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    Want some extra income? Try superpay.me for paid surveys/ playing quizzes. Here's the link of payment made by the website: http://superpay.me/members/withdraw/list.php and my proof of payment:

    How about you, do you know extra income for paid surveys? Kindly post you reply. Thank you guys!
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  3. miocard

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    Many days ago, I did tryed to earn money by completing some surveys. I have opportunity to do some in Russian and in English. Many times, when I did got the surveys completed in English, i was seen the message on the screen. It was talking: "You are not fit to us because no reason..." etcetera. The administration of service have many options to deny your surveys. And sometimes, you can not earn any money only because of it.

    Completing surveys in Russian will give you some money. But this amount of money will not be acceptable for anyone. It is will be very small money even to give the allowance for schoolboy.

    I think, you can not to get money through surveys because this money does not deserve any labor.
  4. I really recommend Qmee, it is easy to use and lots of earning opportunities.
    link: https://www.qmee.com

    like this post if it works and you like it
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    Am I the only one that feels like these paid survey sites are all scams? I think I made about 5 accounts on 5 different so called "Paid Survey Sites" and some just told me up front that there are no available surveys for my country and others, that even have a special Romanian chapter tell me I'm not eligible for the said survey but only after I answer like forty questions about my income, brands I use, where I live, what I do and so on and so forth. Other times they just tell me that the survey as already been closed, which is weird because I get email notifications when a survey is open, and I start the survey in about an hour or less since the notification pops up and I still haven't earned any money. Not a single cent. Pleas let me know IF there are any paid survey websites that are worldwide and cover wider focus groups.
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    yes i have account survey online like aipsurveys.com is it good survey and i recieve reedem also im happy that want surveys online..
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    I'm ALWAYS looking for a legit site that doesn't spam me and put me through the wringer with a list of surveys that I don't qualify for or a something like 5cents for a 10 page survey. Hit me up, I'm interested in good sites.
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    Online Job that are related for making a survey is not a recommended job to my friends why?
    Because there are no Tips or any Ideas given what are they looking for, though maybe they are doing
    it for their verification purposes but still, it's hard to finish one survey because they don't give
    Idea on what are they looking for, so the bottom line is you are giving a lot of your time BUT you don't get paid enough. NoSuveys.png
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    Online survey programs are rampant today. Most of them have appealing and catchy words for you to sign up or join. Most of them is not meant to earn much and for a persistent member, patience is a virtue.

    It's helpful to have an extra income, especially through online platforms because of convenience and easy access to internet connection. Be careful, though upon signing up because there are numerous scams on the internet. Be aware of the dos and don'ts before engaging. One tip to get away from scammers is by looking at the URL of their website. There must always be 'https://' in front of the complete URL address.
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    Agree with vheeno. Especially for us who lives in asian country, like not enough survey to do. Then came survey offer from local platform which only pay us less than 1 dollar per survey. I don't expect survey anymore to earn cash. postloop is way much better. We can speak up and get point. Not to mentions unlimited information and fresh ideas we get from sites we subscribe. I feel more convenient with Postloop. Really.

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