Effective Ways to be Happy

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  1. Contentment is an effective way to be happy. Acting as if you have more but in reality you have less can make you feel bad.
    If you love yourself the way you are then you will be happy. Acceptance is another way to be happy. Not holding on to grudges and failures and seeing them as an opportunity to make things right is a way to the right path that can get you to your happiness.
    Sometimes or rather most of the time being happy is a choice.
    You live and learn and fight for what makes you happy or just see your life as it is.
  2. Diana Jeane Baquing

    Diana Jeane Baquing New Member

    Effective ways to keep yourself happy

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    1. Live one day at a time, never worry for tomorrow.
    2. Be on the positive side. Don't allow negative vibes rule your life throughout the day.
    3. Enjoy life, find anything that you will be thankful for in your life.
    4. Count your blessings, name them one by one.
    5. Do at least one good deed a day, it will be good for the soul.
    6. Smile, cheer up! When you smile it will send forth happiness to other people.
  3. Clary Tsen

    Clary Tsen New Member

    First, you should accept that things are not always perfect or organized in the way you expect it to be, second don't disregard or ignore the problems you have, acknowledge it but do not overthink everything about on how you're going to solve them, remember that there is the right time where things will happen according to what they're destined for. Second, think positive that whatever hardships you're going to make it because you will not be given things you cannot handle. Lastly, remember that there is always someone who loves and cares for you and to that should be one of the reasons why should be happy.
  4. Roch Lazada

    Roch Lazada New Member

    As much as possible don't be too hard with yourself. Insecurities will sometimes come out from somewhere whenever we notice that someone is doing something better than us or someone’s life situation is better than us. It is so consuming and tiring to overthink and compare ourselves to other people. Remember we live in the same world but every one of us is unique and it means that we also have unique lives to run to. You have your own goals, your own dreams. Though it may similar to others, you still have your own originality, you have your own track. It’s a marathon.
  5. tedzk26

    tedzk26 New Member

    You have left out one important point...Laugh...Laugh out Loud and you will feel happy.
  6. charlaine

    charlaine New Member

    There are a lot of reasons to be happy. Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Surround yourself with good people that will influence you to be better. Just be contented on what you have and appreciate even the little things in life is the true happiness.
  7. hedros3

    hedros3 New Member

    Happiness is simply a state of mind.

    You may be in the best of health, have lots of money invested and coming in, surrounded by friends, good-looking, have a beautiful wife/handsome husband and family... but you're just not happy. On the contrary, you may be seriously ill, have no money or livelihood, solitary, look like a monster... but you have that sense of contentment which nobody can take away from you.

    But there are cases where a person can be extremely happy at one moment where they feel they can conquer the world, then a minute later be in the exact opposite state where they have an overpowering sense of gloom and despair, for no apparent reason. If a person is in the latter state for an extended period of time, say more than two weeks, it is recommended to seek professional help. Clinical depression may be diagnosed by a qualified professional/psychiatrist and therapy/medications might be prescribed.

    Other than diagnosed clinical depression, I would say that balance is a key factor to happiness. But remember, there is no light without darkness. And we cannot know happiness without having felt sadness.
  8. karencute30

    karencute30 New Member

    Being happy is quite hard to achieve especially nowadays we have too many burdens and problems in life. We always seek for satisfaction and contentment. They say happiness is good to our health, so how can we achieve that? Here's the tip. First, think of happy thoughts. Be thankful of the things that you have rather than thinking of the things that you doesn't have. Occupy your mind of possitive thoughts and remember those happy experiences. Second is acceptance. Accept the realities in life and make them as learnings. I know that it looks like there's nothing good about harsh experiences. However, it's important to think about great solutions and gain learnings from the result in the future. Third is love yourself. Accept and embrace your physical aspects, your personality or everything that makes you "you". Do not compare yourself with others. Be comfortable and confident with yourself. Love your body and don't dont be insecure with others figure. Most of people nowadays feel unhappy about their looks. Practice finding things to love about your body and tell yourself that "You're Beautiful" the way you are. And best of all, the most precious armor is "smile".
  9. BrentMann

    BrentMann New Member

    There are several studies showing that one of the best ways to be happy is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Contemplating gratitude for things in your life, including being alive, has been shown to raise the level of happiness for the vast majority of people.
  10. ZLL

    ZLL New Member

    Happiness depends on your mind. The more you think of it, the more it will happen into your life. However, in today's generation, negative thought seems like a huge stormy clouds that cover our shining emotions. It can be in the form of underestimated self-worth, people bashing around you or events that comes along to twist your life plans. Thinking as far as happiness is concerned, we need to know three simple ways to overcome the negativity - first, ask yourself if this matter is important to you, second, will this be beneficial to your health and third, could this negativity helps you to become better person? If not, there is no reason to neglect the happiness from you.
  11. Jessica kelly

    Jessica kelly Member

    A positive attitude is key to happiness. It can be hard to remain positive but trying to do so can realty impact your life. Things will happen in life but figu
  12. yesido_loida23

    yesido_loida23 New Member

    BASICALLY, the requirements for a happy life are few and simple:peace and security,Loving family and friends,Good health,Purpose in life,Hope for the future, Adequate food, clothing, and shelter.
    For many some of these requirements are really hard to meet. Some are struggling hard just to have it but sadly they don't have enough idea how to attain it and just end up hopeless and may lead to the opposite of what they aim, unhappiness.
    Proudly, there is one book that can give us great guidance to achieve that happiness that we are all aiming for despite of the problems that we are all facing. The Bible , no doubt can give us all of the guidance that we need. For instance, in Psalm 46:9 says that “He is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth.”— for all those worried of their peace and security, also the Isaiah 65:21 assures us about our physical provision . The Bible tells us to stay positive, friendly, love our enemy either, be contented and pray incessantly to have a happy life. So if we will have a time to read this Good Book. Our life would have been as happy as it seems, just like what our God want's us to be.
  13. kgail

    kgail New Member

    The simplest thing to make yourself happy is to always look at the bright side. Always think positive no matter how hard your problems is. They will eventually be part of your history. And time is a precious thing it shouldn't be spent in being sad and miserable.
  14. chrissychris

    chrissychris New Member

    Your advice is so good, I really don't have anything to add. Unfortunately I lived for many years letting myself be hurt by the emotions of other people around me. There's a learning process to finding out how to be happy. For me it's spending time with children and nurturing their minds with good things and happy thoughts. I hope we all find our happy places.
  15. sophia aragoncillo

    sophia aragoncillo New Member

    Happiness doesn't mean that you are literally happy. Happiness starts with "ACCEPTANCE", if you start to accept and love yourself, happiness happens. That's the most important thing that you should do to keep your happiness.
  16. celine_ciao2000

    celine_ciao2000 New Member

    The most effective way to be happy is to know that it is right within us.:)
  17. One of the best way to be happy is be yourself! and always think in a positive way.
  18. Vashuan

    Vashuan New Member

    Effective ways to be happy, is just very simple. Just think positive at all times for us to be more motivated and enthusiastic in dealing with our daily dealings. Learn to count our blessings. Even the smallest things that we have and the people who mean so much to us. And most especially, understand and accept our own reality. For us to learn to be contented and to get to know what are the things we only deserves and only meant for us. With all these, we'll be extremely HAPPY.
  19. Aleyaaahh

    Aleyaaahh New Member

    Most of the time sad thoughts and overthinking makes me feel blue. To avoid this, I'm trying my best to stay positive all the time and I imagine happy thoughts and moments. With that, I feel happy. I remember always that 'everything happens for a reason' and I know God has better plans to do with me and with everything in my life.
    Aside from that, always be grateful with what you have. Contentment is not easy to achieve but when achieved, it will lead us to a better and brighter life. People tend to forget about being contented and seek for more. That is why it is important to put in mind.
  21. StarkPepp

    StarkPepp New Member

    Happiness is a state of mind, I do believe that. People tend to think that to become happy, they have to have a nice car, a perfect house, a trophy partner but these things are shallow happiness. True happiness is the ability to be contented with what you have, to stop comparing your life to others, to be able to have options in life and try new and challenging things.
  22. First you need to know which one your struggling with. You need to improve first your weeknesses & identify you strength. Make a list of your positive qualities.
  23. Vashuan

    Vashuan New Member

    Effective ways to be happy, is just very simple. Just think positive at all times for us to be more motivated and enthusiastic in dealing with our daily dealings. Learn to count our blessings. Even the smallest things that we have and the people who mean so much to us. And most especially, understand and accept our own reality. For us to learn to be contented and to get to know what are the things we only deserves and only meant for us. With all these, we'll be extremely HAPPY.

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