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Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by LodKe, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. LodKe

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    At school, I knew a lot of people in my major who were planning on being famous novelists and authors. I wonder if copywriting may be a more realistic profession for English majors? It seems that the skills we learn in grammar and composition classes--and maybe even literature classes--would help us create engaging, vivid content for clients.

    There's a lot of copywriting associations and blogs out there, but they all seem to be primarily staffed with people who have marketing and business backgrounds. Having experience in sales has to be useful as a copywriter, but I can imagine that the study of rhetoric can also be similarly useful. Studying rhetoric helps a writer understand persuasion by considering what the audience wants, who the audience is, and what's the overall purpose for the content. I think in this way, English majors might be pretty good a this copywriting thing. What do you think?
  2. samoswell

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    I don't think English, Marketing or Business majors is enough by themselves to make someone a great copywriter. Whichever of them you studied in college, if you're are going to become a copywriter you'll have to acquire knowledge of the others.

    So speaking specifically of English major, to become a good copywriter, if you rely on your knowledge of English alone, you'll end up as a less proficient in the art. English majors will make you a great writer, but if you're going to know the best thing to use in persuading others, you'll have to brush up on your knowledge of marketing.
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    I want to pursue my career as a copywriter as well. For, some reason I am stuck up on writing. It feels like I need to write something every day. I built up a hunger for writing. I checked out everything, from copywriting, content writing, and story writing. I think copywriting suits me the best.

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