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    This article which is supposed to be all about the brain, wont be doing that, but will only be about the mind. You might be having problems like; unintelligency,low assimilation and lack of understanding. The main source of your problem is not the brain, but the mind. The mind is a powerful organ of the human, infact, it is one of the three parts that make up a human. The buddah used to say, that the mind is like a chattering monkey, that jumps from thought branch to thought branch. have you noticed yourself, losted among thoughts. finding yourself thinking of past, present and even future events without your will. This is what i call, mind malfunction. the more this keeps happening to you, the more difficult it gets to read or even understand. For you to read and understand, the mind has to be clear. the mind is like the pipe through which water of knowledge pass through to the tank (brain). so, having a calm mind is having a clean pipe, which will pure knowledge into the brain. this atticle will teach you just how to clear the mind. Meditation is the best process of clearing the mind. but since there are so many types of meditations, am gonna give you just the right one to practice. Have a place where you can meditate at least four times in a week, but two times a day gives a rapid result. your place of meditation should be a quiet place where you cant be disturbed at all. meditate for at least ,five minutes duration, each time you do so. so how do you meditate?, sit down comfortably on a chair, not relaxing on it but, upright. focus your gaze on a point, which you could have marked out on a board on a wall with a marker previously. keep your mind,as much as possible, focus on that point and control your breathing in and out, throughout the period. do this everyday, and you will be surprised.
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    I agree with your suggestion. In addition to your recommendation, people may also choose different brain exercises aside from meditation. There are actually a lot of things we can do to empower our brain; it could be through learning to play an instrument, eating healthy foods, drinking vitamins, etc. However, I would like to suggest some of my favorite exercises that can help everyone reinforce and develop their brain.

    One of the best exercises is reading. The more we read, the more we learn and the more our vocabulary widens. This, way our brain would be empowered. Another exercise would be learning new language. Through this, a part of our brain would be stimulated and would further develop. Another exercise could be playing games that requires thinking skills. These games could be puzzle games (crossword, Sudoku, etc.), sports like chess or checkers, strategy games (some video games may help but should be in moderation), and the like. My most favorite brain exercise is through socializing. This could be very basic, but it's also fundamental to our social development. Through socializing, we learn a lot of things from other people. By connecting to others, we do not only create a neural network, but also a social network. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

    These are my personal best brain exercise that everyone can easily do everyday. Hope these suggestions help you guys.
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    Great!! Meditation is the process of clearing the mind then refilling it at the same time. I do meditate very often and i can tell you that the mind is the strongest and brightest component in human beings. To empower your mind you have to feed it.

    I feed my mind with thoughts every now and then and its amazing how i go on journeys in mind just for the sake of it.
    I think he who let his mind go on a spree enjoys the most of his brain.
  4. The practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years, but we’re only beginning to unravel the science behind how this seemingly simple practice can bring about significant changes in both our bodies and minds. Just like physical exercise, the more often you work out, the more benefits you’ll see and the longer they will last.

    Meditation is the same – it is not the act of sitting idly, trying hard to do nothing. It generally involves focusing on a particular object, often the breath, observing the mind wandering, and returning it to that object. Through meditation, we get better acquainted with the behavior of our minds, and we enhance our ability to regulate our experience of our environment, rather than letting our environment dictate how we experience life. With recent neuroscientific findings, meditation as a practice has been shown to literally rewire brain circuits that boost both mind and body health. These benefits of meditation have surfaced alongside the revelation that the brain can be deeply transformed through experience
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    I have practice mediation since 2015 right after I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. And over the years, meditation played a vital role in maintaining my system on a balance. It gives me the focus, calmness, and feeling accepting things as it is. Having an anxiety disorder is not a joke, you can't control it will just come without realizing it, what meditation do is it allows you to focus on one thing at a time, just like the in and out of your breath. But meditation takes a lot of practice, but there is no wrong way in doing meditation if you notice as if your mind is flying away just go back and notice your breath. Namaste!
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    The brain thinks and the mind follows.
    Animals have brain. Man have minds.
    Brain is for instinct. Mind is for choice.
    Brain is for revenge. Mind id for forgiveness.
    Brain, probably "the most important organ."
    Mind, is not just for importance but for value!
    Brain is to skull. Mind is to self!
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    From my point of view, practice makes it perfect. What you do often becomes part of you, the mind is always occupy with different thought, so it's good to searches for thought in the head take it to the mind and light them out.

    I meditate always, and am sure the mind is one of the strongest component of the human cell. To again more from life, you have to search deep in the mind and see what it has to offer
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    Clean living, less stress lifestyle, meditation, and peace of mind helps you to empower your brain. I also believe to boost power for our brain is to set free yourself from hate to love.
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    Human brain processes is one of the most crucial thing in making up our personality. What we think and how we think reflects on what and who we are, resulting to how we interact and response to our daily life situations. Thus, practicing and employing exercises that would empower our brain is very much essential. I would recommend to practice meditation. It is something like a self-reflection or self-analysis that would processed out those prior experiences we've encountered in life in order to come up or derive meaning and realization from those experiences. It would be best also to have regular exercise, enough sleep, and eating healthy foods. These factors would have a big impact to improve the performance of our brain, and so we could live a possible healthy and productive life.
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    The brain is mans greatest asset. Without the brain there is hardly any sense we can make of the world around us. Unfortunately many people have various misconceptions about the brain which leads them to doing more harm than good to their brain. Majority of people do not know that the brain needs more moments of silence than we think. This is to add to what the OP said. Meditation is one great way to really develop the brain. It is just a natural therapy for the brain, mind and spirit all of which are interconnected. When we approach that place of calmness and stillness within our being, it has a tremendously positive effect on our physical body starting with the brain. A better brain is a better human because since the brain is the CPU of the body, then we can as well say that what makes humans "human" is actually the brain. We must go just beyond developing our brains to developing the highest brains within our constituents.
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    This is a topic I would love to get into but it's currently 12AM for me right now so I'll keep it to a minimum before sleeping. Personally I don't think the brain is the greatest asset humans can have like AnukAusar11 might have stated, but rather that it's the the abilities it gives us that is our greatest asset because without the power to think and perform, the brain would just be a slob of weird looking meat. The conscious mind that allows us to be individuals, to understand, challenge ourselves, etc is what I would consider the greatest asset. They are not the brain because they are not material. I agree though that it is one of the most powerful organs in our bodies.
    Meditation is a good way to relax and empower yourself overall, not just the brain in my opinion. This article isn't particularly about the brain as it seems to mostly focus on it's ability to think and concentrate. I would expect to read about the neurons, how they reaction; the nerves; and etc if it really all about it.
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    Meditation has a major effect on our Brain,listening to music and more and more information.
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    Read, learn and share.

    No other way to empower yourself but by learning and sharing it. I want to put some emphasis to sharing.

    We know people who love to broadcast everything, we see them as a "bragger" or motivational speaker.

    Empowering minds is empowering other minds as well. How can I say that, if you don't know how to share your knowledge you will not learn from small things. Small things came from small people. They are people who are deprived with knowledge but full of wisdom in experience.

    If we share, we communicate. If we communicate, we learn. If we learn, we share. This is the simple cycle of empowerment.

    What can you share now?
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    To empowering our brain we need to eat first healthy food to replace dead neuron. And regular exercise and meditation to improve your health brain. Learning a new things will be a big help to empowering the brain and developing new skills.
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    To empower the brain means constantly giving it more brain exercising activities that would help stimulate neuron connections to have better brain/mind capabilities. One challenge could be reading books or any other materials that could keep your brain preoccupied and working, answering crossword puzzles and the like is another option if you are not fond of reading books. You could also set yourself into some form of meditation wherein you can clear your mind and enter a more relaxed state of the brain, in this way, your brain would work much more efficiently as it used to. You could also start eating healthy foods that would benefit the brain, this is also one good example of keeping the brain/mind empowered. Also, try to limit or at least not to think of any negative thoughts that would ruin your brain/mind performance. Try learning new things, attend classes or courses of any kind would definitely improve your brain/mind capabilities as well. And the most important thing to do for your brain/mind health, to keep it in shape and in good condition, is to give it enough rest so it would be ready for new challenges in the future.
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    There are many ways to empower the brain. On a biological level, you can always use nootropics or commonly known as smart drugs. This is a way to hack the brain to perform better than the usual at a short period of times. This is like the equivalent of using steroids for your brain to increase its performance. Examples of nootropics are nuts, coffee, berry, and fish. There are also synthetic nootropics such as Modafinil, Ardafinil, and Armodafinil.

    Other ways of empowering the brain are thru natural exercise such as solving puzzles, complex mathematical equations and even to some extent listening to music. This is the equivalent of lifting weights in the gym and making sure that your brain develops the necessary neural connections thru positive brain activity.
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    I have this step on how to Empowering Your Brain

    1. Volunteer – Scientists at Johns Hopkins found that women who volunteered to tutor children developed sharper analytic, problem-solving and planning skills. They also found that an increase in social and mental activity sends blood to the pre-frontal cortex – the area responsible for cognitive function in the brain.

    2. Physical activity – Moving around increases the size of the hippocampus by increasing the number of capillaries in this area of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for forming memories. Research recommends one hour of physical activity three times a week to help new cells grow.

    3. Learn a new skill – A study at Oxford on first-time jugglers found a higher density of neurological communication fibers in the brain. This study concluded that learning new skills strengthens the part of the brain that is responsible for coordination and balance.

    4. Avoid chronic stress – Prolonged exposure to stressful conditions damages cells, and kills neurons by overstimulating them to death. Meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and therapeutic massage are excellent ways to help de-stress your mind and help it to function at its best.

    5. Lower your bad cholesterol – This type of cholesterol can get lodged in tiny capillaries in the brain and restrict blood flow. This decreases brain performance and in some cases can lead to a stroke. Increase healthy fats and reduce non-healthy fats to promote the development of good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol in your blood.

    6. Get enough sleep – Scientists at UC Berkeley found that subjects who were able to sleep longer had better memory and brain performance. Sleep refreshes your brain’s storage areas, and creates space to receive more information without losing all of the information from before you fell asleep.

    7. Eat brain food – Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants help the brain function at it’s peak. These foods include fatty fish, hormone and anti-biotic free animal products, coconuts, and olives.

    I guest you will do this to yourself. That's all thank you.
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    One of the most powerful ways to start seeing positive outcomes in your life is positive self-talk. ... Here are some ways you can create thoughts that will empower you at work and in life. ... In any moment you can stop and watch the thoughts running inside your mind.
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    "The mind is a terrible thing to lose" I quote, from whom I don't know. But my brain tells my mind that it means something. The brain processes that information and place value on it for you mind to receive.
    But what has your brain got to do with your mind ,you ask? Just think you will find the answer, and when you do tell it to someone else, how powerful the brain is.
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    Empowering Brain is like strengthening a foundation wherein brain has huge function, what are the things that could strengthens mind? Enable for the brain to function it must be in shape, when you have your discipline on yourself, you tend to shape your mind, I mean you are not putting yourself to overthink of things that could stress you out and you know your limits of when to stop and start relaxing. Scientifically saying, the brain losses active neurons whenever you came across it limit of function. You should be aware that sleeping in less than 8 hours can cause the neurons to damage, and when that happens the neurons are no longer capable of rebuilding itself, so when one loses then it will n longer function again. Another thing that could strengthen mind is always using it. It might be through reading or even skim and scanning, whenever the brain function the receptors tend to be more alive. Giving a test to answer can also boost the brain to function, the more you think the more it will strengthen itself.
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    In my point of view, empowering the brain means strengthening all of its functions and mental processes. The brain's capacity to think, meditate, analyze, assimilate, solve, interpret and recall can be improved by doing some disciplines. Getting enough sleep each day can help one to have better academic performance. Eating foods rich in protein allows the brain to function at its peak. Being properly hydrated or drinking sufficient water provides oxygen to the brain. Physical activities such as walking, jogging and deep breathing are also essential for good memory recall.

    Engaging in regular cognitive activities such as reading, researching and writing empowers the brain too. In fact the Bible says, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God...." (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV). Allowing good and godly thoughts to dominate one's mind make the brain healthy. Philippians 4:8 says, " Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praise worthy - think about such things.
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    Reading is one of the common and basic way to empower the brain. By reading regardless of the content of the book, one will be able to acquire knowledge. This may sound cliche but reading is poweful as saying goes "you are what you read". Since it is the brain that receives the data, ideas and thoughts, ones action is affected.
    Aside from that, one can also empower his/her brain through answering logic, playing chess and the likes. Every skill affecting the brain can be honed.
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    Empowering the brain is just like investing good food for your body. We first need to identify good council. After knowing and differentiating good council from bad council, we have to listen carefully from its advice because this good council is like good nutrients that will defend your minds from the harmful bacteria. Finally, we must obey or apply this wonderful knowledge in order to see the good result.
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    Success doesn’t always come easy; it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Many people are often looking for productivity shortcuts in order to gain more success. According to this infographic by American Express’ OPEN forum, you can actually train your mind to be more successful in just five easy steps.

    Step one explains how using repetition and visualization can help you to quickly learn a new skill, because your brain cannot tell the difference between you doing something or actually visualizing it.
    Step two, which states that keeping your mouth shut will help you to better achieve your goals, really hits close to home. I know someone personally who often does not achieve a goal after talking about it repeatedly. As the infographic states, “when you tell someone your goal, you are less like to do the work to realize that goal.” Therefore, it’s better to keep it to yourself.

    Keep on reading below to find out more about the other three steps. Step three explains why it’s important to smile, even if it’s forced. Step four tells why it’s important to understand emotional pain so that you can develop empathy towards other. Finally, step five shows how to do “the clear button” exercise in order to help lower your stress levels.
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    Ein bisschen Joga ein paar Kreuzworträtsel und du bist im Gehirn!
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    Empowering the brain shouldn't only involve the information that comes into the brain through books or educational videos. Brain empowerment can also come from within, be it through proper nutrition and exercise or the emotional state of the human being. With a healthy and well nourished and emotionally stable body and mind, you can conquer the world.
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    Empowering our brain must have self-discipline in our lifestyle especially in health. And must have positive thoughts and keeps on learning in reading information material. Not only be stable body and mind but also in emotionally.

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