Effective Ways to be Happy

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  1. There are countless ways to be happy. I agree that a person's happiness cannot be bought.
    Happiness can come from doing a lot of physical activities and exercising regularly. Being with the people you like to hang out with like your friends or your family members and significant other can really give joy. Travelling and seeing places and meeting new fantastic people gives a person happiness as well.
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  2. Vernss

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    You don't look for happiness. Happiness comes looking for you. Just make a decision to receive more love in your life. Just like yourself alot. Just breathe. Smile. Pray. Love. The choice is really yours.
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  3. Raymond Abadilla

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    I normally find happiness by always focusing on what you have and not on what you lack. Having a positive outlook towards your own life is crucial when it comes to being happy. Another thing I'd like to share is how you reflect upon failure, seeing failure as an opportunity to improve is a great way to promote a happy life as compared to somebody who just simply can't get over his or her mistakes. I must say however its very easy to say all these things, but its very hard to put it all into action. At the end of the day you've got to help yourself and just do it and that means RIGHT NOW. :thumbsup:
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  4. jeffrey_1984

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    There are plenty of things that make people happy. However, majority of people nowadays say that money is the only thing that make people happy and it even makes the world go around. I don't believe in this because even poor people can become happy even in simple things. Now, let me tell you what really makes me happy. Listening to music- whenever I'm bored or sad, I always listen to my favorite music. Listening to music relaxes me and makes me happy. Eating sweet foods like cake and ice cream also makes me happy. Lastly, being with my family and having bonding with them is the most simple thing that makes me happy.
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  5. Happiness is a choice. If you really want to be happy remove all the things that make you sad, stay away from all the negativity of the world. Do all the things that make you happy , also find your reason or purpose in life. Go out there be brave and face life with confidence and with a smile. Love yourself accept it and then love other people with all sincerity this will give you happiness in life. Forgive those people who hurt you and forget what they've done this will give you peace which will aslo help you in achieving real happiness. Surround yourself with people who love you just like your family who will give you unconditional love.
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  6. EllyzaDG

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    Being happy is simple as it may seems to be, yet some or maybe most of us still unable to create a perfect formula on how can we achieve it. Living in this world is not cruel as may other think but it is how you respond on those happenings. For me, being happy starts with acceptance. Acceptance that you do not good on other things, acceptance that you have lost your job, acceptance that your partner broke up with you and so on. Once you are ready to accept everything that happens to you, whether it is success or failures then you are now ready to move to the next step which is looking on half-filled water as half full instead of half empty. Being appreciative on everything and looking on its positive side will have a good impact as you live.
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  7. jo.marquez

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    How to be happy?It's simple put God in the center of your life and be positive in every aspect of life.
    I know there will always come a time that you will experience sadness in life. That's fine for as long as after that sadness you should learn how to pick your self up and find ways to be happy again. I believe that being positive in life will always bring happiness in life. Always look for the brighter side of the story. Believe that there will always be a good reason for everything that is happening in your life. You must trust and believe God and you will receive everlasting happiness in your life for all he want for you is to be happy.
  8. romarie0425

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    Sadness, sorrows and pains are part our lives but remember that despite all of those we have a choice to be HAPPY. Like what the saying says, we are the captains of our own ships. It means that, in our everyday life we may encounter waves that we called challenges that can cause us pain and sadness and as I captain you must make a way to face it and surpass that waves.

    No matter what challenges and problems we may encounter always look at the bright side of things. If we always think positively, no reason not to be happy at all.
  9. purple13

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    Learn to love and appreciate yourself is the first effective way to be happy. It is easier said than done. With all our flaws and shortcoming it is very hard to do. But once you can accept all of this, it is the only way you can improve yourself and become a blessing to others. Second, be true to yourself and to others. Stop pretending and comparing yourself to anyone. Thirdly, do what you want. If your are not happy with what your doing their is no point in living. Don't be afraid to try what ever it is that you love to do. It will make a big difference in how you life your life. Lastly, always be thankful with what you have because their are others who have less than what you have and bigger problem than you.
  10. ancu29

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    I believe that one of the major factors to become happy is through achieving inner peace. Love yourself but not to a point that you only love yourself, of course too much of this leads to selfishness. Love yourself just enough so that you will not loose self worth and not be easily swayed away by other people that turns you down. If you take time to know yourself better, free yourself from the negatives brought about by the negative people in your surroundings, inner happiness can be achieved.

    Indeed, there are times like it's the end of the road, just believe in yourself and your unlimited capacity. We are made by God to do great things.

    Inner peace equates happiness.
  11. CookieRunner

    CookieRunner New Member

    Always think on the brighter side / positive side of things. Everything happens for a reason and you have a reason to be happy about since you are still alive ( We all are ) so smile always, laugh often - besides laughter is the best medicine.

    When I am stressed out I eat, like literally eat everything I see. It helps me regain my energy and relaxed. Eating is definitely my stress reliever.

    When I am down and troubled, I always talk and seek for my family. They make me feel important and they are my source of happiness. I am happy because I have them.

    Lastly, let's not forget our God. Pray to him and everything will be all fine.
  12. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    Effective way to be happy is to accept who you are. Improve the what you want to improve in your life and accept what you can and cannot do. Have a simole life. Simple is great when you value the meaning simplicity. Love like there is no tomorrow. Forgive yourself and those who have done you wrong to be free from the pains of regret. Be free by the bondage of the unecessary things. Identify your needs and wants and let go of your "wants". Being happy is choosing to be happy and seeing things very differently. Be contended in what you have and appreciate the littlest thing that you have. Appreciate what is left and appreciate what you can just have.
  13. fulltank13

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    Start your day with a SELF-TALK. Have a conversation with yourself first before you start your day.Rebuke yourself from the negative thoughts and examine yourself where to go or what to do to have a positive result all day. teach yourself to be happy at all times and you must have a positive spirit as your guide all day. happiness is a choice, your SELF-TALK determines the result of your day. Positive mindset + positive action= positive result.
  14. kyle05

    kyle05 New Member

    Happiness , there is so much things defines happiness like seeing your love ones happy , lying in the night under the stars while laughing together until you fall asleep each others arms that's happiness , each one of us has it's own ways to become happy, for short you are the one responsible who can make yourself happy , happiness start within you choose to be one do not rely your happiness on the you want or to the people you want or to your financial needs .
  15. xobe

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    There are lot of ways on how to be a happy person and everyone should be doing it. Just by simply hugging your kids everyday, kissing them consistently makes an individual happiness. Eating food together with your family is also one factor of happiness that happens often. Watching a movie in a cinema with your partner though its expensive, can be considered happiness as well. The thing is, behavior of humans is more on negatively emotions because they don't want to develop their mentality. Example, if one person meets another one, he will observed the negative things rather than the positive attitude of that person. You know what guys? every morning you wake up, just smile, it will starts your day full of happiness. Be positive, always look for solution not for another way that will cause issues. Loved your family and that is an everlasting happiness.
  16. bel

    bel New Member

    Stop worrying and pray harder. Don't over think things. Especially things that hasn't happen yet. Let it be. Be yourself and free your any worries because what's going to happen will happen and you can't do anything about it, you just have to accept. Love yourself and always make yourself a priority and everything will just follow. You'll see.

    Love not hate.
  17. shanejhane

    shanejhane New Member

    Effective way to be happy in my opinion. Pray, Love and Move on. MOVING ON to the situation that make's you feel sad or lonely, forgetting all the memories that hurt you, think that you have your own life to live. Engaged to the activities that help you to move on that will make you busy. To LOVE, love your self, family and friends show them how you really love them and you will get the priceless gift that makes you lovable. The last one is to PRAY, when we are praying we are actually talking to our Almighty God, he always listen to our problems all we have to do its to trust and believe to what he can do.
    Life is to short we must choose to be happy everyday of our life because we don't know what will happen tomorrow only God's know.
  18. sameerf

    sameerf New Member

    Before you start your day, go in front of the mirror and say, today i choose to be happy. Repeat everyday.
  19. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    Happiness can sometimes be describe as an elated feeling of joy. Sometimes it is hard to describe it because it can easily be manifested in our facial expressions. Okay here are some of the effective ways to be happy:
    1. Be at peace with yourself. Learn to listen what your heart truly dictates.
    2. Try to look at things with positive outcome rather than dwelling with negativity.
    3. Learn to forgive. Yeah it is easier to forgive that to forget. But try to focus on what would give you peace of mind in the long run.
    4. Engage in a hobby. Do something that interest you most. Like sports, blogging, yoga or anything that would help you calm whatever is bugging you.
    5. Listen to music. For me, music helps me calm my soul. It brings me to a level wherein I find joy with whatever I do as long as I am listening to my favorite songs.
    6. Adopt a dog. They say that dogs are man's best friend. I totally agree to that quote. Whenever I am with my three dogs they give me such immeasurable level of happiness. Just by looking at those puffy eyes melts my soul.
    7. Last but not the least, PRAY. Let God be your guide in the path that you would like to follow.

    I hope this could help you achieve happiness in your life. No amount of money can buy happiness. It is only you who could dictate what would make you achieve happiness. God bless us all!
  20. rosebud1

    rosebud1 New Member

    I think hapiness is to be in peace with yourself. So look inside, solve your personal issues and you will find peace, they say...
  21. vy rose

    vy rose New Member

    I believe happiness depends more on the inside of a person than the outside influences. Yes, life can be challenging sometimes. So challenging that we feel sad. Well, the truth is that we are going to face downs every now and then and that is the nature of life. The good news is that we can always find ways to be happy. One way to be happy is through contentment, which is being satisfied and comfortable with what we have. We could also find happiness by being oneself and not comparing oneself to others and further more, not depending on other peoples' approval. Most importantly, happiness is a choice we must make. If you choose to be happy, you can always find your way through life's setbacks.
  22. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    Know yourself, and try to discover what you really want, what are the things that make you smile, make your heart light and most importantly make you realize your worth. Many people try to look for happiness in a certain place, or from a material thing and very often to a person, HAPPINESS is something you put, build and nurture yourself in your self and that you carry everywhere you go.
  23. Ishana

    Ishana New Member

    Your life is so big to play small part in this earth!! We all know that to be happy is not that so easy just like 1 2 3, so here's some tips how to be happy.

    1. Be grateful for who you are, not all people has the chance to be you, not all people has the chance to be just like you, always remember that there's some people out there wishing to be you.

    2. Be thankful, always thank God for the life, thank God.

    3. Love your Family, loving your family makes your life happier, no reasons why, it's just so happy to be surrounded and to be loved by your family.

    4. Be good, being good makes your life happier. It is nice to smile always, say thank you, say sorry, it helps you to be happy.

    5. Eat fruits and vegetables. Loving your self means loving your body, always remember that. Eat colorful fruits and/or vegetables, it will bring rainbow to your life.

    6. Meditate, meditation is food for your soul. It brings peace to your soul and mind, it is a powerful stress remover.
  24. Abbielinna

    Abbielinna New Member

    I believe in order to be happy you need to clear your heart of hatred, fear & worries. Learn to forgive, believe in yourself, and trust in God that everything will be fine. More so, in everything that you do, just be positive and never ever compare yourself to others.
  25. ClintAnthon

    ClintAnthon New Member

    In my case doing what you really want to do is the simplest way to feel happy. Doing the things that your heart doesn't love will just cause a burden to you. Being in a field where you can say "I can contribute something to this thing" is important to be a happy person in your career in life. We are the who chose if we want to be happy or not.
  26. oppa12345

    oppa12345 New Member

    I believed that being close with God would be the most effective way to be happy. Being contented with God and learning to accept all the different challenges that he had given him. Aside from that, praising God with all of your heart is a true happiness. Also, relaxing and being thankful for all the blessings that you have would be the best thing to become happy.
  27. k4l4wjc

    k4l4wjc New Member

    There are numerous effective ways to be happy: one is smiling. It is one simple way to reduce the pain, brighten up and improve your mood, and to feel better. It is free and you can even fake it by forcing to smile which is enough to lift our mood slightly. There is a new study held by Michigan State University business scholar suggests customer-service workers who fake smile throughout the day worsen their mood and withdraw from work, affecting productivity. But workers who smile as a result of cultivating positive thoughts--such as a tropical vacation or a child's recital--improve their mood and withdraw less. As counselor Luke Sheedy says, “Your facial muscles send messages to your brain telling you to experience that positive emotion.” So smile and try to recall good memories. It is very simple thing to feel happy.


    Happiness is not a simple goal, but is about making progress, when it's as elusive as ever. Being happy often means continually finding satisfaction, contentment, a feeling of joy, and a sense that your life is meaningful during all kinds of problems — that does not depend upon finding ease or comfort. Nobody is jolly or elated all the time, but some individuals are definitely more fulfilled/fortunate than others. Some studies reveal that happiness has little to do with comfort or possessions — so what is it about? A sense of well being/happiness is good for your health, so what can we do to have that? Here are some ways to do that:
    1. Change your thoughts. People have a natural tendency to remember negative experiences but forget positive ones; however, thanks to adaptability, you can actually change the way your brain functions. You can train yourself to be happier by seeking self-actualizing work and your kind of fun.
    • Practice mindfulness. Occupy your mind with positive thoughts, actively striving, seeking, working on goals and humming a tune, for happy effects on the mind and body. Focusing on your experiences in the present moment without judging them or yourself can help you become more compassionate to yourself and to others.
    • Meditate. Activities that promote meditation, including an extended peaceful prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, or spiritual reflection, actually change an area of your brain called the insula, which is involved in your experience of empathy/understanding others. Developing your empathy muscles (helping others) will help you lead a happier life.
    • Make small events into appreciated “experiences.” Focus on and preserve the great little moment in a photo, write a journal or Facebook entry or make a short video. Make awareness of a gorgeous sunny day; accept a compliment from a friend. Why — this will train your brain to be happier by actively acknowledging the beauty of small moments and turning them into memorable “experiences.”
    • Smile a little, hop, skip and sing in those moments, and they will not slip so quietly through the cracks of memory. Say, "Thank you, so much!"; perhaps, write thank you notes on Facebook, use text or e-mail, appreciating people in a big way.
    2. Look for the positive in all your experiences. The old saying that you find what you look for is true. Start. Because of this, make it a habit to actively seek out the positive in any experience. It’s not only good for your overall happiness, it’s good for your physical health, and boosts your immune system.
    • Accept harsh experiences and problems as learning opportunities. It can be tempting to let challenges or roadblocks keep us from feeling happy. Sometimes, it looks like there’s nothing good about a particular situation or experience. However, it’s important to think about even the greatest setbacks as experiences we can learn from for great results in the future/tomorrow.
    • Don't give up on your ideas. "Try, fail often, get over it quickly.
    • Refocusing on the positive can help you heal from traumas.
    3. Cultivate Optimism.
    • There is power in intentions, having a purpose: Positive thinking is an important component of self-esteem and overall life satisfaction. Optimism also tends to make your personal and work relationships better.
    • Optimism is more than just positive expectations. It’s a way of interpreting everything that happens to you. Pessimism tends to explain the world in global, unchangeable, internal terms: “Everything sucks,” “I can’t do anything to change this,” “It’s all my fault.” Developing an optimistic outlook means thinking about yourself and your world in limited, flexible terms.
    3. Practice active gratitude. It reduces anxiety and depression, helps you become more positive, strengthens your relationships with others, and encourages compassion. It also has been shown to increase your feelings of happiness.
    • Some people are naturally higher in “trait gratitude,” or the natural likelihood of feeling thankful. However, you can train yourself to develop an “attitude of gratitude” no matter how high or low your level of trait gratitude is.
    • Try to avoid approaching situations or people as if you “deserve” anything from them. This doesn’t mean that you have to put up with disrespect or being mistreated, but it does mean that you should try to take people as they are without feeling “entitled” to specific benefits or actions.
    • Accumulate all the little joyful things that happen to you during the day. They add up. You could keep a journal, and write them down. For example, if there was not bad traffic on the road, if you had a very scrumptious breakfast if your friend said something uproariously humorous that made you laugh, if you took your dog out for a walk in the park and played with it, add these together. You’ll probably find that you have more to be grateful for than you even realized.
    • Share your gratitude with others. A word of thanks, even a brief one, can make someone else feel appreciated. Sharing your gratitude with others also helps you remember what you’re thankful for.
    • Let the good things sink in. It’s not enough to just note good things when they happen. Really take the time to think about them and let those experiences sink into your memory. Consciously telling yourself, “This is a wonderful moment and I want to remember how grateful I feel for it” can help you store up these memories for when times get tough.
    4. Show yourself self-compassion. Beating yourself up or giving in to negative thoughts can leave you feeling weak and unhappy. Dwelling on negative thoughts or feelings of guilt doesn’t promote improvement; it actually holds you back from growing and learning. Instead, show yourself the same kindness and generosity you should show to a friend.
    5.Focus on people, positive relationships, not on things.
    6. Smile
    This is especially true if all your facial muscles, including the ones around your eyes, get involved. So smile whenever you can! Smiling is like a feedback loop: smiling reinforces happiness, just as happiness causes smiling. People who smile during painful procedures reported less pain than those who kept their facial features neutral.
    7. Must learn how to forgive.
  29. zeran22

    zeran22 New Member

    For me, the effective ways of being happy to start by accepting who you are. Embrace your potentials together your weaknesses. Knows the norms, you have to be aware it's not just doing what you want, sometimes we have to consider things that can affect other because it can make conflicts that we don't want to happen. Don't do unto others what you don't want to do unto you to avoid annoying things that can ruin many things. Learn to be forgiving. caring and truthfully to others especially to yourself and it gives back. Though we can make everybody happy on what we do... the important is we do our best to be better people because that makes us happy
  30. AngryLiam94

    AngryLiam94 New Member

    There's a book called 'The Happiness Hypothesis' that i would highly recommend if anyone wants some reading on the topic.
    I find personally that if i exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water, it's generally pretty difficult to remain in a slump for long. That said, in my opinion, part of being truly happy is realising you can't be happy all the time.

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