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Discussion in 'Books' started by nichole-yc1F, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. nichole-yc1F

    nichole-yc1F New Member

    With the coming of digital age, we could easily find anything on the world wid web. Be it music, movies, and even digital or electronic copies of books. Because of this, I sometimes wonder on whether people now prefer ebooks rather buying the physical copy of the book itself. So which do you prefer?
  2. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    Both for me. Hard copy because I collect them. I love how it feels in my hand and the smell of it. I really take care of my babies, making sure there are no wrinkled pages and the cover has a plastic covered on it. I put them on a shelf with a sliding glass door so they will be dust free.

    The purpose of Ebook is for easy access, wherein a single folder all of my favorite books can be found. You don't need lights or to hold the other side of the book while reading. Readily accessible and convenient.
  3. ishhh

    ishhh New Member

    For me, I like Ebooks more. With all the digital advancement we have, it is indeed more convenient for me to just read anywhere I want. My phone has an ebook reader, my tablet and even my laptop has one. You never have to worry bringing heavy books anywhere. Reading has never been this easy and favorable.
  4. robertkennedy

    robertkennedy New Member

    I haven't quite got on board with the ebook things yet, but I am considering buying my first kindle. For me there is nothing better than collecting hard cover and paperback books. It's very easy for me to spend several hours on any given day rummaging through second hand book stores for an old copy of a classic or even for a cheap copy of a recently published book. I want a library in my own house where the walls are lined with books
  5. tutubie

    tutubie New Member

    Hard copy of books all the way :)

    I tried both but I still prefer traditional or regular books. For me, nothing compares to the feeling of turning the pages. Though they have that feature in iPad (not sure on kindle or android), it's not the same.

    I have a room full of books at home since I've been reading since my elementary days. I know ebooks are more convenient, I tried ebooks for a couple of months but went back to regular books.
  6. deadko88

    deadko88 New Member

    for me i guess i'll go for ebook, just to take advantage for the technology that we have today, also so that we can carry all the things we want to read anywhere we want... i know hard copy books are great and a classic but carrying all the necessary books that we need when we is quite difficult if it's in hard copy
  7. sunaku47

    sunaku47 New Member

    nowadays, technology are everything, can do anything..
    anyway ebook or hard copy, i would say both. i like hard copy it was like i can see, touch and hold it. while the ebook just on your phone, pc, laptop, kindle or any apps.. you can use anywhere and light weight thing.
  8. neilcruz

    neilcruz New Member

    Regardless of the format whether these are in the form of e-books or hard bound books, I am still going to read because I am a big reader of these literary treasures. I am also not into these formats because they may come in one or two forms but the content and the knowledge that we can gain from these should be our top priority in getting these. So yes, progress is good and because we are currently in the digital age, we get to enjoy e-books but a good old hard bound book is also fun just the same.
  9. physicistmj

    physicistmj New Member

    This is indeed a tough choice to make. Personally, I don't mind its form as long as I can read. In terms of practicality and longevity, e-book are good because you can always secure a copy and store it in your cloud or e-library and it will stay there for good, unless you don't want anymore. It doesn't take physical space but still provides a whole new lot of insights. However, my notion still remains the same that nothing can beat the old hard bound books. The smell of paper still mesmerize and calms my nerves. Its physical embodiment acts as a loyal companion.
  10. GolGalore

    GolGalore New Member

    For me, it is effective to study using hard copy books. The idea of having a book that you can touch will make you feel that you have an obligation to read it. Based on my experience, I barely read the ebooks that I have compare to the hard copy ebooks in my bookshelves. The standard idea of our books is still the best.
  11. eeuphie88

    eeuphie88 New Member

    For me, hard copy books is better because if the writer remove their ebook atleast you have your own copy. And you can read it anytime, bring it anywhere you want even in places that do not have internet connection or electricity. And too much reading in computers or mobiles can damage your eyesight.
  12. khian

    khian Member

    in this generation i think e-book is the best to use because now our generation is moving up and most of the things is digital now...so its better to use e-books specially children so that they easily know how to use it. work it and learn a lot.
  13. khian

    khian Member

    but it has a disadvanatage because it can affect the eyesight of the user to maybe be carefull on using it..but overall its great app.
  14. miatran1803

    miatran1803 New Member

    Hard copy for me! I love the feeling to touching the actual papers of the book. Second of all, it is not good for my eyes to stare at a tablet's screen for so long so I usually purchase hard copy of the books I like to read. Thirdly, I also want to have my own bookshelf so I always end up adding books to my collection
  15. Re ye ye

    Re ye ye New Member

    I definently prefer to have a hard copy of the book. Mostly because you might have five minutes, and if you have an Ebook, you would have to get out your phone, then load up the book. And when the five minutes are up, you just loaded up the book. And when you try to read an Ebook on your phone at school, the teachers just get mad at you and take it away.
  16. me ann14

    me ann14 New Member

    I still prefer to read in a hardcopy of books. I think it is more authentic and real. It is more friendly with the eyes, since it doesn't reflect any lights back on your eyes and doesn't have radiation on. Also you can see the cover anytime and you can easily mark which page you stopped or which page you will continue by just folding the page of the book.
  17. Marifi

    Marifi New Member

    For me ebooks and hard copy books are just the same you both need to read. But when it comes to convenience I prefer ebooks since handy not so heavy since I'm only using android phone. But if its my kids will read I prefer hardcopy of books for them.
  18. jayjane31

    jayjane31 New Member

    I love reading so much..But if i choose between eBooks and hard copy, I choose hard copy. I know that we are in the digital word, we can download anything in our phone or any gadget. But reading on the hard copy books is real. I love the scent of every pages of the books I read.
  19. Anjossi

    Anjossi Member

    I agree. Physical book is better and more accessible. And also, coming from someone who has lost 20/20 eyesight, I will absolutely prefer physical books. There are lots of radiation in my life and reading a physical book can lessen the damage to the eyes.
  20. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    Ebooks made my eyesight poor. I love reading ebooks before but now that my eyesight failed, i am now appreciating reading my favorite novels from physical books, though it may be more expensive. I recommend physical books to everyone.
  21. khian

    khian Member

    Ebooks can make your eyes poor and ebooks is not so very useful specially when the battery is dead the user can not connect to the internet again otherwise they charge it again and other 1 the monitor of ebooks can give your eyes a hard time unlike on the natural books thats written on a paper .
    Maybe ebooks have an advantage and disadvantage but for me i do prefer using natural book instead of ebooks .

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