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    El cerebro maneja casi todas las partes del cuerpo por asi decirlo pero aveces hacemos cosas que no controlamos y debemos tener la capacidad de dominar nuestra mente para cosas buenasy no hacer el mal
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    First thing i know is eating healthy food, that our brain can consume vitamins that our brain needed to empower. And properly sleep most importantly.
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    You can nourish vital regions of your brain with some surprising activities--here are 11 empowering ways to strengthen your brain.
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    Recognize that your thoughts are'nt always the right reflection of who you are or what is happening in your life. Discover how you can
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    We all know how important our brain function is in our ability to get tasks accomplished. Here are 7 ways to boost our brain power so that we can maximize our .
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    Well the best way to empower the brain is to read different kinds of books by buying them or reading them online, also search the internet and Youtube various topics and learn them, discussing with people from different walks of life and interacting with them on a daily basis. First by doing these things, we can gain knowledge and one more important thing is to gain personal experience because as they say, "Experience is more empowering than raeding a hundred books." So always involve in various kinds of activities, around you, attend seminars, lectures, spiritual teachings etc and have a broader aspect of life. This will definetely empower your brain for sure.
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    Brain is the king of our body. If you want to empower, Do meditation, do exercise daily, Some exercise daily and read news paper and eating food supplement, etc.
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    Empowering the brain - Volunteer Scientists at Johns Hopkins found that women who volunteered to rotor children developed sharper analytic, problem solving band planning skill. Physical activities is necessary to everyone. Research recommends one hour of physical activities three times a week to help new cells grow. We should leave new skills. This study concluded that learning new skills strengthens the part of brain that is responsible for coordination and balance. We sleep well we know that sleep longer had better memory. Sleep refreshes your brain storage areas and created space to receive more information without losing all of the information from before you fell asleep. Avoid chronic stress is necessary to us and eat healthy food to us.
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    the right way to empower your brain is to discover/learn every day.
    what makes you up-to-date and enhance your memory endowment.
    and it is said that ...

    "if you commanded your brain, you can command your world".
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    Empowering the brain is to be reminded of your goal because many of us are distracted of influence that cause us to wander and try different things. I know there will be a special time in our lives that will bring us to know the real purpose of life and when you come to that point, your brain will be empowered or program to achieve that goal.
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    To empower brain have atleast 7 to 8 hours sleep and eat healthy foods, also reading can empower our brain,...and solving puzzle..
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    I would suggest physical activity such as moving around which increases
    the size of the hippocampus by increasing the number of capillaries in this area of the brain . This area of the brain is responsible for forming memories. Hence recommending
    one hour of physical activity three times a week to help new cells grow could really be helpful.
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    I remember going to my first nine-day silent meditation retreat eight years ago when I was living in Perth, Australia. I was nervous beforehand because I couldn’t imagine being silent for that long. I worried about "imagined" tragedies and events that I would miss out on and wondered if the world would be ok without my voice for nine days.

    Despite my hesitation, the experience was extremely peaceful, restful and insightful. And the biggest insight I had was that there was a lot of noise happening -- in my own mind.
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    We all know how important our brain function is in our ability to get tasks accomplished. 1.) Volunteer – Scientists at Johns Hopkins found that women who volunteered to tutor children developed sharper analytic, problem-solving and planning skills. They also found that an increase in social and mental activity sends blood to the pre-frontal cortex – the area responsible for cognitive function in the brain. 2.) Physical activity – Moving around increases the size of the hippocampus by increasing the number of capillaries in this area of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for forming memories. Research recommends one hour of physical activity three times a week to help new cells grow. 3. Learn a new skill – A study at Oxford on first-time jugglers found a higher density of neurological communication fibers in the brain. This study concluded that learning new skills strengthens the part of the brain that is responsible for coordination and balance. 4. Avoid chronic stress – Prolonged exposure to stressful conditions damages cells and kills neurons by overstimulating them to death. Meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and therapeutic massage are excellent ways to help de-stress your mind and help it to function at its best. 5. Lower your bad cholesterol – This type of cholesterol can get lodged in tiny capillaries in the brain and restrict blood flow. This decreases brain performance and in some cases can lead to a stroke. Increase healthy fats and reduce non-healthy fats to promote the development of good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol in your blood. 6. Get enough sleep – Scientists at UC Berkeley found that subjects who were able to sleep longer had better memory and brain performance. Sleep refreshes your brain’s storage areas and creates space to receive more information without losing all of the information from before you fell asleep. 7. Eat brain food – Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants help the brain function at its peak. These foods include fatty fish, hormone and antibiotic-free animal products, coconuts, and olives.
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    The brain is like the CPU of a computer. Everything is stored there amd the files being kept there are important for the computer to function normally. The human body works through the brain. So empowering the brain is maximizing the potential man has been given.
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    One of the most powerful ways to start seeing positive outcomes in your life is positive self-talk. This means saying positive alternative statements to your self such as "I am worthy,'" "I am grateful," "I am smart," etc. This may seem a little bit unnatural at first but will get easier once you will make it a habit. Tell your self a positive affirmation that you want to see more off in your life first thing when you wake up and before you sleep. The mind is powerful and we can make our lives better or worse. Start by making it practice to become aware of your thoughts, the type of thoughts you are having, and start choosing positive ones.
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    I like to meditate. I do not do it as a professional nor do I meditate regularly. I meditate only because I feel an improvement in my body if I do. It helps me a lot to get rid of stress. I didn't think meditation helps the mind to think. But, once I read what you've written for sure, I'll meditate more often. I searched for more information and read that meditation develops the neocotex and thus increases the brain's power to think. Other benefits of meditation: 1. Develops the capacity of concentration.
    2. It helps you to feel at peace with what you are as a human being.
    3. Develop empathy skills
    4. Reduce stress
    5. It improves health, both physically and mentally.
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    In this article you will find some ways to become smarter by improving mental strength and memory and boosting brain power . Use some magical techniques to increase mental health

    Now you will know how to handle difficult situations. There are situations when you do not know what to do. However, you need to do something. Therefore, there is a task, when you do not understand what needs to do to solve it. You sit and meditate, watching the monitor or the wall. In the brain, nothing comes, but it is necessary to solve the problem... Even worse, if you need to create a solution in a couple of hours and there is nobody who could help you. Is there a quick way to improve your mental strength and ability ? Actually there is. You can activate your brain to generate ideas in a few simple ways.

    The first way - to reduce the number of such impasses you need to train your brain and make it more creative.

    The second way- you need to do is drink 1-2 glasses of clean water. Your brain is 90% water. Therefore, the lack of water immediately reduces your mental abilities. If you want to drink, your mental abilities have already decreased. Therefore, every hour when you drink water, you maintain the water balance of your body. It is just water, not juices or tea.

    The third way - your brain spends up to 25% of the body's energy during work. If you want your brains to think better, you need to supply it with more energy. All the energy and nutrients the brain receives from blood. It is means that the brain begins to work better when the blood runs faster through the veins and arteries. The longer you are resting, the slower the blood moves and the less efficient the brain has. When you have been sitting for an hour or two at a workplace, it is like taking a spoon instead of an oar and trying to row with it. Therefore, the easiest way to supply your brain with energy is to leave the room and just go for a walk. A walk will make your blood run, the brain will get more oxygen in the fresh air, and nutrients will start to flow, it means that the brain will start to work faster and more efficiently. The only moment - for the generating ideas suits only a light pleasant physical work. If you start pulling the barbell so the blood flows as quickly as possible through the veins, you will get the opposite effect. From great physical exertion all the blood will go to the muscles and the brain will stop generating ideas. Therefore, a quiet walk in the fresh air is the best solution for the improving your brain creativity. In 10 minutes, you will begin to see the exits from the impasse. That is not all.

    The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power , Improve Memory and Mental Health
    · Legumes

    · Mint

    · Broccoli

    · Beets

    · Sunflower

    · Nuts

    · Quinoa

    · Avocado

    · Blueberries

    · Coconut Oil
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    Though not a muscle, but you can treat your brain like a muscle, so like a muscle the more you exercise, the firm it will became, the stronger you can be, but on the contrary, the less you exercise your muscle the weaker it will became.

    The question will follow how to empower your brain? So that as time goes by, your brain will be more and more sharper.

    Accordingly some of the activities are suggested to keep your brain empower :
    • Workout - study shows that physical activity make your hippocampus bigger, exercise increases capillaries - turns to help cells to grow. The key is 40 plus minutes per day, 3 time per week.
    • Reading - the more you read, the more your brain is exercise and reading is a very good activity of the brain (just read a good books, say finance books, personal development).
    • Sleep properly - study shows right and enough time of sleep boost your memory and keep you sharp.
    • Study new skill - like piano, guitar, tennis and alike, which direct hand-eye coordination. Study shows that it helps the brain. Key word practice intently, not just practice.
    • Weight off - by consuming more fats, it clogs arteries that feeds the brain, turns the brain to wither. Impair memory, mood swings are some of the effects.
    • B12, antioxidant or essentials fats - by eating foods rich in B12, antioxidant or essentials fats, as it is said that they food for the brain, take note eat regularly and property (at times discipline and consistency is the key), examples are: Bananas, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Salmon, Apples, Olive oil, Oranges.
    These just few of the examples, always remember consistency and discipline is the key. Have a happy and healthy brain.
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    Despite eating healthy food, I highly recommend studying another language.
    It empowers and makes your brain think faster and it helps your brain to be healthier that ever.
    Based on study it helps your brain to focus easier.

    I learned Spanish and it was worth it! I even got a job that pays more.

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