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  1. radascars

    radascars Active Member

    Many of the people are getting difficulties to attain happiness due to financial problem, physical disabilities and emotional stress. I know that those kinds are very hard to divert. As I experienced severe Depression before to the point that my doctor prescribed me to take anti-depressants. I also engage to some counseling.
    I got into a bad relationship before that's why I had depressions last 3 years ago when I was still in my college days. But now I am happy and contented with what I have and with my girlfriend as well. We love each other and I was able to graduate and got my license also.
    So I share to you what I did before to be happy, I know that this is not as effective to most but at some point you can try this and might work for you

    If you are tired of too much problems and stress, try to relax first and have a enough sleep. Having a good sleep is very essential for every one so if possible try to sleep 8 hours every day.

    Don't put your self in too much regression and try to laugh as loud as possible, you can raise the levels of endorphins (a hormone that is responsible to induce pleasure and happiness in our body and decrease the production of stress hormones by just anticipating funny and blissful moments in our lives)

    Practice mindfulness instead of worrying too much in your future problems, living at this very moment is the most important time for you to enjoy and work hard for your future.

    If you have too much problem and having a hard time to resolve those issues, try to help others as they will help you and helping them will bring happiness to you too. Do not just shut yourself in a room, rather go out and help others who are in need of your expertise. Helping others certainly enables you to put your problems into perspective and improves your social interaction

    This is also important, learn to say NO! When you feel that you won't be happy doing something, dont push yourself to do it as they actually will not bring joy to your life.

    You should at least give preference to your relatives/family or with your significant others, positive and healthy relationships are best cure for stress. Most people agree that a person with a good support system and a lot of positive friends are much likely to have a healthy life and less problems.

    And last but not the least, to give your self a break, try to have a vacation for you to unwind and reflect by your self. We need to criticize our selves time to time to realize what is wrong and what we should do to make them right.

    I hope those advises can help you to be happy. Life is short people we should live happy rather than living with fear, anxiety sadness and solitary.
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  2. hcikcen

    hcikcen New Member

    I have dealt with some major anxiety problems and depression. It really sucks, but ultimately, you choose to be happy or sad
  3. Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson New Member

    The most effective way to be happy is to be yourself. Always be youself and dont try to be like other people or try to live your life like other people. Always try new activities. Always exercise and eat healthy food and always surround youself with positive people. Watch positive movies and tv. You should also read positive things.
  4. Fin Maxwell

    Fin Maxwell New Member

    My mentality is that you only have 1 life which means you need to get the most out of it, so be happy!
  5. robin82194

    robin82194 New Member

    Just enjoy life , think about things you have and not the things you don't. And you are thinking about Suicide, ask help from someone you trust.
  6. Exsulto

    Exsulto New Member

    It takes a lot of work to be relaxed. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and keeping supportive friends are huge investments. The modern world is always trying to trap us in bad habits, and it can be hard to break them. We need to forgive ourselves, when we stumble, and not be so hard on ourselves.
  7. aj1636

    aj1636 New Member

    I make myself happy by trying to do my best to balance my priorities. I make sure that I am as successful as I want to be in school and work. However, I make sure that it is not at the cost of my mental, emotional and physical health by making time for activities that promote those three cores of my health. For mental health, I always make sure to have some time to myself doing an activity that I love, such as reading or writing. My physical health, I make sure to go to the gym at least once a week, though I try to go 2 or 3 times a week. For my emotional health, I make sure to spend quality time with friends, family and my boyfriend and allow myself time to cool down when things go south.
  8. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    I have learnt that the human body is hypersensitive to literally every little movement throw out your day. Let me explain. Say your out somewhere and you walk into a really negative croud of people and then all the sudden your day starts going downhill. The reason this happens is cause you absorbed all that negative energy and now its taking a toal on your day. This is while a smile is contagious, just like a yawn. My ultimate key to staying happy everyday is work on getting to know yourself and say your feeling down, begin to question that feeling and find the core root where it came from to begin with. Once you find it, it's easy to help that feeling and turn that negative feeling into its polar opposite, which is positive. Just know that every single bad and low point in your life that there is a polar opposite feeling which is happiness. I promise once you start thinking positive and stop talking bad about others you will feel beyond happy!
  9. jrmyfrncsc014

    jrmyfrncsc014 Member

    I keep myself busy with the things that I find interesting. I do a lot of hobbies, mostly art-related. I find comfort in doing art and crafts, and recently I've been studying things I find interesting everyday. The internet is a an easy source of information.
  10. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya New Member

    Lord Buddha has rightly said that " There is no path to happiness: Happiness is the path." This is my motto in life. Our happiness does not depend on how much we have in life but on how much we enjoy and value what all we have. I always try to see the good aspects of everything. Counting my blessings every now and then helps me a lot in valuing my possessions and this further helps me to imbibe happiness.

    Some people have everything in life from money, health and family, but still they remain unhappy. The only problem they have is in their insight towards life. They always search for a reason to crib.

    In other words if a person is happy it does not mean that everything around him is perfect. Instead they have the ability to look beyond the imperfections and live a happy life.
  11. Sandra D Stewart

    Sandra D Stewart New Member

    Never patterning ones life after another person is the most effective way to be happy. One should do what one wants to do and never follow the crowd. One should live ones life doing what pleases one and should try new activities when one is ready. One should exercise and eat foods that are healthy and surround oneself with people that are positive. One should watch movies and TV shows that are positive. One should also pray and read positive inspirational books. One should also meditate and read the Holy Bible. These are all the ways that one knows of, which makes one happy. There are several other ways, also, to be happy. One knows some of the other ways to be happy which will not be expressed here.
  12. Scooter

    Scooter New Member

    #1. Slowly start building a relationship with the Grand Daddy of them all, your heavenly father.
    #2. I find that learning and reading a different language helps.
    #3. A balanced nutritious meal plan with the combination of daily exercise is key.
    #4. Socializing and especially listening to one another can trigger feelings you've never felt before.
    #5. And lastly, focus on LOVE NOT DISLIKE in everyone you connect with in this lifetime, I know it can be hard but that's part of our work here on earth.
  13. Sweetdays

    Sweetdays New Member

    Get yourself a fur-friend. Honestly, I didn't know what happiness was until I got my first dog!
  14. milan009

    milan009 New Member

    Life is not all the time bed of roses. Sadness comes in life along with happiness but you should overcome your sadness by adopting different ways. The most effective way to be happy is to be satisfied with those things you have with yourself. You should never have greed inside you. You should never be jealous of others. Above all , you should enjoy your life to be happy.
  15. Anna Kowalski

    Anna Kowalski New Member

    Effective Ways to be Happy According to Me
    1. Get plenty of sleep
    2. Exercise
    3. Travel
    4. Never settle
    5. Try new things
    6. Have no regrets
    7. Always tell those you love what they mean to you
    8. Family is everything
    9. Never leave the house without your makeup on
    10. Take time for yourself
    11. Clean out your closets and get rid of the clutter!
    12. Eat healthy
    13. When in doubt, buy the shoes
    14. Sometimes you need a drink
    15. Be grateful
    16. Smile
    17. Never underestimate the power of sarcasm
    18. Fall in love whenever you can
    19. Read
    20. Accept who you are
  16. Michele Diamond

    Michele Diamond New Member

    Happiness springs from within, the depths of happiness can be found deep down the soul. You can have the worlds goods and yet lack happiness, happiness comes through fulfilment, when you set a goal and work against all odds in meeting your dreams. Happiness also comes with a feeling of excitement, things don't bother you when you are happy, because the brain releases enzymes that relaxes your thaught. Happiness is found in fulfilling good mandate's, especially when you reach out to lives and affect them positively.
  17. leilajana

    leilajana New Member

    I've spent ages thinking of the right answer to this question, you'll find hundreds of blogs, websites and videos all trying to tell you some secret recipes to the most sought out feeling in the world - but those don't work. Life doesn't work this way. Sure, waking up early and exercising might make you feel temporarily happy, cleaning your room might make you feel more peaceful, drinking this super exotic chai might help soothe your stomach and make you feel happier, but what about permanent happiness? This comes from within. Happiness is a mindset, it starts from inside of you. It starts with your brain, and your thoughts and your actions, it starts with constant affirmations and a general positive outlook on the world, and believing in yourself and never comparing yourself to more well-off people. This is how you reach true serendipity and true happiness.
  18. stephtobacillus

    stephtobacillus New Member

    If anyone is interested, there is a book entitled The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I believe it offers good insight when it comes to achieving happiness. Truly, it is better not to rely on external validation for our own contentment. Let go of stress and appreciate things for what they are, not for how they make you feel. :)
  19. Goldeng123

    Goldeng123 New Member

    To stay happy,
    *find reasons to stay happy,
    *eat good food and take good care of yourself,
    *always keep around things that make you happy,
    *forgive and forget easily,
    *always be positive,
    *do not hold too much in your mind, write them down instead and happiness is guaranteed.
  20. dahunsi

    dahunsi New Member

    I believe that being happy doesn't really have to d with how much you have or what's in your account.

    Think about it this way; if that's the measure of happiness, how a lot of come rich people and celebrities still commit suicide?

    I feel it's more about being you and doing what you know you love. Pretense kills a lot of people and that pretense comes from peer pressure. If you don't want to do something, don't do it on the grounds that people will think differently of you. Being yourself is the only way to figure out what you like and what makes you happy. When you get that figured out, the rest will be a walk in the park.
  21. Desola

    Desola New Member

    Being happy is a must for every human living. Its got nothing to do with what you are going through, even if the world is about to end you definitely have a reason to be happy.

    As a christian and a believer of the Word of God, there is absolutely nothing in this world that will make me unhappy because the Word of God make me to understand in Exodus 14:14 that the Lord will fight for me and all I have to do is to hold my peace. This alone makes me happy that I have got a Father who is ready to fight all my battles and problems for me just for me to hold my peace; now tell me why shouldn't i be happy.
  22. Anoetar

    Anoetar New Member

    Being happy is an inner effort. it has nothing to do with God, people or fate. It is a continuous conscious decision one decided to take every single hour of the day in one's life. This is not a fallacy. it actually works, at least for me. Effective ways to live a happy life are self-therapy, self-awareness, mindfulness, improving one's self-esteem.

    With this mechanism in hand, you do not need to depend on external factors or let your happiness status to things that can not be controlled by you. These are the life hacks to true happiness.
  23. lovelybee

    lovelybee New Member

    One's happiness can only come from within.if you want to be happy, then you need to guard your heart jealousy.A lot of things, persons and situations will come to steal our joy but we should always block them off.How can you be happy even in difficult times:

    Don't be tense,tell yourself life goes on and relax
    Go for what makes you happy
    Visit good friends and places of your choice
    Let go of bad thoughts, anger, and bitterness
    love yourself
  24. yzekiel

    yzekiel New Member

    Sometimes life is unfair. But that doesn't mean that we should stop being happy. True happiness is found within you. Loving yourself first is the main key in finding happiness.
  25. Gaj

    Gaj New Member

    Happiness is starts with you. Happiness is a choice, you just pick the right direction for your happiness. Always go to the things that make you happy. :) Donnot bother yourself to those unworthy things that cannot led you to be happy.
  26. emma25

    emma25 New Member

    I believe that to be happy you have to learn to love yourself and then let go of any regrets or anger you are holding onto. Get rid of any toxic people In your life and find a small of people that you can trust, laugh with and love. Stop caring about everything so much and just go with the flow.
  27. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    for me the effective way to be a happy person is have trust God or put God for your everyday life, and smile always, have a simple life.
    they said money can buy everything money can buy happiness, but for me its a big NO, if you put money in your life? your life is a BIG MESS. money give you trouble, money give sad life.
    have a simple life.
    have a truth friends.
    have a truth family that always there with you.
    love your enime and smile to them.
    love your self
    and have fait in God.
  28. Ryan33

    Ryan33 New Member

    Effective ways to be Happy?

    1. Forgive
    2. Be thankful for what you have

    This two things are very simple to utter but very hard to do.
    This two things are not just two things.
    It covers many things that will surely makes you happy!
  29. Jc21

    Jc21 New Member

    Being happy is not hard to do but I have the best idea how to make you happy. First, watching funny videos in YouTube is the best and effective for me. When I am tired and feeling alone I always do this and it makes me feel better. You better try and tell me what is your opinion about it.
  30. Gertrude Talasan

    Gertrude Talasan New Member

    To be happy is actually pretty simple. Eat, Pray and Love. There's nothing else that could defeat the purpose of these three. To be able to function joyfully, you need a daily dose of the three.

    EAT- It doesn't have always to be food intake but can also digest something good for the soul. If you want a literal explanation of such, it's simple: Choose being healthy, Choose to be happy. If you eat well, you move more and you'll be happy.

    PRAY- Knowing that we are blessed by God every day is something to be grateful for. Try this: Less complain + more prayer= happiness. This is proven and tested.

    LOVE- There's no greater than to love all else. Everything is bound by love. Life, work, play, family, etc, is because of love, and if you have that inside you, no form of darkness can ever bring you down.

    Choose being happy. That's why we live, to be happy.

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