por an excessive time.

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