Effects of music in human mentality. Share your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Music' started by cjymrnd, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. cjymrnd

    cjymrnd New Member

    Me as a musician. Music is one of the best medicine in mental/emotional negativity, it can cheer your emotions up.
    Based on what i have experienced, as a musician and a person who had experienced severe depression, i can honestly say that i had survived depression with the help my skills in music, i am a classical pianist, i am at the edge of my suicidal stage. Luckily music helps me to improve my mentality and rise up against negativity.
    So in this thread, for me, the effects of music in mental health is massive in a positive way.

    Share your thoughts about music and human mentality below. :)
  2. Balatszki_07

    Balatszki_07 Member

    In the human mentality of people of music. I think we dont have problems for that coz i think that music only bring joys to us. That music telling us to wake up everyday and get ready for the problems and face it.
  3. ms.mishy22

    ms.mishy22 New Member

    Music has been scientifically proven to provide positive benefits on human mentality. It provides relaxation which is helpful to lower stress and anxiety which enable us to focus more on our studies and work. Music also helps us boost our energy and mood which is also very vital for us to carry on with our daily lives.
  4. Wangzlee

    Wangzlee New Member

    Music is also a form of treatment to those in need and also a form of relaxation to those who are stressed on a day to day activity. Music creates a soothing sensation to the listeners and makes them calm to make decisions clearly. It is a powerful tool to cleanse the mind in troubled times and a lovely way to spend leisure times.
  5. daimas1972

    daimas1972 New Member

    Music is not only entertainement but it 's reel medecin of the bady and soul ,that provids us big energy to do every thing with hapiness and efficacious.misic also is universal language that let us learning languages of other people and yheir cultures when we hear songs .finally music is the thing that enjoy everyone without understunding obligatory their words.
  6. condadakeven

    condadakeven New Member

    For me it depends on the personality of the person. If he/she is not a music lover maybe it doesn't affect his/her mentality. All of us are different. Different likes and dislikes but for me one thing is for sure, Music is one of the most beautiful gift that God has given.

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