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    I am only recently spending more time looking into content mill type sites to make money, but there seems to be no shortage of them so there's thankfully lots of opportunities! I have seen many blogs and forums that included various recommendations of sites to check out. What have been some of the more lucrative ones for you guys and gals?

    While reading through some of the comments, I did see that some members mentioned language/grammar as a challenge in their writing. I am no expert, by any means, but there are great tools available to help in these areas. One tool that you may want to consider is a free extension available for Chrome called Grammarly. Once it is installed, it will assist you in your writing by suggesting spelling and grammar changes. If you decide to use the extension's suggestions, it is as simple as hovering over the word(s) and clicking on the correction!
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    Earning money as a writer is very rewarding and challenging because you never know what the company or individual are seeking. Like you mentioned there are a lot of freelance opportunities out in the market now from data entry to transcribing to freelance writing and as you mentioned you will never be without a job. I have experience with different writing sites like Fiverr and Mylot that offers a lot of writing opportunities, but I find Postloop to be my favorite. With Postloop I feel more at peace and feel no pressure on my writing skills and there are so many grammar software programs out there; (Grammarly) to mention one, that can assist you with your writing skills. I want to get in the publishing of blogs next, that is my birthday goal for this year. Does anyone know of any good FREE BLOGGING SITES?


    What an impressive post and thanks for sharing!:)
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    It might sound weird, but if you wanna do writing for a living, try writing erotica. It's easily the easiest genre and you can test if people would actually buy anything from you. It's a great learning experience all around, I definetely recommend it to everyone who wants to become a pro writer.

    Oh and if you feel like erotica is not your thing? Do it anyway. You wouldn't believe how much your writing will improve by stepping out of your comfort zone.

    Imagine you want to write sci-fi, but do childrens books instead. You will step out of the box that your writing is in as it isn't really applicable for childrens books. Same with erotica, except sex sells.

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