eBooks, How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Amy56, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Amy56

    Amy56 New Member

    I have several times spawned around the idea of writing tutorial style eBooks. The biggest challenge I face is finding how to publish them and get the word out once they are written. Do people have any suggestions?
  2. Shivani Bhise

    Shivani Bhise New Member

    In order to sell your ebook, you need to write a quality material. The best way to write a non fictional novel is to first decide the storyline and define the characters.
    Once you have these sketched out you can easily approach a quality book which will be liked by most users.
  3. My suggestion is to write it in a format that is prevalent. Then initially offer it as a free gift to new subscribers to your content. You will be getting much-needed leads for your business and getting limited exposure from them. Don't be afraid to ask for a "like" and "share" on Facebook. Start posting it for money on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

    Post it on Amazon
  4. Maxthewriter

    Maxthewriter New Member

    Do you have a blog? You can always easily sell your eBook on your blog. Getting the word out shouldn't be a stress. Just direct traffic to your blog and you're good to go. The work that needs to be done here is getting traffic to your blog.

    You can also sell your eBook on Amazon.com. there, your book will be exposed to the world wide web. So, I encourage you to try posting your book in their market place, for a token though.

    That said, make sure your book is content rich. Content is king. Make sure it gets good reviews. This is what will make buyers/readers interested in the first place. Lastly, the front cover has to be enchanting. First impression matters a lot. Good luck.
  5. Tomaz26

    Tomaz26 New Member

    Self publishing is the way to go! Use for example Kindle Amazon. You can do it all by yourself and save a lot of money. The only relevant thing is to publish great content. There are literally thousands of books published daily and quality stands out more than ever.. As soon as you publish it the real works starts.. Promotion! You can do it cheaply by publishing articles, submiting your books to clubs, advertise on social media etc.. Once you earn some money you can start using paid advertising, either on Amazon itself or by other means (Google, paid social media advertising etc..)
  6. NeilAHogan

    NeilAHogan New Member

    If you're going to start a series of ebooks you need to first decide your reason for them. If it is to share knowledge you have learnt that you cannot find online, and it is a passion for you to do that, then Amazon Kindle has plenty of step by step guides on how to get you there.

    If you're just wanting to make money, ebooks are not the way unless you're producing a new ebook at least every day and can release about 400 different ebooks a year!

    Of course, you may hit on that special one, that unique one that everyone wants to buy, but the digital industry has moved on and it is page views that generate more money than individual sales of books.

    Having said that, if you are selling a book on how to make money online, you should sell it on Clickbank instead, and make sure you have sales funnels set up on your site for affiliate marketers to earn additional revenue from. You can find out all about that on their site.
  7. jhonner

    jhonner New Member

    making some e-literature is just like making a print literature that requires a wide knowledge in the topic that he/she working on. It also demands for a wide imagination that could make the readers inspired and the eyes of the writer that can see the realism of life to teach the people to live their live the way it should be.
  8. IamKaycee

    IamKaycee New Member

    I have always wondered how to create e-books. I really wanted to be able to publish my own book even if I start with an e-book before aspiring to have a physical book published and distributed. I would to start one of my own but don't know how to start it. do any of you have any suggestions and guide that you can share for me? Writing has been my passion and I want to put it in good use. I hope someone here could help me actualize my dream hoping for your replies.
  9. waelmanz

    waelmanz New Member

    One of the best places to publish your e book at is Smashwords.
    • Smashwords makes e book publishing fast, free and easy!
    • World's largest ebook distributor for self-published authors and small independent presses
    • Monthly payments and one penny payment threshold with PayPal
    • Upload your book once and reach multiple retailers and libraries
    • Your book will be published at Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd, WHSmith, oDILO, YUZU, tolino, Gardeners, fnac, hive.co.uk, BROWNS BOOKS FOR STUDENTS, Baker&Taylor and others.
    The best thing is that it's all free. It's very easy at the same time: you create the word file and the cover file. You only upload them and Smashwords does all the other tasks.
  10. BlueLotus07

    BlueLotus07 New Member

    The easiest way to publish an ebook is with amazon. You can sign up with their kindle direct publishing program and get accepted right away. There's a lot of other programs, but that's how I published my first ebook. I wrote it in Microsoft word, and formatted it pretty quickly. Amazon handles everything else and gives you a pretty good commission from every sale. They advertise it as well so as long as you write a good description of what your book is about, anyone whose searching for that genre will likely stumble upon it. The only thing to be wary of, is to make sure your formatting is great because Amazon kindle works on a lot of devices and the resolution size varies from each phone and tablet.

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