Eating Out VS Home cooking Meal

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yasantha, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. damir isakovic

    damir isakovic New Member

    The home cooking meal is so much safer and cleaner because there is certain control of what is being put in the food. Vs
    eating out
  2. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson New Member

    I prefer to eat at home. There is nothing like a home cooked meal after a long day of work. Doesn't matter if my wife made it or if I made it myself. It's heather and brings families together.
  3. boxxyA22

    boxxyA22 New Member

    Eating out and home cooking meal is one of the best part in a family bonding .. Usually during our younger years we are always excited to eating outside, tried different food that is being offered and want to feel the cozy and different food house/food chains and restaurants specially today's group of younger generation.
    When i started my family and having a baby. I started to lessen eating out or control times of eating in a food shop.. For the reason of health issues. Because having a baby and being a mother you need to maintain a healthy life style and healthy food intake. I am not saying that eating out is not healthy .. there are lots of restaurants and food chains offers organic/healthy food option. So it is also depends on the persons budget or place where to eat or what kinds of food he/she likes or craving. For i am a mother now, my first priority is to served my family a healthy home cooked meals .. Introduce and guide my children that home cooked meals are good and sure of, that is done properly and personally handpick by their mother. As my children grow i am learning/taking notes of the food that my family loved from a food shop .. So i just make an adjustment on the ingriedients and on how the presented in to a customer like me. To make it short eating outside is also good you just check good and healthy food option to eat with family . But, if a parent have time and resources to served a home cooked meals still the best and can be enjoyed anytime of the day and at the same time save up some budget for future needs..
  4. Reine11

    Reine11 New Member

    Personally, I prefer home-cooked meals especially if it is cooked because you request it.

    In home-cooked meals you can decide on what is going to be in your meal. Your food will not look that your on a budget. Also in preparing home-cooked meals it will cost you less expense compared in eating out with limited food selection, unlike at home you can eat whatever you want and how much servings you can.
  5. I prefer eating home made meal because I really love my mother's cook. If I eat outside the house, I will just waste my money and it will cost too much. I dont like the taste of fastfood meals or in restaurant. Im just a simple person and I am not choosy in foods. Even its just the cheapest dish, I will eat it. Its a God's creation and I will not waste all of it. You eaat all you want because we all know that outside our house like beggars, they dont have something to eat that is why they are begging for money for something to eat. Be greatful of what we have. Not all of us are eating well like we do.
  6. shieya28

    shieya28 New Member

    As a mother and a housewife, I would say that it best if you cook meals at home and eat together with your family. You will be more complacent that the food you prepare is safe to eat because you only want what is best for you and your family. Lastly, you can save money from cooking at home rather than eating out with no guarantee if the ingredients are fresh.
  7. regineca

    regineca New Member

    Home-cooked meals feed your soul while food served at the fast-food or restaurant only satisfy your belly.
    Apparently, people who are working through rush hour get to resort eating-out rather than cooking at home for them to save time so when they got home they could directly lay themselves on their beds. People who get used to it (eating-out) are mostly those who are living by themselves. They are primarily concerned of their belly. On the other hand, home-cooked meals are more satisfying and your can really feel the indulgence of its taste. You know why? Because they are cooked with love and for love not for money. This is the reason why people/family who used to eat home-cooked meals develop the sense of togetherness and relatedness. It seems that through the food they eat at home somehow connects their souls and interact in a profound sense.
  8. missmacashuung

    missmacashuung New Member

    When you cook at home, you control what you put into your food. There is that old adage that "You are what you eat," but, for many people, your food is what you put into it. When you get food from a restaurant, you have no idea what sort of junk they put into it. How much oil is in there? How much sugar? How much heavy cream?

    Whereas if you're cooking at home, you have options. You can avoid high amounts of butter. You can avoid drowning your potatoes in oil. You can make healthy food that is also appetizing—I know, a shocker!
  9. Cessnavie

    Cessnavie Member

    My family enjoys eating together at home. My kids are already happy and contented serving them home cooked food because they feel that it is served with love and care from us. It also helps us save money because it is too costly eating in a restaurant. My husband and I help together preparing the food for our kids. We enjoy seeing our kids love the food we served.
  10. Stealthb2

    Stealthb2 New Member

    Home-cooked meals specially when mom cooked if for me it's very-very delicious. Also these kinds of meal for me I can assure that there is no artificial preservatives that were added. Eating outside might add some junk in your stomach due to those preservatives so it's best to eat at home and also you can cook the food the way you wanted it to be and also you will learn from it.
  11. laux

    laux New Member

    I still choose my mom's cooked meals. It is much healthier and safer. I trust my mom and her meals. Eating out on restaurants or fast foods seems to be efficient but it is still not guaranteed to be healthy and clean. I still stick on it.
    Home cooked foods are also for free. It is a family meal made for you. I also grow up in eating home cooked meals. I do not have any problem with it and I always get satisfied. I also refer this to other people because making home cooked meals for your love ones makes the relationship stronger.
  12. iamblessed

    iamblessed New Member

    Though preparing meals at home are time consuming especially to working people, but for many, home cooked meals are healthier and much cheaper than eating out. And I think dining on a restaurant or a fast food chain can also be done occassionaly..just always make sure that healthy eating is our top priority.
  13. rebeccaverdad

    rebeccaverdad Member

    For me nothing will be the best in home cooking. Because it's you know what are the ingredients that makes it really taste good. Unlike in eating out because some of the restaurant or diner they know how to play our taste buds some of them use a lot of msg (mono sodium glutamate), we don't know how long the oils they've been using for a food. That's the reason why a lot of kids or in early ages got illness that old ages have before. Like the type 2 diabetes, kidney failure and many more. I'm not against eating out or dining out its just we have be more careful what we eat. Chose a restaurant who can serve healthy and organic food or vegan food.
  14. Gestep17

    Gestep17 New Member

    I see both of them have advantages.
    Eating out is in favor for those social persons who need to meet out and bond with their family, friends, clients, or business partners.
    While home cooking is in favor for those family persons who have more than 3 members. It helps them save money, bond together, and also be more close to each other as they share meals and stories in the table.
    Sometimes, we are those "social persons" and sometimes we are the "family persons" as well, depends on the situation.
  15. puregrace

    puregrace New Member

    Cooking at home is always good, however, there are some recipes that I cannot cook at home. So, I prefer to eat them from outside. If we can digest, there is no harm in eating from outside, however, cooking at home is cheap, hygienic and at comfort.

    When you are a good cook, you would always love to eat what you cook. That time eating at home is fun and addition to the taste. There are some recipes which I cannot make and they are really mouthwatering. So, I go out and have them sometimes.

    Mostly, I eat at home and prefer that for my family too.
  16. Rmanuel

    Rmanuel New Member

    Well, it depends on the situation. Some scenarios would require us do go for fast foods like if being late for work or your having a tight budget. however, no fast foods could compete to that taste of a home-cooked meal. asides from being palatable, it is also safer and healthier. But like what I've said before, it depends on the situation
  17. tamss

    tamss Member

    I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure, cooking a good meal at home, enjoying my friends.
  18. Shasmile

    Shasmile New Member

    Eating at home or out depends largely on many factors. If you're brought up to eat at home, you'll never want to eat out no matter the pressure. Also, one's ability to cook will determine if he or she will cook her food at home or eat out.

    It is easier for singles especially bachelors to eat with their friends in restaurants or other eateries. But for married people who have kids, eating out will be pretty too expensive.

    We cook, prepare and eat our meals at home. One, I enjoy cooking my own meals for security and health reasons. Two, it is way cheaper for me than taking every member of the family out. We do it once in a while but that's below 10%.

    It's better to cook your meals at home if your job allows it.
  19. Nettie

    Nettie New Member

    I love home cooked meals but working full time and having side jobs at the same time really makes it hard for me to cook my own food leading me to just buy cooked meal or eat out. I know that what I'm eating lately are a bit too unhealthy and I'm trying to work on my schedule to be able to give my diet an attention.
  20. Karlee88

    Karlee88 New Member

    Eating at home can save money. The same amount of money that you spend on a meal in restaurants can buy a lot of more foods from supermarket. You can use the money saved to buy a new cloth, or attend a concert. General speaking, eating out side is confortable and convenient, but eating at home has more benefits. I prefer to eat at home.
  21. gege05

    gege05 New Member

    Home cooked meals are way better beacuse mainly it is filled with so much love,effort and time. It is also cheaper than eating to restaurants.Cooking meals at home is very practical and you are sure that what you cook for your family is safe and clean.
  22. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    Eating-0ut is fun especially when you are with someone special to you like your family. Eating outside also gives you a new scene and new environment. but if the one who will cook for me at home is my mother I'd rather stay at home because my mother's cooking is the best (for me of course). And there's nothing beats a love that a mother can express through cooking.
  23. GFlorce

    GFlorce New Member

    Eating out is better when you want to save money, especially when you eat in a fast food chain. Let's use burger for example. If you felt like eating hamburger, running in a nearby fast food chain is better than cooking it in your own kitchen. Cooking it by yourself requires you to buy the raw food then you'll be exhausted cooking for it.

    However, when you are diet conscious and not fond of fast food, then you can opt in cooking your food in the kitchen. That way, you can spare your body from excessive cholesterol.
  24. cutieee

    cutieee New Member

    Home-cooked meals are still the best. Although it's very tiring to prepare and entertain guests but I tell you, it is more healthier than eating out. My first point is, there is no preservatives just like in the fast food chains. Preservatives has a lot of disadvantages. You will easily get fat because fast food chains are very addicting just like burgers and fries. When you are cooking at home, everything is fresh and healthy. My second point is the gathering. Who says you can talk a loud and be too informal in a restaurant? You can't, right? So, if you are just in your house with your family and friends, eating a delicious and healthy foods, you can hangout freely without thinking about disturbing the others.
  25. Gary Crowell

    Gary Crowell New Member

    I'm not going to lie. I love to go out to eat. But I also realize portion sizes in a majority of the sit-down restaurants in the US are much bigger than we need. And don't even get me started on fast food. I really like to cook and try new recipes when I have time. If I cook from scratch, I know I can save some money and have plenty left over for more than one meal. As are most things in our individual lives, it's a balancing act. So for me, I use eating out as more of a treat and try to eat more at home.
  26. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    If you Like to go out more than eating at home, it could be idea to have Three or four places that are low budget and you will already know what you want and the cost.
  27. Guiaoming

    Guiaoming New Member

    For me, home-cooked meals are the better option. You actually see what ingredients are in the food since you are the one preparing them. Eating out is convenient, but it could take a toll on your health. It is also more expensive compared to home-cooked meals. There is also a sense of fulfillment when you prepare your own meals. There are people who enjoy the process of cooking as much as eating.
  28. aizelmagbatoc

    aizelmagbatoc New Member

    It is better to cook meals at home especially if your family is a bit huge. Eating out with many family member is much more expensive than cooking meals at home. Aside from that if you are the one to cook your meal you can make sure that it is safe and handled correctly. Cooking for your family at home is even more special than going out with them because if you are the one personally cook the food that they are going to eat they would feel you love for them.
  29. Androxtor

    Androxtor New Member

    Cooking a meal is a very good option because of many reasons. Cooking a meal helps you understand food better and you can enjoy the food you put effort on. Cooking food is cheaper than buying food outside. Cooking food is ideal and can be used in a lot of occasions.

    Cooking a meal at home can be a life skill that can be very handful at all times. Home cooking is also relevant when you want to have a healthy lifestyle. Home cooking also gives you the control on what you eat because you are what you eat. Home cooking also is a good way to have family bonding.
  30. djdencio

    djdencio New Member

    Cooking meal is a better option if you want to save and have a healthy food to prepare and research says that eating home cook food can make you happier and healthier and much closer to your family. You can cook also what you want to eat and plan ahead your everyday menu. And as a Filipino, we use and love to eat at home than eating out at the fast-food chain.

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