Eating Out VS Home cooking Meal

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yasantha, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. yasantha

    yasantha New Member

    Now as a urban person we eat more and more out. The fact we do not because we like it but a choice that we make. The yearning for a good old home cooking meal is very much appreciated but to find time to spend for such a meal is long gone. May be we should go back and find way to bring back what you called the ritual and the art of a having a meal with the family.
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  2. alexalgebra

    alexalgebra New Member

    I agree! Eating out is convenient and fun, but there's something special about having a meal at home with friends and/or family. I have a very special diet I stick to for health reasons, so I end up cooking about 95% of the time, and have come to appreciate both cooking and eating out through this process.
  3. jdjlmcwherter

    jdjlmcwherter New Member

    I always have a home cooked meal with my husband. We put the kids to bed , cook our dinner, then we sit down and watch a scary movie together. The only thing that I don't like.........Doing the dishes!
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  4. toni_s

    toni_s Member

    As my family believe that healthy cooking at home is the best, we rarely go out to eat. I love cooking for my family. It is true, that there's nothing like a home-cooked meal. However, if we decide to have good dinner somewhere, we make sure that we dine in a reputable restaurant that serve authentic Italian food as my husband is Italian and we eat the same cuisine at home.

    Italian cuisine, I believe, is just one of the best and healthiest.

    We, in the family, also try to avoid fast food.
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  5. cook920

    cook920 Member

    I'll buy if you cook..........There is nothing better than home cooking. After I learned how to cook, I started to appreciate the quality and taste of a toddler we just want what's on tv.

    Once you have truly grown up, you grow to appreciate what you have in the kitchen :)
  6. KingAceSuited

    KingAceSuited New Member

    I always ate with my family while growing up. My parents wouldn't have allowed it any other way. I still find time to eat with my family every now and then. Families that eat together tend to have more advanced children because of the added time the parents spend with those children. In addition, parents get a chance to teach the children table manners and general life lessons that otherwise might not have been taught if not for the hours and hours sitting at the table together.

    One of the most important things everyone learns while sitting at the table is the importance of the human bond, especially with regard to the family.

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  7. Loulou

    Loulou New Member

    As busy as we are as a family, we insist on having a meal together every day. Home cooked meals are usually healthier and that time to bond and discuss our days is vitally important when you have growing children. Sometimes we treat ourselves to pizza or other takeout food, especially on Fridays, but we always sit down and eat it together. And no TV on!
  8. Ines

    Ines New Member

    I definitely love home cooked meals, (If i am not the one cooking) somehow i don't trust eating out. I feel the meals are not hygienically prepared, plus i do not know the face behind the meal. I would do eating out when meeting friends or catching up with a long lost pal. The home would have too many distractions for such meetings.:( My rule however, is to keep it simple while eating out. I rarely experiment with complex meals with a lot of ingredients. I also avoid salads and other uncooked foods. Do i have Obsessive Repulsive Disorder?
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  9. Adeheer21

    Adeheer21 New Member

    Im sorry but eating all the time is super unhealthy. Resturants cook with a lot of grease and weird spices. I remember my mom worked a full time job while going to college and suporting me and every night made a home cooked meal from scratch. America is just becoming lazy and its sad to see. Now 19, and moved out with my boyfriend, I do the same thing we eat at home 80% of the time and I 14 animals to care for and college lol! Always busy! :)
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  10. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Honestly, I prefer to prepare my own meals at home. I'm not trained in the culinary arts; however, there is just something wonderful about cooking/baking my own meals. These days I find myself making lots of exotic salads. I find my salad recipes online.
  11. mrnapolean1

    mrnapolean1 New Member

    Cooking at home meals is more healthier than a greasy burger and french fries.
  12. vioburn

    vioburn New Member

    If we're going to a trusted, local restaurant, I really enjoy myself. It's nice to get out once in a while and have someone else do all of the work! However, I also have a 14 month old, and taking him out to restaurants is starting to become a nightmare! On the other hand, I also love cooking homemade meals for my family. There's just something about eating a nice meal around your own table in the comfort of your own home. Both my husband and I cook, so we can take turns. He does breakfast and grilling best; I do stovetop and casserole dishes best. It's a win/win!!
  13. chantel morgan

    chantel morgan New Member

    I grew up in the caribbean. Eating out was nev er a thing that my family did we always cooked our meals. The closes to eating out was school lunch. I grew up on this, but since I have moved to the states. My lifestyle has changed. I have not totally went out to eat everyday, but I have gone out with my family to eat. I do not agree on eating out all the time. I think that when you cook your own meals. You know what you are putting into your mouth. Plus your saving money and sharing your love to your family and yourself.
  14. boobaby909

    boobaby909 New Member

    I believe that recent technology has lead to the major growth in more people eating out verses those that stay home to eat. Every where we look there's a bit of evidence for this. There are hundred of app that suggest plenty of good places to eat out. I'm not saying that there aren't apps that suggest you stay home, but these social apps have only one purpose and that is to get consumers out to eat.
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  15. cherrywaves

    cherrywaves New Member

    I have to say I am lucky to be able to work from home so that I can log off work and cook a meal for my family. When I was single I hated the idea of eating in. I rather go spend money and have someone cook the meal for me. However, now that I have a family I prefer to cook for them. Not just for the health benefits but because after having to do it, it feels so wrong not to cook a meal at home. I also realized that I absolutely love cooking! Want to know what to give me for Christmas? Just give me a cooking gadget and I am all set! That is how much I enjoy cooking now. Plus its satisfying hearing all the compliments regarding your cooked meal. Eating out is expensive and the portions have gotten ridiculously small. I could probably make several meals with the money my family and I would spend at a restaurant.
  16. Tschibo

    Tschibo New Member

    I do enjoy eating out once in a while with my husband, especially to celebrate a special occasion or just to have a nice outing together, but I really can't imagine eating out as a part of our daily (or even weekly) routine. I don't think that eating out is healthy, and it is definitely not cheap when compared to cooking at home. Even though cooking isn't my favorite thing to do, I am glad that my husband and I can enjoy a meal I prepared for us; a meal that's healthy and that's prepared with fresh ingredients. I also find that when I get to try out new recipes, cooking feels more like an adventure than a daily chore ;)
  17. jazzdancer

    jazzdancer New Member

    While we do prefer a home cooked meal during the week and weekends , we have often gone out on Friday to " reward" ourselves after a long hard week, however we have found lately, that the cost in " family" restaurants has gone up considerably when you take into account drinks ( non- alcoholic). Recently, we have found ourselves enjoying " take-in" to cut down the costs.
  18. Randall

    Randall New Member

    I prefer eating at home. With today's economical roller coaster one should watch each and every cent you spend.
    It is more fun for the family to have time together preparing a meal as apposed to eating out. I feel like people are watching us because our kids are extremely busy with loads of energy. Eating at home seems like the only sane option also for us where people's stares are concerned.
  19. Raymond.Wahl

    Raymond.Wahl New Member

    I am lucky enough to have a fiancee who loves to cook. As a result, our family primarily eats home cooked meals instead of dining out. Her children, ages five and four, will sit down with us and share their exciting stories of the day while she and I listen. The family time we get is limited due to shared custody with their father, so we try to value every moment we have with them.

    I also have to echo Randall's sentiments about the stares that come from two hyper children acting out at restaurants. Unfortunately it's a sad reality that children are often disruptive at exactly the wrong moment, which usually means they start yelling and getting loud just as we are seated.

    We have found that it is both cheaper and less exhausting to eat at home. In return for her making dinner, I have been known to wash my fair share of dishes. We believe in a division of labor to achieve the same end goal and this arrangement works well for us because she abhors dishes while I despise cooking.

    That being said, there are rare occasions where I will surprise her by making dinner and doing the dishes both. She greatly appreciates these nights.
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  20. Michael James Swan

    Michael James Swan New Member

    Since I live on my own, and only have to provide for myself, I tend to cook a meal.

    I do like to order an Indian Dish or Pizza from time to time, but it all really depends on how much money I have spare at the end of each month.

    I see that several of our members partners cook a nice dish or two... Care to share some recipes?

    Best Regards,
    Michael James Swan
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  21. drtigress

    drtigress New Member

    Home food is the best to be appreciated at all walks of life.
    As a kid, you have no choice other than home food. Then, you were very healthy.
    As you grow up, you crave for fast foods and other attractive dishes you see outside. You try everything, and at some point in life you will realize that there is nothing more to it other than the spoilt health.
    And, again you have a look at the homemade delicacies and start appreciating it more than anything else you had out.
    And that is life :)
  22. alamodest

    alamodest New Member

    I personally love to cook. My parents used to own two different restaurants, and I guess I just inherited their passion for cooking. They were both business owners and cooks, so there were many occasions where our "home-cooked" meals were from their leftovers from the restaurant. I also grew up in a different country where almost all the middle class households and up had helpers. I had the pleasure of having home cooked meals made by different helpers, as well as by my own parents.

    My husband and I run our own (non-restaurant) business, but as much as I love cooking, I can't cook all the time. Our time is money, so whatever time I spend not working on our business (cooking, for instance), I don't earn monetarily. However because I can't stop doing what I love, I do cook as much as I can at home. My husband loves it.
  23. alamodest

    alamodest New Member

    I LOVE Indian food. Some people think it's too foreign still, but I see so more and more people get into it. I also see a lot of Indian (and Middle Eastern) restaurants more now. I only wish their dishes weren't so pricey. We do have a take out nearby, so it's very convenient and relatively inexpensive---considering you don't need to tip.
  24. soultraveler

    soultraveler New Member

    I am a purist when it comes to food. Nowadays, we are exposed to so much adulterated foods that I feel obligated to choose and manage all the ingredients that go into whatever it is that I eat. So I cook from scratch. Every day. I love sweets, and I have disciplined myself to eat only sweets that I cook myself. From scratch. Except ice cream. But I bought myself an ice cream maker and now I can make my own ice cream. But I'll have to be careful because if I ever had to choose what to have for a last meal, it would be ice cream on ice cream with ice cream on top.
  25. Alain Kassabian

    Alain Kassabian New Member

    Preparing home meals can be extremely convenient. The main parts of my diet and the required preparations are as follows:

    Local Organic Green Veggies (ie. Spinach, Kale and Celery) - Cleaning cutting and blending takes about 1 hour.
    Raw Organic Almond Butter - Takes half of one second to open the lid.
    Organic Germinated Legumes - Takes half of an hour to boil the water and cook the legumes.
    Organic Free Roaming Chicken Eggs - Takes 20 min to cook 4 eggs.

    I try and eat each of those 4 meals every day and I invest pretty seriously in nutritional supplements. Each time I prepare veggie shakes or germinate legumes I end up with 2 days worth of the foods in question. That's an average of about 65 minutes spent preparing food per day. On my weekly fast day I usually prepare no food.

    I mostly eat to sustain my physical body but I totally appreciate a good meal out or in. The social aspect can be nice and there sure are some awesome chefs out there serving up tastier things than I can likely make.

    Hopefully I have provided something useful and interesting here. Anyone see any problems with my diet? A lot of people can not believe how little variety I accept but I just reply that simplicity is serving me well so far and I will always continue to add and remove recipes over time.
  26. angini

    angini New Member

    I eat food prepared at home 95% of the time. I prefer home-made meals any day to eating at a restaurant. That being said, I do like to go out to eat now and again. My body is pretty sensitive to what I put in it, so I have to be careful when dining outside the home. Fast-food is a no-no for me. Dining out is more than just the food. If you don't do it that much it's fun to go sit in a restaurant with family or friends. The best part is no clean-up.
  27. busychica

    busychica New Member

    I believe that home cooking is best. You know what's in your food and just how you like it done. I think this is true especially if someone is trying to eat healthy. Restaurants can have a limited variety of good things to eat. But at home a person can mix and match are sorts of ingredients and recipes. I think buying food to cook at home can also come out a lot cheaper!
  28. dgb1975

    dgb1975 New Member

    We are a family of 6 and eating out can get very expensive for us so we tend to eat most meals at home. There are very few evenings where the whole family is not having dinner together. With the fast paced life everyone lives today it is nice to sit down with the family for a meal at home.
  29. thebluewhale

    thebluewhale New Member

    Home-cooked meals taste best when they're made for you.

    Considering a working schedule, however, it's difficult to commit to this on a daily basis. The ideal home meal would be very simple and time-efficient, with the more glamorous recipes saved for special occasions/holidays.

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