Education helps in enlightening the minds of people!!!

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    Education helps in enlightening the minds of people. It must be given top priority. Education must be provided free of cost so that all children are educated. An educated and enlightened society is one that succeeds in developing and progressing towards social well-being and economic justice.

    An educated nation is one that is productive and is geared to grow and develop socially, economically, scientifically and technologically to become powerful, strong and independent.

    Education is not just literacy. The education system must foster, in children and the youth, the thirst for knowledge and creativity. Education imparted must be experimental and experiential.
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    It is true but these days it depends on the faculty and the administration. Lately, teachers and administrators are pushing agendas that hurt rather than benefit students. Also free speech is no under attack in universities. If they don't agree with the speaker's views, they will shut down the event. They might even go so far as threaten the speaker. This is becoming a major problem in schools.
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    Yes truly, I can't event write this thought if didn't go to school. :)
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    Yes, it does and it is constant. It helps broaden and enlighten ones mind in any kind of education. It gives you so many ideas that might change your life or not.
  6. It's true. education makes us understand how to read and write. knowing the facts in life. you can define what education is. you can start building you goals and dream.

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