Eating Out VS Home cooking Meal

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yasantha, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. saxored

    saxored New Member

    Home cooked meals.
    Why? I am a good cook. And home cooking is cheaper than eating out and when I am cooking i know what is on the food. And sometimes when I eat out I was not satisfied for the price of the food for its taste. :(
  2. jasminemay

    jasminemay New Member

    It is fun eating out but for me I like to have home cooking meal because it is less expensive than eating out. Aside from that, my husband and I enjoyed cooking our meals together. So for me, home cooking meal is not just inexpensive but also it is the way of our family bonding which give us happiness and contentment when we cook our favorite foods.
  3. Fireyice

    Fireyice New Member

    As a person who grew in a city, I can say that eating out is really convenient. Plus, you have the option to choose what cuisine you will eat. And there are many to choose from that are cheap but tasty. On the other side, Homemade foods give you that feeling of a family. I remember whenever my grandma and mother cook my favourite foods. The taste is priceless. It gives you the comfort a family can only give. And sometimes it brings back memory from your childhood as well.

    One of its other benefits is the quality of the food. Well I am not saying that food from restaurants and fast food chains are low quality. What I am trying to point out is that the preparation of homemade foods more delicate. Plus you have the chance to choose the ingredients that you will add on the recipe. It is also healthier given the fact that you have the option to choose the condiments and vegetables that you will add. On the top of that, you have the control over the saltiness and taste of the food.

    For me, Home made food is still the winner.
  4. janmike

    janmike New Member

    I do enjoy eating out once in a while with my husband, especially to celebrate a special occasion or just to have a nice outing together, but I really can't imagine eating out as a part of our daily (or even weekly) routine.Considering a working schedule, however, it's difficult to commit to this on a daily basis. The ideal home meal would be very simple and time-efficient, with the more glamorous recipes saved for special occasions/holidays.We are a family of 6 and eating out can get very expensive for us so we tend to eat most meals at home. There are very few evenings where the whole family is not having dinner together. With the fast paced life everyone lives today it is nice to sit down with the family for a meal at home.
  5. Eating out or home cooking meal? Home cooking meal for me because my mom is the best cook there is. Comparing my mom's dishes to fancy restaurants, she can match any of their dishes. Comparing it to eating in fast food, yes the food is served quickly but the preservatives it contain we all know that. And lastly, the best thing about is its cooked with love especially during holidays, birthdays and special occassions.
  6. rbn

    rbn New Member

    I always love to eat a home-cooked meal especially when it is done by my husband. I am a bit health concious indivual. So, I want to make sure that the ingredients of the food I and my family intake are safe and healthy. Though eating out is more hassle-free than eating at home, I would rather choose to become tired of preparing than enjoying uncertain foods. Practicality wise, cooking and eating at home is cheaper than eating out. So, for those who save money, let us just give our effort to cook and prepare meal for our family.
  7. sweetlimern

    sweetlimern New Member

    As a mother,I prefer home cooked meals for me and my family. Not just beacause you can prepare a healthy food, but for other reasons as well. Like me and my son, we have allergies on some food like seafoods. Since it is home cooked,I know what's in our food to prevent allergic episodes. Another thing is my religion. I am an SDA. We don't eat pork, shrimps, crabs etc. I don't have to worry if my food have those. Although I agree that eating out is more convenient but because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, it is best to prepare our own food. Besides, we only have one body so we better take care of it.
  8. janiney

    janiney New Member

    I prefer home cooked meals even though I live on my own. In terms of nutritional value, these are healthier compare to eating out. We are not sure how they were prepared and we have no idea with the amount of salt being add to a certain meal. You are more prone to get sick if you eat out a lot. No matter how you busy life can be, we should still have time to consume home cooked meals.
  9. Benj R.

    Benj R. New Member

    Home Cooking meal is better for me,because you know how the food is prepared,and you can assure that it is clean without contamination to dirts,viruses and microorganisms that can cause communicable diseases that affects our health and family,It also more cheaper compared to eating out and you can modify the type of diet to nutritious one to stay fit and healthy.Eating Out saves time and effort if you don't have time to cook for yourself and family,or if you are craving for something you can't cook.But is not 100% safe and clean,because you don't know how the food was prepared if they follow sanitary precautions to prevent food from contamination,and most food outside are coming from fast foods which are not nutritious that will affect yourself and your families health on early or later part.It is easy to learn how to cook nowadays from by reading cookbooks,using internet or if you have a friend or relatives that has a good skills in cooking.
  10. rabintercaf1609

    rabintercaf1609 New Member

    Ill prefer Home cooking Meal, well a meal taste best when its cooked in your home or with your family right like its the best times in the world. And it is also the best way to save money, because you can monitor your own ingredients and how do you want it to be. Considering in a daily basis its a common sense that you have to get up early for you to prepare a meals and efficient on your wallet. Even if you say that you are not a good cook if you try it to be done everyday you will someday be at success. I live on my own, and only have to provide for myself, I tend to cook a meal. since im 15 and my cooking before is not good and i tend to buy food or order food until i learned to cook. But I still order food from time to time for special occasion or something.
  11. Kynnedy Cole

    Kynnedy Cole New Member

    As someone who is part of the younger generation I must say that I really do enjoy eating out. I love the atmosphere of me sitting down and eating with friends or family and trying new things. Although, there is nothing better than Grandma's southern soul food that she makes every Sunday. When I make food at home I feel like it doesn't taste as good as someone else cooking it.
  12. fattymadz

    fattymadz New Member

    Eating out would be the best choice for me specially I live alone. It's kinda boring eating alone at home.
  13. AimMarie

    AimMarie New Member

    I cook because I love the feeling of preparing and enjoying my own home cooked meals. However, I am currently living in Taiwan and there is such a strong culture of eating out here that many apartments do not have kitchens. A lot of my coworkers are surprised that I cook as much as I do. Most of the time I love the fact that I live alone and that the meals I prepare are 100% to my own tastes. It also makes eating out more of a treat because I associate it with my social time. I do find myself wishing I had people around me to cook for sometimes though.
  14. If you want to follow a diet you have to home cook the meals. Is very importnt to know what you are eating and having a control of your calories that if you have out to eat this control is very dificult to follow it. And remember that going out to eat is much more spensive.
  15. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    The nothing beats the purpose of home's the family the bonding. It is also the reason why I love cooking as I got to feed my kids with healthy meals that I just learned from a cooking show or video. I also got to share the same skill to my husband who would always care to comment on my cooking. He's my best critic!
  16. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    The nothing beats the purpose of home's the family the bonding. It is also the reason why I love cooking as I got to feed my kids with healthy meals that I just learned from a cooking show or video. I also got to share the same skill to my husband who would always care to comment on my cooking. He's my best critic!
  17. daryll06

    daryll06 New Member

    I always prefer home-cooked meal because feel safe. Eating outside especially in a fast food always have a risk of getting disease, particularly eating fried foods, that uses saturated oils that repeatedly using it.
  18. anah1206

    anah1206 New Member

    Personally, I prefer cooking my own meal. It is because I am sure that the the ingredients that were used in preparing the meal is safe and handled properly. Also, meals that are pre ordered also have a lot of preservatives which is bad for the body. Another is that I can save more money by cooking my own meal than eating out because nowadays, a meal outside is very costly and as a frugal person I avoid spending too much on things that I can do on my own. However, when i am at work and cooking is not possible I buy on a quality assured restaurant or I prepare meals that I can take to my work.
  19. SurreTina

    SurreTina Member

    I love cooking and because I can't eat many things, it's much easier to cook at home, but eating out is also great especially with friends or family.
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  20. emgaudet

    emgaudet New Member

    It's so easy in this fast paced world to just grab a quick bite at a restaurant instead of cooking at home. I don't believe there is anything wrong with eat out from time to time. It's when it becomes a daily occurrence that it becomes a problem. Not only can it become expensive, it's also not always healthy. When you pay someone else to prepare your food, you never really know what all is in it. Even the so called "healthy options" may contain unhealthy additives. My solution for my family is meal prepping. I try to spend one evening a week preparing the ingredients for meals throughout the week, so all I have to do after a busy day is toss our food in the oven, or dump it in the crock pot in the morning before work. Makes for easy, home cooked meals during the week, without the exorbitant price or health risks of going out to eat.
  21. simplymommy

    simplymommy New Member

    Home cooked meal is still the best, the cheapest and the cleanest food you can serve for your family. This way you will guard and watch what you eat. Eating out in a fast food chains maybe done sometimes especially when you are in other places or country that you are not so sure about the taste of each dishes. But we as Filipinos, we are known for being so hospitable that whenever there is a gathering, we make sure that we really cook a lot since feasting is a way of bonding together.
  22. glomer21

    glomer21 New Member

    This is a hard decision to choose between eating out and home cooking meal. I love eating out but if I'm always doing it, I will miss home cooking meal. So, I think I will choose home cooking meal because those meals made at home are healthier than fast food or restaurant foods.
  23. angheloiudanut

    angheloiudanut New Member

    I love cooking and eating fresh food and good quality so for me going out is only in places where i know what they cook and how fresh is the food
  24. gmaria1124

    gmaria1124 New Member

    Home cooked meals are so important to our family. It's not only about the meal. It's about sharing time with family and friends. It's bonding and sharing ideas. Home cooked meals at our home consist of my family all pitching in and helping each other. Sharing new recipes. Each person pitches in and helps out. Some cook, some clean, some help prepare the foods to get ready for the meal. Our meals together are always about communicating and sharing events from our day. We always try and make this time together fun. The children talk about school or something that happened with their friends. My husband and I laugh and talk about something that happened at work or talk with the children about something that happened to us when we were younger. No matter what we discuss, it's a time for us to share, to be together and to create lasting memories. We go out and eat maybe once or twice a week, otherwise, we choose to spend the majority of our mealtimes in the comfort of our home.
  25. JohanGro

    JohanGro New Member

    I prefer a home cooked meal to eating out. Also to have a break from daily meal preparation and cooking, we try and eat out every 2 weeks. Sometimes we will just order food from a take out restaurant that offers a delivery service.
  26. Princess Dasco

    Princess Dasco New Member

    If you are going on a diet, eating at home can help you stay faithful to your diet plan. When you are dining out, you will be exposed to greater temptation to eat tasty but unhealthy food. Also, it is more likely that you will forget about your dietary restrictions if you are eating out with your friends. While it is possible to overcome the temptations, it is still better to stay away from such situations entirely.
  27. Starmz

    Starmz New Member

    90% homecooked meals, 10% dining out is the most sustainable way of eating, I think! Why? Well...
    • Financial control - Since you have to go grocery shopping each week, you are aware of where each penny is going and can adjust accordingly. This sort of mundane task also means you're less likely to excuse it as a 'one-time' splurge, like many of us are so wont to do when it comes to social outings. Being very frugal, this is a huge plus for me!
    • Nutritional content - If you're cooking for yourself, you know exactly what you're consuming. If you're health- or diet-conscious, you can ensure that your meals fit your nutritional needs or diet plan. People are far more likely to go off their diets when eating out because nutritional information is not provided in most restaurants (and who would really be bothered to ask for it?), and even because of social pressure from, say, friends or relatives who encourage you to indulge 'for once'. Additionally, not every establishment can cater to dietary requirements, if you have them
    • Keeping track of time - All too often, eating out eats away at our schedule and hence our productivity, because you need to factor in waiting/serving time as well as transportation time. This is doubly true if you are on a social outing!
    That said, I do look forward to eating out; particularly when I pick a new restaurant I'm really excited about or an old favourite.
  28. marmla

    marmla New Member

    I completely agree with the last post, especially considering fist two aspects! First of all, with home-cooked meals, you can save a lot of money. If you are an eating-out kind of person, just try to cut down going to restaurants and fast food joints for a while. Keep track of your expenses, and you will see a huge difference in your budget.

    Secondly, we are surrounded by sugar and fat, which, especially when combined, can turn into a ticking time bomb. That is why there is so much talk about healthy food, or, in other words - real food. I always remember a simple rule: if it's not advertised - it's good for you. You should not be thinking about diets. Instead, cooking healthy meals should be your way of life.

    When you are left with occasional eating out, it will bring you so much more pleasure, because it will no longer be a routine, but a treat. Make sure you pick out nice places - it's not just about the food.
  29. Rachellecd

    Rachellecd New Member

    Food always seems to taste better when it is prepared for you. I think it is more of a mental thing. I am a health coach and I understand that. When it comes to eating out versus cooking at home; while it seems convenient it can be costly. In fact you can save more money as well as get more for your money that you spend at the grocery store on buying food. Plus, there are so many great recipes to try!
  30. Stacy Stephens

    Stacy Stephens New Member

    My family prefers homecooked meals. I do as much cooking from scratch as possible. It's important to me to know the ingredients in my family's food. I want to know it is as healthy as possible. When you eat out you have no idea what your getting. Sometimes it's something to make you very sick. Unfortunately, I experienced this first hand. I have to admit, and I know this sounds very vain but my cooking taste so much better.

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