Effective Ways to be Happy

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  1. Desola

    Desola New Member

    Being happy is a must for every human living. Its got nothing to do with what you are going through, even if the world is about to end you definitely have a reason to be happy.

    As a christian and a believer of the Word of God, there is absolutely nothing in this world that will make me unhappy because the Word of God make me to understand in Exodus 14:14 that the Lord will fight for me and all I have to do is to hold my peace. This alone makes me happy that I have got a Father who is ready to fight all my battles and problems for me just for me to hold my peace; now tell me why shouldn't i be happy.
  2. Anoetar

    Anoetar New Member

    Being happy is an inner effort. it has nothing to do with God, people or fate. It is a continuous conscious decision one decided to take every single hour of the day in one's life. This is not a fallacy. it actually works, at least for me. Effective ways to live a happy life are self-therapy, self-awareness, mindfulness, improving one's self-esteem.

    With this mechanism in hand, you do not need to depend on external factors or let your happiness status to things that can not be controlled by you. These are the life hacks to true happiness.
  3. lovelybee

    lovelybee New Member

    One's happiness can only come from within.if you want to be happy, then you need to guard your heart jealousy.A lot of things, persons and situations will come to steal our joy but we should always block them off.How can you be happy even in difficult times:

    Don't be tense,tell yourself life goes on and relax
    Go for what makes you happy
    Visit good friends and places of your choice
    Let go of bad thoughts, anger, and bitterness
    love yourself
  4. yzekiel

    yzekiel New Member

    Sometimes life is unfair. But that doesn't mean that we should stop being happy. True happiness is found within you. Loving yourself first is the main key in finding happiness.
  5. Gaj

    Gaj New Member

    Happiness is starts with you. Happiness is a choice, you just pick the right direction for your happiness. Always go to the things that make you happy. :) Donnot bother yourself to those unworthy things that cannot led you to be happy.
  6. emma25

    emma25 New Member

    I believe that to be happy you have to learn to love yourself and then let go of any regrets or anger you are holding onto. Get rid of any toxic people In your life and find a small of people that you can trust, laugh with and love. Stop caring about everything so much and just go with the flow.
  7. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    for me the effective way to be a happy person is have trust God or put God for your everyday life, and smile always, have a simple life.
    they said money can buy everything money can buy happiness, but for me its a big NO, if you put money in your life? your life is a BIG MESS. money give you trouble, money give sad life.
    have a simple life.
    have a truth friends.
    have a truth family that always there with you.
    love your enime and smile to them.
    love your self
    and have fait in God.

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