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Discussion in 'Computers' started by mrcwork1, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. mrcwork1

    mrcwork1 New Member

    I have used many antivirus in my life. Such as AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, Avaira, Eset, Microsoft Security Essential etc. But most of the antivirus has many problem. Such as it makes the computer a slow one, it detect many important files as virus, patch or creak automatically deleted etc. But now I am happy to say that Microsoft security essential is the best all of them. It has many important quality to be the best antivirus. the most important characteristics is ti has no effect on computer performance and it very lite. You can use it in a very low configured computer. You are very welcome to use it.
    Thank you.
  2. Joshhat08

    Joshhat08 New Member

    I can agree with this, i have used almost all of the virus protection programs you can find. Microsoft's Security Essentials is by far the leader in virus protection.
  3. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    I have Bullguard. Even though it's not free, it's only 50-60$ a year, and it's worth it. I love Bullguard, I have tried out a lot of other anti-virus programs, but this is the only one where I actually feel safe.
  4. ddeathly

    ddeathly New Member

    Bullguard, or Comodo are the best. Just one word of warning: Antiviruses do next to nothing anymore, making a virus undetectable is as easy as buying a 5$ program from a fellow hacker.
  5. Khairul Al mamun

    Khairul Al mamun New Member

    I prefer that Kaspersky antivirus is more safely to another antivirus. Bellow have all benefitfor Kaspersky antivirus
    • No slowing problem
    • No file missing
    • Web security
    • User friendly
    • Customer support is very well
    • No virus attack
    • PC will be so fast
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  6. techguy

    techguy New Member

    Avg is the best simple antivirus to use with any computer
  7. Medza

    Medza New Member

    I would have to say that Avast is my favourite amongst anti virus programs. I've been using it for longer than I can remember and it's kept me safe for many years. I like it because it works on many levels through the shield system by protecting:

    • File systems
    • Browsing the web
    • Emails
    • Your network
    • P2P
    • Instant messengers
    • Behaviour
    • Script
    It really has everything covered there, and of course it's free and in the recent updates they made the UI a little bit more user friendly, whilst still retaining the advanced features.
  8. Stephen Denning

    Stephen Denning New Member

    I have to agree with you. I switched from AVG to Security Essentials at the start of last year. What I like most about it is it's discrete, it doesn't want to hold a conversation with me every day and tell me how well it's doing on my behalf. It just runs quietly in the background and I hardly notice it impacting on the performance of my laptop. Good application all 'round.
  9. manmeet2121

    manmeet2121 New Member

    I think Mcafee is really effective. I have used for a few years now and my PC has never had any issues.

    Make sure you update your software regualry though. This is because no matter what antivirus you use. if it is not updated, then your PC or laptop may be prone to virus attacks.
  10. Scott Curtis

    Scott Curtis New Member

    I like Microsoft Security Essentials as well. My company sells Eset Endpoint Protection. It's a good AV but it like others have said, there's not much reason to pay for antivirus as viruses are repackaged so many times during the day that nothing will catch them all. Be safe when you browse and scan with Malware Bytes every week and you should catch 90% of the bad stuff on your PC.
  11. Ricky Koenig

    Ricky Koenig New Member

    I love Microsoft Security Essentials. It's light on the system and it does the job of antivirus very well. It doesn't show lots of false positives as compared to Norton or Kaspersky.

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