Eating Out VS Home cooking Meal

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yasantha, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo New Member

    I agree and I enjoy both. As a college student, I find it more cost effective to cook at home. I was fortunate enough to learn how to cook and bake while I was in high school. I cook most of my meals at home and sometimes make enough to last a few days so I don't have to cook every day, but just heat it up and enjoy. On days where I don't have ingredients to make something or got tired of the same thing I go out and buy some take out.
  2. daechols

    daechols New Member

    I was raised in a large family and we always ate dinner at home. It was a fun time in the evening laughing and sharing happenings at school. Since my mom is a great cook we could always expect "drop in" guests around the dinner hour at least once a week. It's funny, that even with so many kids, there was always enough food for everyone.
  3. flairwriter

    flairwriter New Member

    This is an interesting topic; I actually prefer home cooking meals. In my opinion, home cooking meal is one of the best meals one can ever have. There is so much joy eating what you have prepared yourself, or with your own hands. Though there is a little down side to it like, sometimes because you have prepared it yourself, you lost appetite; you do not eat much as you would have eaten. I do not know if this awkward situation happens to many people though.

    Personally, I never knew how to cook in my teens but now that I can actually cook different types of foods all by myself, I feel like I am better off cooking myself than going out to eat always. I also understand that occasionally it is good to go out there and eat some good restaurant food because this can be fun really especially with your loved ones. Also, home cooking meals in my own opinion can be more economical as compared to eating out. You ccan cook what you want with the little you have stocked in store.

    If you are someone that is always busy with work, eating out might be good for you, as it is fast. However, when eating out, many processed foods out there are not good for the body. They are full of junks so it is advisable to watch out for such foods. I am not saying there are no good restaurants out there that serve good dishes, there are many. In fact, there are good restaurants out there that also serve organic dishes. However, my final word is, home cooking meal is the best meal and I prefer it to eating out always.
  4. mayorjosh

    mayorjosh New Member

    I prefer eating out because I'm kind of a lazy person and I really think it's stressful after coming back from work or school and then having to cook again
  5. dreamvision

    dreamvision New Member

    I use to eat out a lot when I was single but since getting together with my sweetheart, most of my meals are prepared at home, my girlfriend is from Spain and an excellent cook. She has introduced me to some fantastic spanish dishes, to mention a few, a seafood and rice dish called paella and another called Spanish tortilla and garbanzo - meatball soup along with many great tasting, old school dishes, I am truly blessed.
  6. olavic17

    olavic17 New Member

    I prefer home made meals because I can try my hands on so many things and I spend less but if I am to eat outside the home,I spend more and hardly get satisfied.
  7. quit13quinn

    quit13quinn New Member

    I love home cooked meals, when someone knows how to cook that is. The problem I come by with this one is home cooked meals are typically better for you and are more portioned. Fast food on the other hand is more convenient and no one is going to stop you on how much the order is when you're the one paying. But in all honesty, I enjoy home cooked meals over your typical McDonalds meal.
  8. francis22

    francis22 New Member

    Bukkas prepare and display tasteful variety of food to attract people who want to feed their stomach.Some people are so occupied with work that they are forced to eat out,but I encourage you to cook at home instead of eating out.When you eat at home.
    YOU SAVE MONEY: Home made food are cheaper and better than spending so much on a plate of rice and pay extra for an extra food.Eating at home makes you save money for other needs.
    YOU EAT HEALTHY: Most of foods out there are processed food, due to the ingredients used,but eating at home,you use the ingredients of your choice that have positive effect on your health.personally,I hate onion but I can't restrict it at the restaurant.
    TRAINING: I love cooking at home. It perfects my cooking skill.I brag about that when am with my fellow guys and I don't give you food if you annoy me:)
    HYGIENE:restaurants my look very neat but I still don't trust the kitchens.I don't trust how they wash and preserve the foods.
    Home made foods are the best.
  9. Triddle

    Triddle New Member

    Completely agree! I always find myself falling into the trap of eating out and then being peeved because I'm paying for something that I could have cooked better myself.
  10. samtraxplores

    samtraxplores New Member

    I prefer to cook instead of eating out because I suffer from various food allergies. It is very difficult to keep track of ingredients that restaurants use to prepare the food, so I keep eating out to the minimum.
  11. stephtobacillus

    stephtobacillus New Member

    It depends, I guess? If you're living alone, I feel that it's better to eat out because it will cost you a lot of time and money to go and buy the goods you need and prepare a dish for yourself, but if you live with your family, I suppose it is more economical. Also, you get to bond with your family members and now you have memories to cherish. Reading this thread by the way made me crave home-cooked meals. Now, off to eat!
  12. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    Home cooked meals will always trump eating out. From a health point of view when food is prepared at home one is able to control the ingredients and quantities thereof that goes into the food; at restaurants or fast food joints the same cannot be said. From an emotional point of view, food is able to relay emotion – when food is cooked with love and care; it lends an element to the food which takes it from ‘nice’ to ‘unforgettable’.
  13. Susan-Marie

    Susan-Marie New Member

    I would like to say I am a big fan of a home cooked meal. I love to cook and bake! I am definitely not putting down any food from a restaurant, but when I cook at home I can control the flavor, calories, and any preservatives that might be added. There is something about making it yourself while serving others. I truly love to bake from scratch. I love to look up different recipes and take a little from each one and come up with my own version.
  14. eds21

    eds21 New Member

    i really like eating in outside but its like when you eat in a restaurant the time and the place that you will go consume time and preparations and for me its like when you eat outside almost what you go is the fast food restaurants which is not very healthy at all but its tasty that's for sure. on the other side when you home cook a meal your ingredients i always make very healthy foods but its time consuming as well as very tiring and very hard if your not used to cooking and you might screwed the taste of your meal.
  15. Babyblue

    Babyblue New Member

    Eating out is a more convenient way to eat because other people prepare your meals and after eating you don’t even need to wash your own dishes. You just pay and you can leave, but the down side of eating out is it is more unhealthy and it is not advisable to always eat out. Aside from being unhealthy, it can also lighten your wallet. Eating out is more costly than preparing a meal at home. I prefer home cooked meals at home, where my family is there, we can gather together, eat a healthier meal (since we can choose what to put in our food or how we cook our food) and enjoy our family’s company. And after eating we can do the chores together like washing and drying the dishes. Preparing home cooked meals is the healthier and budget friendlier choice.
  16. Queenice

    Queenice New Member

    I enjoy both eating meal outside and at home...
    Eating food outside gives you a variety of food to choose from. Like vegetables, poultry products, seafoods and a lot more. While eating at home gives you food safety because you know well how the food is being prepared. You can also learn how to cook food by your own skills and knowledge in preparing some dishes for your family and friends.
  17. TriciaJo

    TriciaJo New Member

    In our family, I seldomly cooked meals for them. I dont know haha. Im not a good cook thats why when my parent went outside, I just bought some can goods , frozen foods or ready to eat meal. My parent know how to cooked well but im still wondering why i was not influenced by their skill:) Thats why i really wanted to stayed my parent at home so that i will not lose my appetite to eat.
  18. liamgrace98

    liamgrace98 New Member

    Nothing beats home made meals from my Mom - I don't think I've ever had a meal that's been better than when its home made by Mom it's just too good!
  19. JericSanchez

    JericSanchez New Member

    Home cooking meal is the best you know that its safe to eat,can save money while eating the best meal in the world and its very special made for the family,and through that family bonds get more stronger and more open to all family and it creates a healthy and positive energy inside of you and in the house,with it you will have more memories about how its made for the family and that's so very special about home cooking meal. so home cooking meal is the best in the world.
  20. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Home-cooked meals are always the best for me. I prefer to eat home-cooked meals because I think they are healthier. And because your family members personally cooked and prepared it, I think it is safer to eat. Because you know what exactly is in the food you are about to eat. Eating a home-cooked meal is always the best thing to do.
  21. rackie

    rackie New Member

    Eating at home, bacause I appreciate the smile I see when I've prepared food for my family at home. We enjoy the food better because i know I put time and effort into preparing the meal. The best part is that I know what is in the food. And food prepared at home is healthier there's a lot of health benefits you can get most of all in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  22. mafel

    mafel New Member

    I like home-cooked meal since I am a mother and wife who loves cooking. Aside from the enjoyment I felt when cooking, budgetwise, I believe it's more practical. Plus, I can assure that my family is eating healthy meals. But, there's also advantage in eating out. It is actually convenient especially to those who are working in an office full-time and have no time for cooking. So, I think this depends on the situation you are in. But personally, I prefer home-cooked meal instead of eating out.
  23. Rupert82

    Rupert82 New Member

    Cooking at home is always better for me. You could cook whatever you like, however you like it. The best thing is you know the food is clean and healthy. Also, it's a sort of a bonding for the family especially for working dads like me. Whenever I cook I always ask my son to help me a bit and tell stories while we cook.
  24. Olivia Wezdenko

    Olivia Wezdenko New Member

    Growing up, I have always eaten a home cooked meal. Rarely did my family and I go out to eat, and even to this day, we still choose to dine in rather than dine out. I believe that due to the fact I grew up this way, there is now way I could enjoy take out food rather than a meal prepared from scratch. There is something about a home cooked meal that is special, compared to fast food. The taste and look of the meal is richer, as there was time and commitment involved in the making of it. Now, many say that they must turn to take out food due to being too busy or a bad cook, however it is very easy to make your own meals. If you are too busy, try and meal-prep, where you may make all your food on one day of the week so that you are all set for the days to come. If you consider yourself to be a bad cook, then learning is very easy, and you can start off with simple recipes and work your way up!
  25. AntoniaJoana

    AntoniaJoana New Member

    Nothing beats mom's home cooked meals from your childhood. Yes, fancy restaurants make you feel really good and some actually do have tasty things on the menu. But honestly, it's just a waste of money. It's food. It fills you up and then it goes out. Sorry to say this. I save a lot of money by not going out. At all. I can still have a social life and go out with friends on a walk or shopping for something else. With the money I saved from not eating out. And I used to believe cooking at home takes way too much time. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are so many quick recipes that anyone can make. And if you have a bit of extra time, maybe you can prep for the next two days as well.
    I prefer to cook at home. It doesn't take that much time, it might be a bit of an effort, but it saves money.
  26. Anne Dm

    Anne Dm New Member

    I believe it is still best to eat at home. Eating at home spends more quality time with your family. You are assured that the food you eat is at best and healthier. You also save time, money when you eat at home. With the hassle of traiffic and looking for a parking area it is more convenient to eat at home.
  27. nrghatani

    nrghatani New Member

    I enjoy cooking the tense, thrill, eagerness to make it right at the disappointment :eek: after it goes wrong.Love it can't get that feeling with outside meal.
  28. dabodash

    dabodash New Member

    both. eating out for me is family time thats when I take my kids out and we have a good time. home cooking is best to because still family time when you all eat toghther. so both are good because it is all about the family.
  29. jo mark

    jo mark New Member

    I love eating out from time to time with my family and friends. But i still prefer home cooking not just because its helthier it's also more practical in many ways and I looove cooking. hate washing utensils though.
  30. Nonso Daniel

    Nonso Daniel New Member

    in eating out, it involves extra spending, most times i decide to eat outside just for the fun of it, maybe snacks and on getting home, I find a more delicious meal at home, the regret of buying and wasting the money on a less tasty meal comes rushing down. so i have learnt to always wait till i get home to take my meal or i leave home with a lunch box containing a home cooked meal.

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