E-books or Traditional?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Terion, Nov 16, 2019.


E-books or Traditional?

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  1. Terion

    Terion New Member

    Books as we all know, is among the most popular materials in the world, everybody has seen a book, we read books everyday, at home, and thanks to Technology, we can read books on the go too. E-books or electronic books are not actually physical books for those new to this, E-books are books in the form of PDF file on our mobile phones or in another form, unlike the traditional books we know.
    In my own case, I prefer traditional books, meanwhile your traditional books get wet or at times torn, atleast the books you bought with that money won't hopefully get deleted someday like the other counterpart. E-books are good yes, but you can't solely rely on them, you don't have gaurantee that you'll have them for as long as you want. Unlike traditional books, a lot of friends have testified about being unable to read anything, because they got bored or tired easily. The traditional book isn't so, as it has more advantages. Feel free to add your comments below.
  2. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    of course E-Book it is very easy and useful
  3. SophyaN

    SophyaN New Member

    Hello. My name is Sophya. I love traditional books. I read a lot in childhood. I like to hold a book in my hands, turn pages, and hear their rustling. While reading a traditional book, my eyes do not get very tired. It is especially pleasant to read when winter is outside and the house has a warm fireplace, a comfortable armchair and a purring cat near.
  4. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    Personally, I prefer traditional books. However, as I become more aware of how much water, and other resources making paper, and printing takes I become a lot more accepting with ebooks. Yes, books feels so nice in your hands, it smells good, but we should also move forward and consider change. Ebooks are actually nice. You can adjust font sizes, font styles, lighting in accordance to your preference. It enables you to be more in control of the situation, and since you use phone or other gadgets for it its lot less bulky. You can carry 800 page books at once without the inconvenience of its weight.

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