Early History of bangladesh for freedom

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    A story must always be told from a little earlier than when it starts,
    and so Bangladesh’s history can be told from the British period.
    The British have mled this region for approximately two hundred
    years. Thousands and thousands of people have been killed,
    imprisoned and exiled in their attempts to be free. ln 1940 the
    ‘Lahore Resolution’ [1] declared that the two areas that had the
    most Muslims would become two countries and the remaining area
    would become a separate country. But on the 14th of August, 1947
    the two areas that had the most Muslims became one country,
    Pakistan, instead of two, and on the 15th of August the remaining
    area became a different country, India. And so a very strange
    country was born; the two parts of the country were in two different
    places. What is now Pakistan was known as West Pakistan and what
    is Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan. There is a two thousand
    kilometer distance and an entire country – India – between them!
    Division, Discrimination, Exploitation, and Conspiracy
    East and West Pakistan were two thousand kilometers apart. Even
    the people were way apart in their looks, language, food, clothes,
    culture and their heritage. The majority of the population had only
    one thing in common and that was religion. If a bizarre country like
    this was going to survive, a little bit of extra effort had to be put in,
    but the Pakistani rulers did not do this. During the partition,
    West Pakistan’s population was twenty million and East Pakistan’s
    was forty million, so it would have made sense to have two people
    from East Pakistan for every one person in West Pakistan in
    everything education, business, police, government. But in reality
    it was just the opposite – there were eighty to ninety percent of West
    Pakistanis in everything. 75% of the budget was spent on West
    Pakistan and 25% on East Pakistan, even though 62% of the
    revenue income was from East Pakistan. Most frightening of all
    was the number of armed forces – West Pakistan had 25 times as
    many as East Pakistan!

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