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Discussion in 'Internet' started by jackiejackie, May 14, 2019.

  1. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Last year, July, a friend sent me a link for paid surveys. She said that I could earn dollars from it even if I am just earning Peso from my real world.

    Since then, I have been taking online surveys during my coffee time at home, especially during weekends. I like it because it does not demand of my time much, I take it when I want it.

    However, I am not earning millions from this, it's just that it's making me smile to see this sign "$" in my account. How about you, do you also do paid surveys?

  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Give YouGov and Rakuten Insight a try, I have used them and they are very good.
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  3. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Thanks for sharing, Warren. Cheers to our coffee time!
  4. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Can you share the link here.
  5. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

  6. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Yes, sure... Just click here: >Register to Clixsense<

    This other one pays me through paypal: >Register to Toluna<

    I am recommending these two paid survey sites because I have tried them and I already had been paid more than once by these sites. In fact, I am ready for my next cashout with clixsense, since their threshold is only $10. Each survey may pay you $0.50 to $3.00.

    For Toluna, I have just processed my second payout three days ago so it should reach my paypal account next week. Toluna uses redeemable points system with a threshold of 20,400 points. Each survey may give you 500 to 5000 points.
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  7. jk5glad

    jk5glad New Member

    Thanks for sharing this, Jackie. I have been looking for ways to generate income in my freetime, too.

    I, too, have accounts in raketdito and pesominer.
  8. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    which one is better clixsense or toluna i have account on toluna already, but it's hard to pass the survey sometimes no mistake that i tap the option but still mistake result.
  9. ohevit

    ohevit Member

    Yes, I have also my Clixsense account....https://csl.ink/48R3.....I was just disappointed because the amount earned that could have qualified me to have a payout was not enough for encashment because they raised the amount to $50. Now, i am struggling to have more earnings to reach it.
  10. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    I have been paid twice by Toluna, but I think Clixsense is better because all the other surveys from panel land, samplicio, and more are tapped here. I cashout at $10 up to now and I move it to my skrill account for free.
  11. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Usually my answered in toluna was not qualified i dont know why until now when i take up surveys even 300 points sometime got failed so trying looking another survey. I hope clixsense is nice
  12. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    One of the reasons why you do not qualify to surveys is not completing your profile information. Usually there are specific target respondents for a survey that's why we do not qualify to some surveys. Your profile helps in finding you a matched survey.
  13. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

  14. ohevit

    ohevit Member

    I don't know why I was not yet paid, even though I have already earned more than
    39 dollars . I opted for Payoneer.
  15. Samanthaj18

    Samanthaj18 New Member

    I've always been curious about these paid surveys. It is a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time, it may be a small amount but every little bit counts. Even if it just pays for your coffee or bagel, its something!
  16. Mikejanis

    Mikejanis New Member

    i am newbie in this world of online par time job like this, so i am eager to know much more about it. can anyone reffer me any kind of online job as long it is not scam thanks a lot.
  17. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    I went to check in my clixsense account why you said you have to reach $50 before you could cash out. I found out that if you choose Payoneer as your mode of payment, you are required to have at least $50 in your account. However, if you would choose Skrill, you are only asked to have at least $10. That's why I am using skrill because the threshold is lower.
  18. zLex1

    zLex1 New Member

    Checkout "UpWork" and "Click Bank" for good online work/ online side hustle.
  19. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member

    Hello everyone! Any recommendation sites for surveys that doesn't need to match your profile but just to answer their survey? Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  20. arunkm001

    arunkm001 New Member

    If you are searching for paid survey jobs the best options are Clixsense and Earnably. In both these sites, you can earn fast cash by doing surveys. Both these sites have the option to complete small tasks and earn points. The Earnably has the option of watch videos and gets paid. Usually, it has 3 minute promotional and advertisement videos.

    When comparing these two sites Earnably has another advantage of fast withdrawal. Make-Money-With-Earnably.png
  21. terryse2019

    terryse2019 New Member

    I have tried several legit sites that really pay. Try to register on the following:

    Toluna , Swagbucks, Timebucks, Feature Points, and Univox Community.
  22. aphukan1

    aphukan1 New Member

    Most of the survey sites are fake or low payout however you can try swagbucks. I have earned 5$ paypal money many times from this sites. The surveys here pays decent amount and there are other options for earning as well.Most of my experience with other sites is bad.
  23. ohevit

    ohevit Member

  24. ohevit

    ohevit Member

    thanks for the information, I'll try it if it is permitted in our country.
  25. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I do survey everyday in paid view. It comes daily and i complete this. Most of surveys are fake but Swagbucks is very good. It's withdrawal is min 5$ . You can complete and earn money daily. It is very big site of surveys.
  26. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    I tried several surveys recently. It is an up survey, but still i can't get money to it. I spend so many time in answering the survey. And now here in post loop some of my comments did not accept because they said that i exceeded my post. I will give up now if they would not give me my points now. Are they really paying website or all of it is a scam. I don't know because I am just beginner because i want to have an extra job to help my family.
    I am just a stay at home mom. I don't have any work and my kids are growing so i tried all this paying apps that i watched but non of them are beginning to pay me.
  27. maxtorbz20

    maxtorbz20 New Member

    I do surveys every now and then and I get rewarded for it. It's not much, but it's really good just for an extra cash. Participating in surveys is also fun for me.
  28. GigiLDN

    GigiLDN New Member

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  29. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

  30. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    It is very obvious that the internet today is fill with scam and others fraudulent activity,paid survey is good but the problem is how to fine a good and reliable survey company that will release your money when its time for payment. Many of this paid survey site are scam so I dont trust survey company anymore I have lost some fund and time with some of them.
    Its better you go into writing jobs, its very hard for you to get scam.
    Thou there are still some legit survey company that pays but before you join do ensure that you make proper search and enquiries about the survey site before you join.

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